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Lush Coconut Powder Deodorant

Coconut is probably the world’s only deodorant with powdered coconut milk, both creamed and desiccated coconut and coconut oil to help it stay in place all day. It’s scented with two of our favourite calming essential oils, from fragrant vetivert grass and benzoin gum. We’ve blended it into a moisture-absorbing mixture of tapioca, cornstarch and natural mineral magnesium carbonate, our microfine powders. Use it and smell like a tropical cocktail.

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Lush Coconut Powder Deodorant Reviews

Product Tested by: Jo Miller – Jerry & Becky 18 & 19 Years

Product Tested By Jo Miller – Jerry & Becky 18 & 19 Years

Jo Awarded the Lush Coconut Deodorant 4.8/5

I love Lush products so was excited to try this and see how effective it would be in comparison to my normal spray deodorant. I love the packaging, it’s very organic and friendly looking and you can also take the empty pots back to lush again to be re-used. The fragrance is so wonderful; it’s really fresh and gives you the confidence that you need throughout the day. I did find the deodorant to be really effective on my skin, and I didn’t feel any moisture too. This is fabulous because with my spray I usually get sweat patches. The only downside to this product is the mess factor of applying it. I would advise to wear with lighter clothing because with darker clothing it can show up sometimes but with lighter clothes it is fine. Great quality and I would definitely say value for money because it is organic! I will be buying this product and replacing my usual deodorant with this because it is so lovely to use, I’ll just have to be careful with darker clothes! Jo Miller – Jerry & Becky 18 & 19 Years

Product Tested By Emma Tong – Harrison 1 Year & 10 Months

Emma Awarded the Lush Coconut Deodorant 3.7/5

My first impressions were that the product was very different as it is a powder. I was a little curious as to how it would work and if it would be as effective as my roll on deodorant. I liked the idea of it being made from natural ingredients. Packaging is very simple but effective, not over the top or hard to read so overall good.  Liked the sticker with who packed it as makes it a little more personal which is a nice touch.  Label covering the dispensing holes was hard to take off though. Not a huge fan of coconut but does give a holiday feel to it which is nice, can be overpowering though if too much used. Much more environmentally sound than the aerosols which are a big positive, the packaging looks recyclable too. All natural ingredients are very good.  I didn’t feel that confident using it as I’m used to roll-ons, I felt half way through the day the need to use my roll-on as the coconut smell had gone and I started feeling unprotected! As it’s a powder it’s a lot messier than the usual roll-ons and sprays so not as easy and quick to use and I personally didn’t really like rubbing the powder in under my arms. The quality is fine and I found it better to rub onto my feet than under my arms. It’s more expensive than the sprays and roll-ons by at least a £1 but I’d imagine it will last quite a while if you don’t go too crazy with it. It’s not the product for me, I feel more comfortable with my roll-ons than using this powder, especially under my arms. I’m happy to stick with my roll-on products as this is a nice idea but didn’t feel confident wearing it, not keen on the smell personally and it’s a little too much on the messy side for me. But if you are looking for a nice smelling organic deodorant then this is the one for you! Emma Tong – Harrison 1 Year & 10 Months

Product Tested By Jeanette Grainger

Jeanette Awarded the Lush Coconut Deodorant 4.5/5

I was introduced to Lush by a friend and this was pased onto me to test.  I must admit had not heard of Lush products before but now a bit of a fan. I was not sure I would like this as a powder and so used to my roll on deodrant but really loved fact this was organic. Packaging is delightful, it’s very organic stylish. Oh and I found out you can also take the empty pots back to Lush for recycling, how good is that. I adored the fragrance and really was an effective deodorant.  I was surprised as did not expect a powder deodorant to work.  Just takes a bit of getting used too.  Just put powder on your fingers and put on under your arms.  It works.  Only thing is can be a bit messy, so would not use this with dark coloured clothes. Good value for money, lasts a long time, and will certainly be using this again along side my other deodorante.  Love the fct it is Organic, love the website and now a big fan. Jeanette Grainger

I will be buying this product and replacing my usual deodorant with this because it is so lovely to use


Jo Awarded the Lush Coconut Deodorant 4.8/5

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