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Lush Therapy Massage Bar

A 100% organic massage bar to soften the skin and soothe the mind. The perfectly balanced blend of aerated cocoa and shea butters gives a lovely gliding massage and leaves your skin incredibly soft, whilst our carefully chosen blend of three organic essential oils has a powerfully cheering effect. Organic lavender oil balances the skin and relaxes the mind. Neroli oil has been shown to increase serotonin levels in the brain and improves the tone and texture of the skin whilst sweet wild orange oil lifts the mood.Melt warning: this product is made with ingredients that allow it to soften around body temperature. During hot spells, it may melt. If you have any concerns please contact Customer Care.

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Lush Therapy Massage Bar Reviews

Product Tested by: Gillian Mitchell

Product Tested By Gillian Mitchell

Gillian Awarded the Lush Therapy Massage bar 4/5

At first I thought the massage bar seemed very expensive for what it is but it smells lovely. I was worried about using it initially because I have suffered no stretch marks after using other products so I was unsure about switching to something else. My first impression of the website was that it seemed very cluttered and busy. There is a huge product choice which is pleasing but its not clear what they do until you click further. It’s not easy to make a choice quickly because you need to click onto so many products. I was looking for a cleanser to prevent me from getting spots but I had to click on and read about eleven different cleansers to get this information. I didn’t find the information about this particular product very informative. The packaging is low key which is good for the environment but not very suitable for storing the product in for me personally. The tin that I got the massage bar with is brilliant, top marks for that. But if I was buying this product for the first time then I would be reluctant to pay the price for a tin, maybe if it was on a special offer I would consider buying it. The instructions for the product had to be located on the internet. I found the product much less messy than bio oil, it stored neatly in my drawer with no worry of leaking. The product melts on the skin very quickly and easily, even in cold weather. It also rubs in very easily too. I found the product to be very effective, I still have no stretch marks after using it and my skin feels very soft and smells lovely. The relaxation of using the product also helps me to sleep better at night, which is an added bonus! I enjoyed using the product a lot, I feel very pampered when my husband massages my baby bump with it. If I feel bloated then being rubbed with this always makes my tummy feel better. It also helps my husband to bond with both me and the baby. The product is of such good quality, I have quite sensitive skin and the only reactions I had from this bar were positive ones! The product seemed very expensive initially but it has lasted a long time and I find it very convenient when compared to other products. I will definitely be requesting a bar of this for my birthday soon instead of my usual brand! I will also definitely recommend this to anyone for any kind of skin treatment, even as a luxury! Overall a lovely product that has the added bonus of truly working wonders! Gillian Mitchell


Product Tested By Andrea Smith – Baby Not Born Yet

Andrea Awarded the Lush Therapy Massage Bar 3.5/5

Product smells lovely and looks good too. The website is great, I love all lush products and as always, there is a very wide and appealing selection! The packaging is very good; I love the silver Lush tin. The instructions are good too as there is not too much to read and using the product was simple. The product didn’t make a huge difference to my skin but it smelt lovely and was gorgeous to use in the bath. I felt very pampered! I am not sure if the product will last for very long because I use quite a lot. I don’t find the product expensive at all and I think it’s definitely worth the money. Would make a lovely gift for a mum to be! Andrea Smith – Baby Not Born Yet


Product Tested By Leah O’Brien – Twins (not born yet)

Leah Awarded the Lush Therapy Massage Bar 2.4/5

The bar had a very nice smell and it also came in a nice tin which makes it easier to store after use. I found the website to be a little busy but still very easy to find the product that I was looking for. The bar came in a clear bag, which is good for keeping down packaging but I was unsure as to what the bar contained in regards to ingredients. The product was very easy to use; you just need to rub the bar on your skin or you can also warm the bar up so it gets oilier. I used this product every night for a week although it smelled a bit like chocolate orange that was the nicest thing about it, it was very oily and I developed dry patches on my skin. I am positive that the company uses quality ingredients but my skin just did not agree with it.Leah O’Brien – Twins (not born yet)

Overall a lovely product that has the added bonus of truly working wonders!


Gillian Awarded the Lush Therapy Massage bar 4/5

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