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Lush Lovely Jubblies

We’ve developed a cream to keep your bits firm and supple. This blend of cold-pressed, organic oils can keep your knockers, decolletage, stomach and bottom in top nick. The tightening action of meadowsweet and the fragrant, floral boo-kay of orange blossom and rose will give you the loveliest jubblies in town. Cushdy!

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Lush Lovely Jubblies Reviews

Product Tested By Rebecca Miller

Rebecca Awarded the Lush Lovely Jubblies 4/5

I liked the look of the product on first impressions. The tub was very cute and Lush are very simple in their design approach, which isnice. I was unsure whether the product would actually work and improve the firmness of my breasts but I was happy to try it. The fragrance was OK, but itwas very strong for me. Because it’s so strong it stays with you for most of the day so I only used it for about three weeks then I stopped. I found it easy to apply and it wasn’t too greasy either. My skin did feel firmer but I just thought the smell was too much. If it was a little lighter then it would be much better. I think the price is about right and thank you for letting me test this, it’s one I will be recommending! Rebecca Miller

Product Tested By Victoria Parsons – Fay 1 Year

Victoria Awarded the Lush Lovely Jubblies 4/5

When the Lush product arrived I thought it looked fantastic – really neat packaging and a trendy type of image. I was sceptical about what it claimed to do but I still liked the look of it. I loved the little black tub and the colours that made it look like quite a sophisticated product. It was strong and didn’t leak which was important plus the colours made it look quite an expensive product rather than a cheap imitation. The instructions were basic and got straight to the point. They were easy to read and follow and took up little space on the packaging. Unfortunately once I started to use the product I realised that I really didn’t like the smell. It was very strong and not particularly nice. The smell lingers on the skin and I could still smell it on my hands for ages after using it. The cream was so easy to apply and the instructions were quite specific in how it should be applied.The cream made my skin feel very soft but it did not do exactly as it claimed –enhance and firm breasts. However, I was pleased with the way it moisturised the skin and immediately after applying the cream my skin did feel firmer. I’m very sceptical about products that claim to enhance breasts and give amazing lifts and firmness etc. I really don’t think they work and the ones I’ve seen are usually very expensive. I thought the packaging was of high quality, the look and feel of the cream was good but the smell was slightly overwhelming. I’d be happy to spend this amount of money on this product. It’s probably something I would buy as a gift rather than for myself but I think it is worth the money. It was a classy looking product for someone with a good sense of humour. I didn’t expect it to give me the boob lift I would like but I still find the product fun and a good quality moisturiser. Victoria Parsons – Fay 1 Year

Product Tested By Keeley Cresswell – Elliot 23 Months

Keeley Awarded the Lush Lovely Jubblies 3.5/5

The tub looked really cute and I couldn’t wait to open it. The instructions were straight to the point and easy to read. I wasn’t keen on the smell if I’m honest, it was a little over powering for me personally. But although I wasn’t keen on the smell; the cream did feel nice on my skin and was easy to apply. No change in the appearance of my skin, however it was left feeling soft and moisturised. I was impressed with the ingredients and thought it was of high quality. I’m not sure I could justify spending so much on one small pot of cream, maybe if I was working I would treat myself. Felt lovely on my skin, however I prefer a more subtle fragrance and a less expensive product. KeeleyCresswell – Elliot 23 Months

I found it easy to apply and it wasn’t too greasy either. My skin did feel firmer


Rebecca Awarded the Lush Lovely Jubblies 4/5

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