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Look Sharp Sensitive Shave

A 2-in-1 shaving lotion and softening beard cream, with a non-foaming formula for a close, smooth shave. • Golden jojoba oil softens and conditions both the skin and beard • Aloe vera juice, tazman pepper and black oat extracts work together to soothe sensitive skin

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£16.00 Available to purchase online

Look Sharp Sensitive Shave Reviews

Product Tested by: Douglas Rae

Product Tested By Douglas Rae

Douglas Awarded The Look Sharp Sensitive Shave for Men

Looked good, nice packaging. Looked good quality. Nicely packaged, no over sized box, nice design also. Not too much writing
crammed onto the box. Went on my face
easily, didn’t waste any like I usually do with other shaving gels. I was
very surprised that it did deliver a smooth shave. I have tried things like this before and I didn’t
like them as they made my skin get knicks and cuts. This was very good. This did make my skin feel smooth but I wouldn’t go as far as saying it
was smoother that usual. I do not have a beard so could not comment on
using this as a conditioner for a beard. Instructions clear and concise, very easy to understand. Couldn’t be put simpler, for
me anyway. Very good quality.
Lovely shaving product, as I said before I don’t usually like these types of
shaving creams but this one was very good. If I wasn’t shaving everyday then maybe yes.
The fact that I would go through this product in about 2 weeks means I couldn’t
really justify that money each month, not when I can get a can of Nivea shaving
gel for about £2. I liked the way it was on my face. It’s nice to shave with,
allowed me to see where I was shaving as there isn’t a thick layer of gel on.I would not purchase this. Back to the
expense. I couldn’t justify it, not when there are decent products out there at
an eight of the price. I would recommend as it’s a good product but again the
expense would put them off. Liked the product but the price lets it down.
It’s nicely packaged, goes on the face well and doesn’t leave your face
stinging after shaving. Low point is the price. Sorry but I can’t justify £16
for a tube that size. It would not last me long at all. Douglas Rae

Product Tested By Luke Taylor

Luke Awarded The Look Sharp Sensitive Shave for Men

Quite plain and doesn’t really look like a men’s
shaving product. If I go out to buy a product for shaving it wouldn’t be
something that automatically catches my eye. This was easy to put on, however
as it does not lather up it is difficult to see where it is on your face.
Personally I have no say no. I have used this at different times of the day,
i.e. after a shower, morning; evening and I didn’t feel it was as smooth as
something like Gillette. I genuinely feel a product like Gillette sensitive
provides me with a better shave. This did make my skin feel smoother
after use, and this is where it did perform better than main line products.
However not a 5 as it was smooth but a little greasy. I do not have a
beard so could not comment on using as conditioner for a beard. I felt instructions were unclear and I
questioned if it should lather up and how it should be applied – something
visual would be better, however I understand they are trying to keep the
packaging neutral. It is definitely a good quality product and that is
obvious. The fragrance was upper market and not sterile. Would I pay the
RRP on this? Probably not. I do use sensitive shaving foams and for me I prefer
a foam – Easier to see what you are doing. I absolutely loved the aroma and couldn’t get over it. I would consider
buying it just on that ground. It smelt so natural and clean. I don’t think it is for me. I liked the
fragrance of it but it is not for me. Gillette or similar provides me with what
I need at a convenient price. Personally I would not recommend this item.
Might be better for men with beards. It was a wonderful smelling product
that unfortunately for me did not provide me with a better shave than my usual.
I regularly use sensitive shaves and this provided a cool shave. It was
difficult to see where you have shaved as it is more like a moisturiser rather
than a foam or gel. At times the shave wasn’t smooth even with a new blade.
Perhaps suited more to specific blade types. I don’t feel the product design
was aimed towards men as it was not in the traditional style of what I would be
used to seeing. I also think the price would be quite high, at £16 it is a lot
especially as a lot of new companies are now advertising postal shaving kits
with everything included – a crowded market. Luke Taylor

Product Tested By Adam Glomb

Adam Awarded The Look Sharp Sensitive Shave
for Men 3/5

When this arrived it was packaged well but the
design is not something that would jump out at me in a store and make me want
to buy. This was reasonably easy to put on. Compared to the product I would
normally use I did not feel this delivered a smooth shave for me. I do not have
a beard so did not use this as a conditioner for a beard and cannot comment on
if this would have been effective. The instructions are easy enough to
follow. Quality is OK but for me
personally I prefer my usual brand. I would say cheaper brands available on the
market have the safe effect. I must say
my skin did feel good after using this product, felt better and more refreshed.
I personally would not buy this product as was not suitable for me. As this has not been effective I would not
recommend. Unfortunately this item did not perform as well as my usual brand. Adam

It’s nicely packaged, goes on the face well and doesn’t leave your face stinging after shaving. 


Douglas Awarded The Look Sharp Sensitive Shave for Men 4.4/5

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