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Lush Grass Shower Gel

Now that the weather’s improving, it’s time to start indulging. This new shower gel is made with our new Ninja fragrance, antioxidant wheatgrass juice, and citrus oils to bring sunshine to your days again. Lather up and inhale the deep scent of freshly mown lawns. Keep firmly on the Grass.

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£4.55 100g's Available to purchase online or click online for local stockist

Lush Grass Shower Gel Reviews

Product Tested By Jerry Charlotte

Jerry Awarded the Lush Grass Shower Gel 5/5

I love most Lush products and this one really is no exception. The packaging is great, very attractive to the eye and it’s also practical and simple to use. The fragrance is very fresh but also relaxing, it smells mildly of grass but it’s a little sweeter than what you’d imagine. When using it doesn’t foam up but it’s very thick and has a nice smooth consistency. I think the price is great for an organic product too. I was a little disappointed that the bottle seemed to run out after two weeks but then my Dad confessed he couldn’t resist and he’d been using it too! So it seems to last well and Lush Grass Shower Gel is now a popular gel in our household. I’ve bought loads of it since testing and I think it’s great that the men like this one too.  Jerry Charlotte

Product Tested By Barry Fellows – Summer & Sophie Ages 6& 3 Years

Barry Awarded the Lush Grass Shower Gel 4/5

I was a little unsure of the fragrance at first but the packaging was nice and bright, it’s straightforward to use due to it being a showergel. After using a few times the fragrance grew on me and it really is a lovely, long lasting smell. The gel is nice and thick too so it’s easy to apply, it’s very relaxing. This is really good and it’s very long lasting for the money. I’m a bit unsure of the description of the ‘grass smell’, it might put some people off trying it but it really is nice. Barry Fellows – Summer & Sophie Ages 6 & 3 Years

Product Tested By Paul Leece

Paul Awarded the Lush Grass Shower Gel 3.6/5

This looked very different from other supermarket products.The packaging is nice and the instructions simple to follow. But I thought it smelled more like denim aftershave than cut grass! It’s easy to pour the gel and it worked well. This is the first time I have tried it. It has a nice consistency but it didn’t really foam up. I thought it was quite expensive when compared to my usual supermarket brands. I would consider buying it if it was cheaper as it is a nice shower gel. Paul Leece

I’ve bought loads of it since testing and I think it’s great that the men like this one too. 


Jerry Awarded the Lush Grass Shower Gel 5/5

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