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Lollipop Softee Nappy

Lollipop Softee nappy uses 100% wellsoft microfibre for excellent absorbency with what we think is the softest nappy on the market. No matter how often this nappy is washed it will always stay soft. Lollipop Softee is a favourite both for its quick dry time and it’s excellent absorbency for both day and night-time. Special cross over tabs at the waist combined with snug elastic ensure a good fit and excellent containment even on newborns. An ideal option for parents wanting a super soft, absorbent nappy that will dry quickly. Additional booster included with every nappy for more absorbency as baby grows – this is separate in size 1 to avoid unnecessary bulk on a newborn, but is attached for ease in the size 2. Fastens with velcro style Aplix. Vanilla only. Available to buy in our popular multi-buy setsSize 1 : 7 – 16lbs  -Size 2 : 16 – 35lbs

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Lollipop Softee Nappy Reviews

Product Tested by: Kirsty Donaldson - Baby Zara 10 Months

Product Tested By Kirsty Donaldson – Baby Zara 10 Months

Kirsty Awarded The Lollipop Softee Nappy 4/5

First impression look big and bulky, they also look like they could be very warm as summer is approaching.  We travel a lot due to partners job, so presently with a lot of travelling these are not practical.  However, when we are at home they are easy to use.  The texture of the nappy is soft and the quality of the waterproof cover is good.  Zara looks really comfortable and snuggley in her softee nappy, but does look very bulky.  The nappy is a nice fit.  During the day this nappy would keep Zara dry for at least 3 hours, but any longer we would have wet clothes.  Would not use these for nightime as would not keep Zara dry throughout the night.  This was very bulky and it did restric Zara’s movement, however this might have been diferent if we had used them from newborn.  The nappy itself is just as easy to use as disposable nappy.  Very easy to wash, but the whole system time consuming.  I used the normal nappy wrapper system to dispose of the disposable parts, but it does say you can flush them down the toilet.  It is important products are environmentally friendly, however you would have to consider the cost of wahsing and drying nppies and the effect on the environment.  These are good value for money but you would need more that just 5 to justify less washing, could have a full load in machine.  Also need more than just 2 outer protections.  Like the design, just need to be less bulky.  If I had another child would consider using these from birth.  Would recommend to any mum wishing to use non-disposable nappies.  I was pleasantly surprised by the Softee nappy.  I have 2 children and have used disposable nappies as they were easier for our lifestylwe, however I wish I had tried these from early on with first child.  Zara was allergic to one brand of disposable nappy and maybe I should have tried re-usable nappies with her.  Kirstly Donaldson – Baby Zara 10 Months  

Product Tested By Claire Levy – Baby Emily 9.5 Months

Claire Awarded the Lollipop Softee Nappy 4.2/5

Initial impression product looked very good.  The nappies are made of a lovely soft material and had simple velcro fastenings.  The pack came with a bucket, string bag, a bag to keep the nappies in and some nappy cleanser for the washing machine so I had everything I needed to get started.  The re-usable nappies were not quite so convenient when out and about as they do take up more room in the changing bag and you have to carry the wet nappy around with you until you get home!  However, I am sure you would get used to it.  On the positive side, the nappies are so easy to wash, you don’t need to soak them.  You simply put them in the bucket, lined with the string bag, then when you’re ready to wash them, close the bag and put the whole thing in the washing machine at 40 degrees.  The nappy fabric is very soft and absorbs very well.  The outside waterproof cover is smooth and does not feel like a plastic material.  Also worked well.  The nappy does look comfortable but is obviously a little more bulky than a disposable.  Although this did not seem to bother Emily.  This fitted well but we would have to go up a size in clothes as I could only just fit her trousers over the nappy.  I was very impressed with how dry the nappy kept Emily.  Her skin didn’t feel damp.  We tried this at night and the nappy was totally soaked.  I think you would need to put an extra layer inside for extra absorbency and to stop dampness getting through to her skin.  This nappy did not leak, although sometimes the liner moved inside so you don’t catch all of the poo in the liner and ends up with some in the nappy.  This could be down to my technique though.  This is very easy to put on, you just have to make sure everything is tucked in properly.  The velcro fasteners make it quick and easy to do up.  With the liner just tear a liner off the roll and place it in the nappy, simple.  When finished with liners just flush down the loo.  These are environmentally friendly and this is important.  I plan to continue to use the re-usable nappies.  These will work out a lot cheaper than disposables in the long run.  I think this system works very well.  Would certainly recommend as very straight forward after the initial washing!!  Easy to wash and quick to dry.  A very simple and effective nappy system.  Claire Levy – Baby Emily 9.5 Months  

Product Tested By Kate Symonds – Adam Aged 1 Year

Kate Awarded The Lollipop Softee Nappy 3/5

Lovely soft nappies.  Would not say this is more convenient as Once its wet it has to be changed immediately or the next wee will leak.  The texture of this nappy is gorgeous and so soft.   Unfortunately when this arrived we did not receive the outer waterproof cover, so cannot comment on this part. The nappy Looks like a big fluffy pillow wrapped round his bum.  He’s a big baby so getting clothes over the top of this nappy was not easy.  Found the nappy would last a couple of hours during the day before I needed to change Adam.  I must admit we did not even try to use this during the night, as would only last a limited period of time during the day.  For us this nappy did leak and does look bulky under clothes.   I must say this is a very easy nappy to put on and all the reusable parts of this nappy are very easy to wash.   The disposable parts for this system are also easy to dispose. It is important to us a product is environmentally friendly, But the added amount of washing, hot water, soap etc surely adds environmental impact.  Initial outlay of say £200 lasts 1 year compared to £5 pwk on disposables which amounts to £260 Per Year, so you could say cost effective, but it is your own personal choice.   Design could be improved by having slightly elasticated legs.  Would recommend to Friends who are eco conscious and more patient than me at succeeding with washables where I have failed – I’ve told them how lovely & squashy and soft these are.  For me personally these are OK for home use but very bulky when out & about.  Kate Symonds – Adam Aged 1 Year

I have 2 children and have used disposable nappies as they were easier for our lifestyle, however I wish I had tried these from early on with first child. 


Kirstly Awarded the Lollipop Softee Nappy 4/5

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