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Love2Read Personalised Photo Books

Our carefully designed books combine key words with your photos to bring reading to life for your child.
Upload your photos, personalise the text and we’ll print a unique book that will give your child a real head start.

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Love2Read Personalised Photo Books Reviews

Product Tested by: Karen Carrivick – Emily & Sophia Aged 4 & 2 Years

Product Tested By Karen Carrivick – Emily & Sophia Aged 4 & 2 Years

Karen Awarded The Love2Read Personalised Book 4/5

The book was bright and looked good quality.  It is a nice website but personally I did not like the colour of the background.   When you go to order online the whole process is quick and very easy.  It was very easy uploading the photos and the automatic arranging it does for the photos was great, saved a lot of time. They even contacted me afterwards as they had checked the book  and we had not put capitals at the beginning of the names.   It was a lovely quality book with thick glossy pages.  The images in the book  are clear and bright and worked very well.   My girls loved the book and it was nice allowing them to have the book. The only thing I did not like was that the website promotes that the book can help reading but as the words are the same on each page my daughter just guessed what was written and did not read them.  The coloured borders around the photos are lovely. I liked the front cover.  I think photo gifts always make a good present and with the quality of these books I would be happy to give them as a special gift. I did think they were a little expensive for the amount of pages it contained but they are good quality and I received good service.  I would certainly consider purchasing more as a gift.   It is very easy to download and make the book, good service and quality just a little pricey unless buying as a gift.  Karen Carrivick – Emily & Sophia Aged 4 & 2 Years



Product Tested By Lisa Avery – Daughter Marianna

Lisa Awarded The Love2Read Personalised Book 4/5

Good quality product, however smaller in content than I would’ve liked. The options are varied and you can make changes to the content of words, but the website is minimal as are the products they sell.  Ordering the product was quick and easy to do. Simple step by step instructions.  Uploading photos was quick and easy, and inputing words for under the images was easy too.  No real step by step guide for this though, so for those who havent uploaded photos to the web before this may be confusing.  Good quality book, shiny in appearance, and the photos in it are great quality.  Easy turn pages for kids to look through.  Great quality photos in the book, the ones I uploaded were just standard quality really but I was very impressed with how they turned out in the book. Good idea for a gift for grandparents and relatives so they have a nice keepsake and they can read it with their grandchildren, but to be honest my daughter liked the pictures but didn’t last long reading the book before she moved onto something else.  Overall layout of the book is simple enough for children to follow and look through. I would purchase one of these books as a  gift for an adult as a keepsake, as its nice to remember a special time in a photo book that you can show friends and family.  Personally I do feel this item is slightly expensive. This book is a good quality product and although i’d recommend it to people, it would be up to them if they wanted to spend such a high amount on such a small item.  good quality product that is easy to make and order, nice personalised book for your children and nice keepsake for family members. Lisa Avery – Daughter Marianna


Product Tested By Gemma Rayson – Abigail 5 Years

Gemma Awarded the Love 2 Read 4/5

I thought the product was a very good idea. The order process for the product was fairly straight forward but I found it hard to find the photo that was the right pixels to upload. The quality of the book itself was more than satisfactory and also the images included in the book were great too. The concept of the book was good and my child enjoyed reading it. The overall layout of the book was good too, it wasn’t too cluttered or too simple, and it had a nice balance. I would buy this book as a birthday present for a grandparent or a family member. I would also get one for my child as a present for a milestone in her life. I think that the product offers good value for money and I would consider buying it because I think it’s very reasonably priced. Overall it has been a very good experience and I rate it as very recommendable. Gemma Rayson – Abigail 5 Years

It is very easy to download and make the book, good service and quality.


Karen Awarded The Love2Read Personalised Book 4/5

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