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Lollipop Smart Wi-Fi Based Baby Camera

FAST AND EASY TO SET UP Lollipop baby camera is compatible with both iOS and Android systems. So setting up the camera is fast and easy! Simply connect your baby camera to your phone using our app Lollipop.

ADVANCED NIGHT VISION Worried about baby sleeping in his own room? Watch your baby at night with our advanced infrared night vision!

MULTI-STREAMING Want to keep an eye on more than 1 kid? Watch everywhere at the same time with our multi-streaming feature! You can add as many cameras as want (Additional cameras sold separately).

CROSSING & CRYING DETECTION Worried about baby climbing out of the crib or crying when you’re not around him? Get notifications when your baby cries, climbs out of the crib or makes loud noises!

12 MONTH WARRANTY & 30-DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE The risks are on us! We offer a 30-day money-back guarantee, no questions asked! Each camera comes with a 12-month warranty at no additional cost to you.

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Lollipop Smart Wi-Fi Based Baby Camera Reviews

Product Tested By Sarah Louise Hancock – Lucy 5 Months

Louise Awarded the Lollipop Baby Camera 5/5

It’s amazing very well packaged design is awesome, couldn’t wait to use it. Really good idea only thing is the Wi-Fi connection would have liked to have been able to connect though mobile data too. This was extremely easy to set up and easy to connect to mobile phone. Although this has a multiple screen feature we have not yet used this option. The monitor audio mode for overnight monitor was great, really good should have more like this. The night vision was clear just excellent. The cry alert was fantastic.  It did alert me couldn’t believe how effective it was best invention ever.  The audio mode alarm system is very effective. The push video notify feature is absolutely great.  I watch them back sometimes and it helps me make sure the room is at the right temperature for baby. I really liked the data history feature and I could look back at data to check occasionally if needed it for proof of baby consistency of sleep.  The video quality of this is brilliant. I had it linked up to me when baby was babysat for date night I felt a lot more relaxed and I use it on a daily basis as well for when baby is sleeping. This really did give me peace of mind knowing I can see how my baby is at all times at home and if I have gone out.  We used this monitor every day.  Mainly used this in the bedroom.  I loved everything about this monitor.  With all the features on offer and the quality this is definitely good value for money.  This is so easy to use and loved how effective it is with reaction to noise and everything else. I would purchase this. I would recommend for all the reasons above. My absolute life saver I will use it every day and will certainly use it on my next child can’t fault it in anyway at all. Sarah Louise Hancock – Lucy 5 Months

Product Tested By Hayley Topley – Alexander 4 Months

Hayley Awarded The Lollipop Baby Camera 4.4/5

Immediately appeared to be a premium product, sleek packaging and fresh colours stood out. Great concept – always reassuring to be able to see baby rather than just hear them, and the posable silicone stem solves the problem of fixing the camera where needed. This was very easy to set up. So simple to also connect to mobile phone.  We only have one monitor so cannot comment on usage of multiple screens.  We didn’t use the monitor overnight as baby is still in our bedroom. Just used at start of the night to allow us some time together downstairs without him.  Have seen clearer night vision on other monitors (i.e. the Motorola monitor we had when our daughter was a baby). We did not need to use the cry alert feature as we’d go up to bed before his next feed was due. We didn’t use push notifications as we prefer to just have the monitor open on mobile device to keep a constant eye on our young baby. Personally I did not find the data history feature particularly useful during the time we were trialling the camera, but can see there may be times where it could be useful to scroll back through use to check something. The video quality was good. We have not used the facility to keep eye on our baby while out for the night yet, but am sure we will use this in the future.  It always puts mind at ease to be able to see baby when away from them and they’re so young. We used this every evening from baby’s bedtime until our bedtime. We only used this in the bedroom.  I really liked the idea and the fresh design.  It is reasonable value, and would have been well worth the money if the night vision was sharper and if there was the ability to zoom in and out like on other monitors. I oved the clever design and ability to pose/wrap the camera stem as necessary. I would buy this as it is a good quality video monitor with lots of features.  I would recommend as I believe this monitor offers largely what parents need / are reassured by, plus its USP of being posable. Great product with sleek and clever design that solves a genuine problem of where / how to put monitor to view baby, good quality camera and lots of features. Can’t quite give a 5 due to lack of zoom and feeling that night vision quality could be better. We’ve enjoyed using this product and have found the problem of where/how to position the monitor solved by the design of this one, which is great. Nothing bad to say about this product and look forward to continuing use long term. Hayley Topley – Alexander 4 Months

