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Lush Henna – Caca Rouge

The really red one for hair like sunsets. It’s red and no mistake. This is the finest Persian red henna with cocoa butter to make it adhere better to the hair and give even more colour, lemon juice for extra shine, rosemary for additional extra shine and clove bud oil because it smells good and warms and stimulates your scalp. You should only use this if you want really red hair.

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Lush Henna – Caca Rouge Reviews

Product Tested by: Caroline Wilson – Benjamin 8 Months

Product Tested By Caroline Wilson – Benjamin 8 Months

Caroline Awarded the Lush Henna 5/5

I am a huge fan of Lush products so I was really looking forward to trying this one. I loved the smell of it and it reminded me of a big chocolate bar, so I was definitely keen! Preparing the Henna was enjoyable and I liked the consistency, it’s not too thick but not too runny. It’s just right to apply with ease, just so long as you have a mirror in front and behind of you! I had a bottle at the ready to put the product in which made it easier for me, so this might come in handy too for anyone else who wants to try this. After applying and rinsing, I noticed a difference straight away! My hair was a lovely red and it did give good coverage all over. I needed to condition my hair a bit more after using this but I have to do this with any other hair products that I use. I really liked the colour and was pleased with how long it lasted too. The price is fab and I will definitely be recommending this one to all of my Lush crazy friends! Caroline Wilson – Benjamin 8 Months

Product Tested By Abi Lyes – Baby Zoe 9 Months

Abi Awarded the Lush Henna 4/5

I liked the look of the product; it looked basic without any bulky packaging with a simple and clean design. The consistency of the product was very hard to control. Making the dye up by grating the bar and then making a smooth paste was almost impossible! And made a mess of my home in the process, I really didn’t like it even though it was better for my hair and the environment, I was not happy using it even at this stage. I found the henna dye really hard to apply, bearing in mind I was doing this on my own; I could not cover my hair in a smooth pattern or see what hair I had covered. It was messy, difficult to apply and as I have quite long hair it was hard to see if I had missed bits. I only used this product once as I had been through enough trying it the first time and I really don’t think I will use it again unless maybe a friend or two were here to help. The colour that come out was a nice colour over the top of my natural dark brown, it had areas that were missed as it was hard to apply but it did fade on my hair very quickly, I have in the past found that colour does not hold well on my hair, even very permanent ones so this did not surprise me. The eventual colour was a nice shade but not as striking as I imagined, which was actually good as I was a bit worried about having bright red hair!  It is not a shade that I will be using again as I tend to go for a dark brown colour, but wanted to try something new this time, and it’s not for me. I think that the price is ok, but for all the hassle of making it up and the mess it makes and the uneven coverage I had, it is just not worth it for me. Although I probably have enough blocks left out of the bar for 2 more applications. I don’t think I would buy this product again, it did leave me with very soft hair and a slight brighter colour change but all the work was not much fun. This is fun colouring (if you like mess!) but had to control the application and colour result. Abi Lyes – Baby Zoe 9 Months

Product Tested By Louise Deuchars – Baby Corin 6 Months

Louise Awarded the Lush Henna 3.7/5

It looked like a big bar of chocolate! I liked the way it looked and smelled and couldn’t wait to try it out. It was a nice consistency, not too thick but not so runny that it was running down my neck! Compared to my usual product it was noticeably more difficult to apply as due to the way it is made up there is no bottle with a nozzle to apply the product with. I noticed a difference from the first application. It lasted a couple of weeks before the colour started to fade, although I was pleased to see my natural colour returning by then! It was a lot more orange than red which was what I was expecting. It is a reasonable price for what you get. I would have preferred if there was an applicator included. I wouldn’t buy it due to the large difference in colour to what I was expecting and because it was fairly hard to apply properly. It’s something a bit different which will appeal to lots of people, but it’s just not for me. Louise Deuchars – Baby Corin 6 Months


The price is fab and I will definitely be recommending this one to all of my Lush crazy friends!


Caroline Awarded the Lush Henna 5/5

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