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Lunchbox Love By Sally J King

Lunchbox Love book helps families get back in the kitchen. Great descriptive recipes to follow, nutritional information, and some superb ideas for your Childrens lunch boxes.

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Lunchbox Love By Sally J King Reviews

Product Tested by: Helen Fellows – Summer Aged 5 Years

Product Tested By Helen Fellows – Summer Aged 5 Years

Helen Awarded Lunchbox Love Book By Sally King  3.7/5

Was a really good idea as I always struggle with what to do Summer for her lunches.  Website Nice and colourfull, good detail of the product that’s offered.  Arrived well packed in large envelope and had been well protected in transit.   I think the information at the front of the book very well detailed and useful.  I think the concept of the book is a very good idea, but you need a lot of time on your hands and money to buy the ingredients.  Some recipes easy to follow and some I found really complicated, especially some of the savoury recipes.  The instructions for each recipe were well planned out, descriptive and you could follow at your own pace.    We made some muffins, the girls both really enjoyed it and they said yum yum really scrummy mom.   I found the information about healthy eating very eye opening.  I was amazed to find out how much sugar was in my children’s squash that I normally give them.  The book is good value for money, but some of the ingredients are slightly expensive.  However, it is your choice which recipes to use.  I also found some of the ingredients listed in this book were very difficult to find locally for us.  A good book, informative, gives you good advice about nutrition etc., and some fun recipes to try out.  Helen Fellows – Summer Aged 5 Years.

Product Tested By Emma Bradley – Chloe & Dylan Aged 9 & 5 Years

Emma Awarded The Lunchbox Love Book By Sally King 3.1/5

A good range of recipes but very American and time consuming.   Website is well presented and the site is easy to navigate.   The book is well illustrated on the front cover.  The recipes are time consuming and focus on an American market.  This is a good quality well presented book.  The recipes are not practical, they are American food and the recipes would not suit a working mum.  Also some of the foods like soups are not practical for school lunches as they could not be warmed up in my child’s school.  The recipes were well set at with clear step by step instructions.  The children did like the food but it was main meal food recipes we followed and had for our tea.  The book did give me some fresh inspiration especially with regard dips to go with vegetable sticks.   There was some good information regarding children with allergies, these recipes may have been useful if my children suffered from many of the allergies and it limited my lunch box choices.  For us it would not be good value for money, but the book is informative, well thought out and educational.  The recipes are well planned and easy to follow so it would be down to personal choice on the types of food you like to prepare for your family.  Personally I feel that this book is too Americanized and time consuming for British working school mums.  Emma Bradley – Chloe & Dylan Aged 9 & 5 Years

Product Tested By Rachael Delaney – Mum to 3 Children Aged 7, 4 & 2 Years.

Rachael Awarded The Lunch Box Love Book By Sally King 4/5

This book is essentially a cookbook , written by a mother whose child developed an allergy to peanuts. Disturbed by the possible affects of anaphylaxis, the author set about ensuring that all food for her children was not subject to possible cross contamination. She then went a step further, and tried to remove the possible exposure to dangerous chemicals that she believes can come from microwave cooking, using plastic cookware, and that come from the food manufacturing process.  Sally King has created a cook book based around lunchboxes. The one meal that, as mothers we have less control over than others, as children can have school meals at school, or choose not to eat what we give them in their boxes. The aim is to make fresh, tasty AND nutritious food that children will eat. The author uses American measurements which need to be adapted before attempting the recipes. Further, some of the recipes feature ingredients which are difficult to find in shops here, and would have to be sourced from specialist stores, or online. Many of the recipes are indeed very inviting, and my own 3 children were willing to give them a go. However, as from any cookbook, there was some creations that they simply would not entertain, predominantly those which featured avocado in any form! Others were much more of a success, including the tofu chocolate mousse,  chicken nuggets (not something my children normally like) and Quesadillas. The author includes some tips for each recipe, or facts regarding some of the ingredients, which are handy to know from a nutritional point of view. I found this book to be an easy read, and got through it no problem in one sitting. I was keen to have a go and made some of the recipes immediately, however, I did find that some of the ideas expressed were just a little too militant for my tastes. Whilst I am an avid recycler, a food lover who makes 99% of all my children’s food from scratch, and have a great interest in my children’s health, I also cant bring myself to be overly concerned if they occasionally drink water from a plastic bottle. I can understand though that someone with a highly allergic child may take a lot of comfort from reading this book.  Rachael Delaney – mum to 3 children, 7, 4 and 2 Years


A good book, informative, gives you good advice about nutrition etc., and some fun recipes to try out.


Helen Awarded Lunchbox Love Book By Sally King 3.7/5

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