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Love Radius PARENT’S HOODIE Reviews

Product Tested By Charmaine Mayer – Lorcan 13 Months

Charmaine Awarded The Love Radius Parent’s Hoodie 5/5

I was pleasantly surprised by the unisex nature of the piece. This hoodie is perfect and the design is reminiscent of Active Wear.  It’s unusual for a garment intended for using during pregnancy and after birth looks like an everyday, well fitted piece of Active Wear, yet has the additional functionality of use during preterm and post labour. I was unclear to the weight restrictions of using this hoodie e.g., at what age or weight a baby can be placed inside the hoodie and up until what age or weight is it recommended for. This design has a feel of being cut on the bias.  Even with my post pregnancy body, this hoodie gives a brilliant and flattering curving with its longer length. I was using this item post pregnancy. Living in England, and the harsh Winter we have had with snow, the wrap over piece adds an extra snug and warmth that I have never seen on any other garment. Very innovative and practical. The high neck not only offers the warmest option, but also the sleekest lines when wearing this item not only as a practical garment, but also as a fashion item.  The longer, hooped elasticated band on the zipper allows quick and easy access to zip up or down when also managing young babies and children. The long sleeves and thumbholes was perfect for optimum dexterity, like a fingerless glove, and giving an extra 50% coverage of the hands, especial when wearing when colder.  This function also ensures that the sleeve does not roll up the arm if using under a coat etc. The lower length acts as extra protection, and also for me as extra confidence when wearing as the jumper is not prone to riding up the back, and exposing the bottom half which after pregnancy may be an area that you prefer to keep covered. The invisible zip is ingenious. You would not know they were there. The seam work is expertly hidden, and does not affect the fabulous cut. The quality of this part of the garment is particularly Impressive. I have used the neck wrap over to keep my neck warm when it is cold.  This is very innovative, and I have not seen this on any garment before.  It takes the place of carrying an additional item of a scarf, which can be a health and safety risk in itself if using when carrying a baby. My baby was 12 months old when I received this item and I had stopped breastfeeding by then. I am actually wearing this hoodie now as I type.  It is practical and stylish and can be used to keep you super warm, or can be adapted for breathability by unzipping and using with the next wrap or placing the neck wrap behind your body if it is warmer.  The same with the thumb holes.  I am using these as I type, and there is no loss of dexterity when typing or writing. The unisex colours match most other items for compatibility, and the sleek fit works well with both trousers, jeans and skirts. This is definitely a versatile hoodie seeing you through pregnancy, birth and beyond. I have also used this as Active Wear.  It is great to using when exercising, as it can keep you warmer if you get cold, but also cooler (neck wrap and thumb hole options, plus zip up to the neck).  I do like the fact you can purchase matching one for my husband.  I would use this at least 3 times each week.  Mainly wore at home, in the garden and locally in my neighbourhood.  Very easy to launder and I have used in both the washing machine and the tumble drier, as a buy mother I do not have the time to buy an item with special washing instructions.  I’m delighted to say, that the item launders exceptionally well and the fabric remains soft and robust. High quality soft and warm fabric that moves and hugs the body and feels very cosy.  Washes and dries perfectly. I loved the durability and flexibility of the garment. High quality fabric and hidden seam design gives the impression of an Active Wear item, and not a parent garment. This is very good value. I have used this after pregnancy and it adapts to the changes of my body shape due to the innovative design features and elasticity and quality of the fabric. I would buy this due to the quality of this garment, I’m sure that I would use this piece for my 3rd pregnancy!  I would definitely recommend and I have already had so many positive comments about this item. An innovative and sleek design that offers both functionality, practicality, durability and modern fashion.  A piece I feel that would be attractive to the Millennial and younger generation particularly (sub 40), because of its Active Wear look and appeal.  In a world where the focus is shifting towards sustainable clothing.  A multi-functional piece of this quality could last decades and see you through several children. Charmaine Mayer – Lorcan 13 Months

