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Lush Fair Trade Honey Shampoo

This bottle is full of the power of flowers, collected and concentrated for you by the bees. While they were collecting the pollen, we searched the meadows for beautiful flowers to fragrance their work.
With lashings of honey in here for its lovely effects on the hair – the natural properties of honey also means we didn’t need to put any preservative in this product.A shampoo this good deserved the finest of perfumes.  So Simon has created a geranium/honey perfume with beeswax absolute, geranium, rose, bergamot and neroli.  This is a no expense spared shampoo.

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£14 for 300g - Available to purchase online or click online for local stockist

Lush Fair Trade Honey Shampoo Reviews

Product Tested by: Laura Devlin

Product Tested By Laura Devlin

Laura Awarded The Lush Fair Trade Honey Shampoo 4.6/5

I’ve never tried any Lush shampoo before so couldn’t wait to use it.  It comes in a lovely little bottle which is very easy to squeeze out the shampoo.  The shampoo is very easy to apply and makes a nice thick lather. The shampoo was effective straight after the wash;  my hair looked very shiny but within 24 hours my hair needed washing again.  After using this over a long period of time it did achieve the claims it made on the bottle.  The bottle was small with lots of information on the label and was very easy to use. I’d saythe bottle was perfect for taking on holiday. O loved the fact that it usesFair Trade Honey. I’d say it is quite expensive but certainly worth the money.I will definitely continue to use it and recommend it to others. I’d neverthought a shampoo could make my hair so shiny; I love it. This is an amazingshampoo, the smell does take some getting used to but it’s well worth it. LauraDevlin – Olivia 14 Months


Product Tested By MelaniePrior

Melanie Awarded The Lush Fair Trade Honey Shampoo  3/5

My initial impression of this product was strange.  Seems like a pot of "toast spreadable” honey!  I thought the shampoo was very thick which made it quite difficult to dispense easily.  I ended up having to apply more to the base of my hair.  I did find it quite difficult to wash out of my hair too.  This shampoo didn’t really improve the condition of my hair.  The product is a handy size for travel.  I buy things for ease of use, how well it performs so wouldn’t affect me that it was fair trade.  Unfortunately I wouldn’t use this again as it never worked on my hair.  I was really looking forward to using it but it didn’t live up to my expectations.  I found it sticky and hard to dispense and lather and then really difficult to get out of my hair.  This is my own personal experience and may be ideal for others, just did not work for me.  MelaniePrior


Product Tested By NatalieTimms

Natalie Awarded The Lush Fair Trade Honey Shampoo 4.8/5

I thought this product looked ok when I first saw it.  The design of the bottle was ok.  It was very easy to dispense.  Not as bright as some products but explains everything.  The shampoo was very easy to apply.  I have never used an all-natural hair shampoo, but this was fabulous. T he smell was great and lathers really well. I t really did improve the condition of my hair; as usually I have to wash my hair every few days.  I could actually go up to 4 days without washing it.  It did achieve the claims it made on the bottle.  The bottle was very easy to use, not clumsy as some bottles are when using them in the shower. It’s a great size and an ideal amount to use for a holiday!  Being made of Fair Trade Honey would really persuade me to buy this.  However I think that the price is a bit expensive for this product.  I really like this product but don’t think that I could afford to continue to buy it.  I would do if the price was brought down.  I have recommended this to others as I think that it’s a fab product.  Great lather and smells gorgeous. I really hope this is in myChristmas stocking!!! Natalie Timms




Laura Awarded The Lush Fair Trade Honey Shampoo 4.6/5     

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