Product Tested By Emily Kirby – Remy 4 Months

Emily Awarded The Lollipop Baby Camera 4/5

I was extremely impressed with the product when it arrived. It is presented beautifully in a box and all the components are packaged really well inside. I was surprised not to see any instructions, it was all app based.  The concept of the camera is great, I love the fact that I can check the camera on my phone at any time and the fact that the camera attaches to pretty much anything is amazing. However, without Wi-Fi it is completely useless.  Fairly easy to set up.  It was easy enough to connect to my phone.  We only have one camera so did not use the multiple screen function.  I found the audio mode really useful, especially if I was using my phone as the monitor screen. For example, I could use my phone for a recipe when I was cooking in the kitchen whilst my baby was asleep upstairs but still hear if he started to cry because the audio monitor was on. The camera and night vision is excellent.  There have been a few occasions when I haven’t been notified straight away if my baby was crying i.e. if there was a Wi-Fi connection issue. However, when I was notified it was very good that I received an alert on my phone and so did my husband. The audio mode alarm system was good. The camera doesn’t come with proper instructions so it took me a while to work out that in order for temperature and humidity etc. to be monitored I would also need to purchase a sensor. This wasn’t particularly clear on the app. The data history was relatively useful to look back at feed times or when my baby woke up but it is not something that I personally found very necessary.  The video quality was excellent.  We have used it once so far when we were out to dinner and I was able to access the live view whilst away which was very reassuring to be able to see exactly what my baby was doing.  This did give me peace of mind, knowing that whilst I’m doing things around the house whilst my baby sleeps, I can take my phone around with me and use it as a baby monitor.  We used this every night and for short periods during the day for naps. It is always attached to our baby’s mosses basket and we monitor from our phones or iPad whilst downstairs.  I loved the camera quality and large view area is fantastic. I also think the music and noise settings are really handy. Despite being an excellent camera, I would expect to have the sensor included in the price. I also think having a monitor for use at home would be beneficial.  The quality of the camera and the ability for it to be attached to a wide range of surfaces was great. I don’t think I would buy it because I would prefer to have a separate monitor screen because in the evenings I use my phone a lot. This meant we had to use the iPad as a monitor screen and some people may not have this option. We have also had quite a few connection issues resulting in us having to set up our old monitor in the bedroom. If we go abroad we wouldn’t be able to use the monitor without Wi-Fi and so we’d have to use our old monitor anyway. If my phone or iPad had a ‘battery low’ notification, then until I noticed it and acknowledged it, the monitoring stops, which is really frustrating. There were a few occasions when this happened and my baby was crying and I wasn’t noticed because of the battery low sign.  I would recommend but I would explain the above issues to people before they considered buying it. For parents who are away from their babies/children frequently then it is a great way of checking them whilst away but as a day to day monitor it can be a little frustrating to use. Great quality camera and recording. Design and overall look of the camera is lovely. Attaches well to lots of surfaces. Like the fact that both my husband and I can look at the camera whilst away and from our phones. Completely useless if the Wi-Fi is disconnected which happened on a few occasions. Don’t like the fact that it doesn’t come with a separate monitor screen. Have to pay extra for a sensor. If the music or white noise is playing then it is very difficult to hear if the baby is crying. Emily Kirby – Remy 4 Months










This is so easy to use and loved how effective it is with reaction to noise and everything else. I would purchase this. I would recommend for all the reasons above. My absolute life saver I will use it every day and will certainly use it on my next child can’t fault it in anyway at all.


Louise Awarded the Lollipop Baby Camera 5/5

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