Product Tested By Kim Pearson – Mum To Be

Kim Awarded The Love Radius Parent’s Hoodie 5/5

My first impression of the parents hoodie when it arrived was that it is a very quality material, plain and simple so it would go with anything, not too thick and not too thin. once I purchase a carrier it will be a snug fit for baby to sit inside on cool days or evenings. The design is great the integrate wrap-over under the neck, wear it at any time to keep your chest area warm or to discreetly breastfeed baby and the high neck was a great addition as I feel the cold a lot. The instructions of the hoodie were on a cardboard label in French, so not very helpful; fortunately, It’s a hoodie and its pretty self-explanatory on how you wear it. The product was a  great fit for me, it adapts to my changing shape and will be perfect when I lose my belly as well as carrying the baby with the hoodie carrier.  The extension zip is a brilliant function of the product, being as my bump is growing throughout winter, to have something that adapts with me and gives me extra warmth during the cold months is a godsend. The integrated wrap over is effective and easy to use. it’s pretty self-explanatory on how you wear it and it can keep your chest warm as well as aid in discreetly breastfeeding baby when my baby arrives.  The high neck is great for keeping you warm as I received this in winter so this benefit is very much needed. It is designed to let any windchill through and it works great. The one thing I find with a lot of jumpers and hoodies is the mobility of extended your arms is never quite right. This jumper, the mobility is perfect the long arms and the thumb holes make it  stay in place perfectly. The length of this hoodie is one of the biggest highlights for me, I don’t like hoodies that raise when you move about this stays in places and keeps my lower back warm. This product would be ideal to use with a baby carrier, through pregnancy it has been great, but it would be perfect to use with a baby carrier due the material being not to thick or thin and breast feeding would be easy. The invisible  Zip design works well, a little too well, I can never find them, this is not a bad  thing as they do work well. I did not use the neck wrap in conjunction with a baby carrier but I did use it generally. This allowed me to have my chest covered when the Zip is undone. This part of the design is great as sometimes you don’t want the whole jumper done up but just your chest covered. I did not use the hoodie for breastfeeding, but I think it will be ideal to use it for that when baby arrives. The hoodie is ideal to use all year around as the material is very well made and is not too thick so you can wear a vest in the summer with it and something more substantial in the winter. It’s a plain design so it’s ideal for indoor and outdoor use. The hoodie will definitely see me through pregnancy and after, it is so versatile and well-made that it will keep for a long time. I will 100% be using the hoodie after the baby is born as a standard all year around hoodie. It’s simple and plain design and the colour I chose means it will literally go with anything. It is perfect for those days before a coat is required. I love the fact that the hoodie can be purchased in men’s sizes as well as women’s, especially used with the baby carrier, more and more men are using the carriers and it’s great to see. I used the hoodie a few times a week under a coat when it was really cold and I was taking the dog out. I used the hoodie most when taking my dog out as it has been really cold this winter and it’s been great under my coat. The hoodie is easy to launder, just put on at 40 degrees and it comes up lovely, no tumble drying but you can Iron should you need to, and it dries fairly quickly. The material of the hoodie is one of my favourite things about it as it can be worn all year around as its not bulk or stuffy for summer and fits really nicely under coats for winter. I liked the material and the extendable zips the most on this hoodie, it’s hard to find all year around jumpers so this is great for that, and to extend when you are pregnant or of you gain a little weight is great as well. The quality of this product is 5/5, the sustain you all year around is a bonus and this material will do that. The design is unique, having the [art that covers your neck is a great addition as you don’t find that in everyday jumpers. The fact that the hoodie is not just for pregnancy and you can wear all year around and after the baby is born makes the it good value for money. I would consider buying this hoodie now I have tested it. If I saw it online, I pro baby wouldn’t purchase it as it’s a little too much for what I would usually pay, but when you test it, you really get to see the quality and additions to the hoodie and you realise what a great product it is. I would recommend this product purely for the fact that it’s a great assistance during, pregnancy, after when the little one needs to be carried as well as all year around for mum or dad. Overall,  the hoodie is a 5 out of 5 for me. The quality material to make it wearable all year around make it a great addition to anyone’s wardrobe, the versatility of having it as you get bigger with pregnancy or in life as well as the great design aspects make it one of the best products on the market. My experience with the product has been great, I have worn it many times underneath my coat when walking my dog on cold days. I wear it a lot around my house if I am cold, which is a lot of the time. It has supported me as I have got bigger in my pregnancy just by undoing the zips at the back. The high neck and length ensure I am always covered from the wind which is a necessity for me. the length and fir of the arms means you have no uncomfortable  lifting and everything stays in place with full mobility. This is the perfect addition to my wardrobe. Kim Pearson – Mum To Be

