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Lulla Doll Sleep Companion

Lulla Doll imitates closeness with it’s soft, natural touch and by playing a real-life recording of the breathing and heartbeat of a mother at rest. Lulla’s aim is to help babies stabilize their own breathing and heartbeat, resulting in longer and better quality sleep as well as added security.
Hear – When the chest is pressed, Lulla plays a real-life recording of the breathing and heartbeat of a real mother at rest.
Look – Babies prefer to look at something that resembles a human face. The colours of the doll were chosen for the purpose of making the doll unisex and unirace.
Touch – The outer layer is made from soft 80% natural cotton blend. The filling is made from ultra fine microfibre that is hypoallergenic.
Smell – The fabric of the doll can absorb smell from parents if they first keep it close to their skin before giving it to their child for extra feeling of security.
Clean and Safe – The doll is machine washable in warm water making it safer for small babies with underdeveloped immune and respiratory systems.
It is not recommended to have loose items in a crib with a sleeping newborn. We strongly recommend that from birth to 12 months the doll is kept away from their face and not loose in the crib during sleep. The doll has Velcro fasteners so you can attach the doll to most cribs, strollers and other carriers.

Age From: BirthBrand: Lulla DollMaterial: 80% cotton blendLength (cm): 30Height (cm): 38Colour: Cream

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£49.99 Available Kiddicare, John Lewis, Mothercare and online Shop

Lulla Doll Sleep Companion Reviews

Product Tested by:

Tested By
Alana Paige – Yvette 2 Months

Alana Awarded
The Lulla Doll 4.9/5

This looked
very interesting when arrived and came in a lovely little bag. A nice touch.
This is really well made, soft to the touch, lovely to cuddle and you
can also wash this doll when required.
Also style is unisex so will suit boy or girl. I loved the concept of this playing heartbeat
and breathing sounds as when I cuddle Yvette she always seems calmer when
resting on my chest. My daughter really
loved this doll. I would give it to her
at night and she would cuddle up to her Lulla doll and settle really
quickly. You do need batteries for this
but I found if I put this in her cot, let her settle and fall asleep I could
turn off the comforting heartbeat as she was in a nice slumber. Saved on battery life. It certainly did keep my daughter calmer, and
I would take this out with us in the stroller and on trips. If she was getting a bit niggly I would turn
this on let her snuggle up to it and she would be calm in no time. I do think it has helped her settle into a
nice sleep routine and also great as a comforter during the day. At first I thought the price was rather high,
but after using this and seeing how well it worked for my daughter (now one of
her favourites, well will not go to bed without it now) then yes for peace of
mind and giving my daughter something to settle her quickly this is a good
investment. I do believe the design is
just adorable as it is. I would purchase
this as a gift, my sister in-law is due to give birth in July so will be
getting her one of these. Also a lovely
baby shower gift idea. I have already
recommended to a few mummies in my local mum’s club. A lovely doll which is not only a beautiful
concept and idea to calm baby and help create good sleep routine it is also a
lovely toy for them to build a wonderful bond with. We just loved it. Alana Paige – Yvette 2 Months

Tested By
Gill Perkins – Tiberius & Cody – 4 Months

Gill Awarded
The Lulla Doll 4/5

When this
arrived I thought it was sweet – though quite feminine. The doll is really good
quality. Both boys seem to like it and cuddle it automatically. This doll did seem to comfort my boys as they
both fell asleep within 5 mins of holding it. Helped both boys get to sleep at
nap time​. I believe it comforted my boys and helped them nap longer. I do think this doll did help then settle
better. Personally I do feel this item
is quite expensive. I think the concept
and design is really good as it is and could not suggest any improvements. If I saw this on offer I would consider
purchasing. I would also recommend. Nice product and cute toy and sleep aid which
genuinely does seem to comfort baby but seems very expensive for what it is.​ Gill
Perkins – Tiberius & Cody – 4 Months

Tested By
Danielle Loasby – Mia & Harry – 4 Years and 7 Months

Awarded The Lulla Doll 3/5

The doll
arrived in a really lovely drawstring bag that is perfect to store it in. The
doll has a really lovely face and my little girl was over the moon to have a
new dolly to play with. I love the idea
that it is for babies who are separated from their mother as I feel it would be
very beneficial after working on a neonatal unit. The doll is really lovely
quality. The material is very soft making
it very cuddly. You are able to wash it which is perfect for a child’s
comforter and it comes out of the washing machine looking as good as new. I cannot fault its quality and durability. My
daughter likes to play with it as one of her dolls but I wouldn’t say she has
formed a particular bond with it. My son
enjoys to eat it like all 7 month olds but does not have a preference to it
over other toys. Both children enjoyed cuddling it but they already have
favourite teddies. I think if they had, had it since birth then they would be
more attached to it. Unfortunately the doll did not make any difference to my 7
month olds sleep routine. My son has continued to wake often in the night and
nap for very short periods in the day despite using the Lulla doll for a month.
Although my son doesn’t sleep for very long periods he has always settled
himself to sleep well so I’m unsure if the Lulla doll has assisted in
continuing this behaviour. I feel the doll, is very expensive however if it had
worked in improving my sons sleep there’s no price you can put on that! It’s
quite a large initial cost especially when you need to change the batteries
weekly. I think the doll is a beautiful design and it’s very gender neutral
appealing to boys and girls. My only
potential suggestion would be to make the heartbeat chargeable to avoid the
need for constant battery changes. I would consider buying the doll if I had a
baby I had to be separated from as I would want to provide all the comfort I
could. However now my children are older
I feel they are a bit past benefitting from it. I would recommend it to parents
on the neonatal unit however I feel the cost will put lots off as having a baby
in hospital puts a lot of financial strain on families. I feel the doll is amazing quality and a
lovely design. The idea behind it
providing comfort to babies separated from their mothers is brilliant however
as a comforter to help improve sleep it did not work for us. We all really
enjoyed testing the product and I will certainly be telling parents about it at
work. Unfortunately it hasn’t helped the
sleep situation in our house but it is played with as a dolly by my daughter. Danielle
Loasby – Mia & Harry – 4 Years and 7 Months



A lovely doll which is not only a beautiful concept and idea to calm baby and help create good sleep routine it is also a lovely toy for them to build a wonderful bond with. We just loved it. 


Alana Awarded The Lulla Doll 4.9/5

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