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Explore our Creatures -What is your favourite sea creature? The awesome Sharks, the huge String Ray or perhaps it’s the graceful Turtle’s you love the most? Are you a Hammerhead Shark lover? Perhaps it’s the Clownfish or the clever Common Octopus that you love the most. Maybe you simply can’t decide! Here at SEA LIFE you can make up your mind and see them all – from the curious and the rescued to the rare and the enigmatic. And you’ll be able to get closer to them than ever before. Many of our creatures are on the endangered list, have been rescued and cannot be released into the wild or have been born and bred as part of our conservation projects.

All of them are beautiful. Come and meet them. Let’s explore our creatures.

Mon – Thurs

10.00-18.00 (last entry 17.00)

Fri – Sun

10.00-19.00 (last entry 18.00)

General booking line:

0871 663 1678

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0871 663 1679

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Family Ticket Price £55.00 - 10% discount if booked online

London Sealife Aquarium Reviews

Product Tested by: Melanie Phillips - Oscar, Rhys & Hayden Ages 19 Months, 3 Years & 7 Years

Product Tested By Melanie Phillips – Oscar, Rhys & Hayden Ages 19 Months, 3 Years & 7 Years

Melanie Awarded the Sealife Centre 4/5

We were all very excited about this as it’s the type of thing we like to do when we go out as a family and the boys have never been to London so the older two were very excited about that too. It was easy to get to toe sealife center as there are plenty of transport options but it wasn’t very well sign posted. The toilets were towards the end of the attraction so not very good if you’ve got young children who need the toilet before you even get started and there were only a few cubicles but luckily it wasn’t too busy. We noticed disabled toilets but didn’t see any specific baby changing areas. Also found it difficult to find somewhere to feed the kids as there are no picnic /table areas and very few seating areas that aren’t in near darkness. Some places were not pushchair friendly ie steps on the way out and the last shark attraction. In the attraction they have 2 lifts to get areas if you cant use the stairs/escalator. The enterance was easy to find and see and the queue wasn’t very big. Overall it was good but some areas we found a bit too dark, it made keeping an eye on your children a bit difficult. We also found that it got quite busy in some areas and it took a while to be able to see in the tanks especially with the pushchair. The bigger attractions/tanks were amazing. They had large sharks and sea turtles. At the end you could walk across the largest tank containing the sharks, which I have never seen anywhere before. Also the interaction areas where the kids can touch crabs, starfish and shrimps were really good as they were open constantly (whereas other places only have them open for an hour or so). But generally the other display tanks were nothing different from other aquariums. The staff were very knowledgeable about the fish and were always on hand to answer questions. The children loved it. They loved going to London and they really enjoy going to aquairiums. They really enjoyed being able to interact with the animals and walking across the glass of shark tank. We have been to quite a few aquariums in the south so this is definitely an enjoyable day for us all. It’s a bit more expensive than other aquariums and adding on the cost of getting to London makes it a expensive day out. Enjoyable visit with some amazing sights, but you may find it hard to make it last for the day. Children will thoroughly enjoy it. And the walk across the large tank is amazing.  Melanie Phillips – Oscar, Rhys & Hayden Ages 19 Months, 3 Years & 7 Years

Product Tested By Samantha Rogers – Madison 5 Years

Samantha Awarded the Sealife Centre 4.8/5

We have been to other sealife centres before and always enjoyed the experience, so I knew what to expect and hoped it would be of similar standards. To get there we took took the train to Waterloo and followed the signs to the London Eye as I knew it was next door. Didn’t see any signs for the aquarium and walked the long way round county hall so it could have had better signage. The attraction facilities are excellent throughout. Very spacious as we walked round. Well appointed toilets around the site. Good shops. Good step up points for smaller children to see more easily. Lots of room at the entrance. We didn’t need to queue, but there was a good amount of space if we had. Easy to see where we needed to go. Excellent staff who checked our bags and tickets. Liked the lift down to the centre as we felt like divers. Lots of space to move around, although I don’t think it was a very busy day. Lots of information on the walls and we did the fact finder quiz as we walked round which was fun and informative. We really enjoyed all the different displays. My daughter really liked the rays and the walk through tunnel. She even stopped to touch a starfish at the interactive area. Toilets were clean and large and well placed for children. Saw some picnic style tables for eating at near the end of the tour which were very suitable for small children. I was happy to wander with my daughter close by, but I did not feel the need to hold her hand. I was happy for her to look freely at the displays without worrying about her. A family ticket is good value as you can take as long as you like to look round. I would happily pay that price. We really enjoyed our day. The aquarium appeals to both children and grownups as there are so many things to see and so much information to take in on all levels. I have been to several sealife centres but for its location alone, the London centre is by far the best. We had a great experience – totally relaxed, easy to find, very friendly staff, fantastic creatures. Samantha Rogers – Madison 5 Years

Product Tested By Donna McKinson – Lewis 8 Years

Donna Awarded the Sealife Centre 4.3/5

I had a very good impression of the Sea Life Centre as I know people that had been there and were impressed, so we were excited to go there. We drove to the venue and found free street parking. This is a fairly easy feet on a Sunday but during the week I would advise taking public transport. Facilities for an older child is fine but I also had my 20 month old baby with me and there were no provisions for a small child….ie eating area, special baby changing facilities. I have no problem with the paying gate. I expect it stops people rushing in without having paid. When there is a crowd this could easily happen. It felt a bit ‘empty’ and corridor like in the aquarium but the darkness was good as it showed of the sea life well. Both my children enjoyed it and were fasinated by the animals – my son loved the bigger animals and was also interested in reading the information plaques. Bit too expensive but due to the location its understandable. I would definitely visit here again but maybe when my daughter is a bit older as I was chasing her all over the place! A great experience for the family and we were left feeling like we all wanted to see more. Donna McKinson – Lewis 8 Years


Melanie Awarded the Sealife Centre 4/5

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