Product Tested By Maggie Goffin – Christopher 1 Year

Maggie Awarded The Love Radius Parent’s Hoodie 4.4/5

Initial impression was it was a top quality hoodie that was made well and not cheap. The fabric it was made from felt smooth and soft and top quality, it was thick quality material. Lovely design, it sleek style with nothing fussy. Plain but nice. Had the black one and it was a strong black not a washed out black. Pictures of different styles of how it can be worn, nothing really else needed, only problem I did have was that the instructions (tag) was in French so any info about the hoodie I couldn’t understand. This was an excellent fit. I had a medium and am usually 10/12/14 depending on the clothes, this fitted my body lovely with no bits too tight or too loose when compared to other bits. Nice idea to be able to provided added layer where the baby’s head would be so stopping being able to fully zip up, definitely provided that extra layer and warmth. Went for a long walk while wearing without baby and was lovely and warm with just the hoodie and no coat, it kept the wind out and was effective at keeping me warm and toasty. Zip goes up right to my mouth so  great coverage to my neck, plus hood could be pulled up and tighter with the strings. Long sleeves going right over wrist are great and the thumb holes did allow them to stay over hands and I found I could still put a pair of gloves on over them. My only problem was that when having my thumb through the holes they were slightly too tight on the tops of my thumbs, I needed a fraction more length in the sleeves for me to be fully comfortable as the thumb hole pulled back on my thumb slightly and as the material is thicker it was sometimes a little uncomfortable and I was aware it was there. The length was perfect for me, I find some clothes are an odd too long and sit too low for comfort and style for me, this hoodie sat at the right point on my body. It was effective at keeping my lower body warm and protected from the wind. The length was also enough to keep my babies feet covered when carrying, he was fully enclosed inside the hoodie so had lovely warm feet and hands. The zips were definitely invisible and you certainly couldn’t tell they were there when not opened. They were a little sticky at certain points so needed both hands to get past the stick point (near pocket) ideally I would prefer to not have to use both hands as was a bit difficult when had baby in the carrier and trying to adjust while wearing, was fine when adjusting without baby already in carrier. They didn’t stand out or fold in any odd ways when wearing so were fully invisible which was impressive. The neck wrap over was easy to pull over head and was soft, warm material which provided warmth and a comfy piece of material for baby. I didn’t use the wrap over when breastfeeding as didn’t feed while out and I don’t use covers when feeding, I am not sure it is really long enough to really allow for discrete feeding however, for me it wouldn’t be positioned where it wouldn’t make a difference. This is ideal to use indoors and outdoors. I wore it both inside and out and while inside it wasn’t uncomfortable warm. It was comfortable to wear while out and about whether carrying the baby or not. It was also great to just chill out at home. I only used with baby in carrier but I can see that the expansion would certainly help while pregnant, varying opening of zip depending on size of bump. It would have actually been quite helpful when I was pregnant as I didn’t buy a new coat at my biggest and used to wrap my cardigan round my bump, this would have allowed me to be warm in those last few months while not having to invest in a new coat or keep wrapping round. It has been very useful to keep myself and baby warm when carrying and definitely a great fit for me on my own so will last for several years after I have to stop carrying. I have worn it as a standard hoodie and would be very happy to do so, it doesn’t look out of place or odd when worn normally. It is great that it is available for both men and women in different sizes, it means that both parents would be able to happily carry baby, my husband has carried our babies several times and the style of this hoodie would certainly suit him too. I used this fairly often over the last few weeks, several times a week on average. I used this to carry my baby for lock down walks with older kids in the woods. Plus a lot of chilling in the house! So easy to wash. Straight in washing machine with other washing as normal, washed perfectly well no problems. Slight pain making sure hood and wrap over dried as we had to dry in the house as typically it rained when we washed it! It hasn’t lost any of it shape after being washed and the material hasn’t been bobbled or anything like that. Lovely material, feels soft and excellent quality. Feels like it would not rip easily or damage easily. I loved the comfort and fit, it is a simple and comfortable design which isn’t bulky hence perfect for my style. It is a very good quality hoodie with a clear design which isn’t mis shapened in anyway. The hidden zips are a great feature as they allow a normal piece of clothing to be adapted to allow for carrying a baby but without compromising on style or looks.  The extra wrap over allows for an added layer when required, it is hidden when not in use and doesn’t get in the way or be noticeable when not in use. I not sure I would trust anything valuable in the pockets when using with a carrier (fine when not though)  as they are lower down when the zips are open but they are great for hands. It potentially has quite a long life span as long as the material holds up over the years so yes it does offer good value for money, certainly if you were somebody who walked a lot with baby in carrier. Will be interesting to see how long it would be able to accommodate a front carried baby, currently up to a year old and still plenty of space while he stays on my front. It is something I would consider buying but probably about half way through pregnancy would be an ideal time to get full value for money. I would recommend if they were looking for something similar to this to help when carrying baby, certainly if they would have been carrying in the colder months.  Lovely hoodie which is excellent quality, a few little niggles such as the tight zips and the pockets seeming unsecure when used with carrier. Material certainly is a great quality which certainly makes this a great product. The hood strings provided an extra play thing for my baby! Comfortable for all its uses. Warm for both parent and baby. No risks of zip being uncomfortable for baby or parent either. Maggie Goffin – Christopher 1 Year


High quality fabric and hidden seam design gives the impression of an Active Wear item, and not a parent garment. This is very good value. I have used this after pregnancy and it adapts to the changes of my body shape due to the innovative design features and elasticity and quality of the fabric. I would buy this due to the quality of this garment, I’m sure that I would use this piece for my 3rd pregnancy!  I would definitely recommend and I have already had so many positive comments about this item. An innovative and sleek design that offers both functionality, practicality, durability and modern fashion.  A piece I feel that would be attractive to the Millennial and younger generation particularly (sub 40), because of its Active Wear look and appeal.  In a world where the focus is shifting towards sustainable clothing.  A multi-functional piece of this quality could last decades and see you through several children.


Charmaine Awarded The Love Radius Parent’s Hoodie 5/5

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