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MabyLand Overnight Changing Bag

The MaByLand Overnight Changing Bag includes everything that you’ll need for when you‘re out and about with your little ones, so ticks all the boxes on your list!


This spacious bag has a water resistant, easy-wipe exterior, perfect for unpredictable weather, and ensures low maintenance, which is perfect for any parent on-the-go.

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£51.99 Available to purchase online

MabyLand Overnight Changing Bag Reviews

Product Tested by: Rhiannon James – Baby Billy Joe 8 Months

Product Tested By Rhiannon James – Baby Billy Joe 8Months

Rhiannon Awarded the Mabyland Overnight Changing Bag 5/5

I was really impressed when I first saw the bag! It looked big enough for all of my needs and more. I love the fact that the material is wipe able, this is a must for me. It’s also very strong and sturdy so it’s of great quality. I likethe design of the bag, its very neutral which means my partner doesn’t mind holding it when we are out either. I used the bottle warmer in the bag and it works very well, I had no trouble trying to squeeze in my bottles or get them out. The changing mat with the fold out pockets is great too, it’s plenty big enough for Billy and also rather well padded. The zip lock wet bags were a complete god send too! I put a few creams in there which did leak and it didn’t come out of the wet bags so I was impressed. This bag is fantastic quality and I absolutely love it! It has everything I need in a baby bag and it really does make things a lot easier for me. I find it very comfortable to carry, even when completely full and it has two carrying options, messenger style and the carry handles. I love using this bag and I think the price is great too, you can tell its good quality just by looking at it. I won’t use any other bag, this is just perfect. Rhiannon James – Baby Billy Joe 8 Months

Product Tested By Gemma McManus – Baby Samuel 7 Months

Gemma Awarded the Mabyland Overnight Changing Bag 4.4/5

Honestly, I wasn’t keen on thedesign/colour of the bag. That’s the first thing that struck me. But the style of the bag is good. It’s a standard changing bag style with one large handle to go over the shoulder/ pram handles and also it has two handles to carry it handbag style. The quality of the fabric is thick, hardwearing and of good quality. Itried to use the bottle warmer but my DR Browns Bottles really needed to be squeezed into it and they were hard to get out of the warmer again. The exterior pockets are very useful to carry dirty/wet clothes in and also store the various creams and lotions that I need for my son; I also keep some handcream in there for me too! The good thing is that they detach from the bag soyou can clean them if you need to. The quality of the changing bag is really good and hardwearing. I have been using this bag for about a month now and there are no signs of wear and tear. It is also wipe able which is a bonus! I think that a few extra pockets would be useful, both inside the bag and outside it as I like everything to have a place. I think this bag is quite large for a changing bag and can be quite heavy on a pushchair/pram but it also means that there is lots of room inside it for the many essential things to carry around when transporting your baby. I think this bag could be used for a number of other things after your baby has outgrown it. This bag is comfortable to carry, even with everything inside it and it has two strap carrying options. Messenger style and also carrying handles. I like the size of the bag which means I can fit a lot of things in it but I’m still not keen on the design -although I would say  that it is also a “manfriendly” design and my husband doesn’t mind carrying it.  I don’t think Iwould pay £51.99 for this bag just because it isn’t to my taste. That said, the bag does have some very good features, the zip in bags for example and the quality of the bag is really good and it seems really well made. Gemma McManus – Baby Samuel 7 Months

Product Tested By Helen Allen – Baby Joseph 7 Weeks Old

Helen Awarded the Mabyland Overnight Changing Bag 4/5

This is an attractive looking robust bag. The shoulder strap was adjustable which was good and it also had carry handles. The quality is Ok as it’s waterproof but the material is very thick so it’s not very malleable. I used this bag on a flight and it was a little too rigid to go in the overhead cabin locker. I didn’t find it necessary to use the pockets as didn’t use the mat without the bag, but the mat was nicely padded. I likedthe number of compartments and found the extra pockets on exterior were very handy. Good size for travelling with but I don’t feel the bag was very versatile. I carried the bag around an airport for a while and found the shoulder strap pretty comfortable. Good bag for travelling with a baby as plenty of room for everything you might need on a journey but found material quite rigid and bag unsuitable for everyday use, but it might wear in over time. Helen Allen – Baby Joseph 7 Weeks Old

Product Tested By Nicola Unwin – Baby Charlie 8 Weeks

Nicola Awarded the Mabyland Overnight Changing Bag 5/5

Good quality, good size, durable. I like the style with different straps so can carry it in different ways, nice size too. The Wipe clean exterior is really good for keeping the bag looking smart instead of having to wash it all the time. The changing mat is also really handy; I can just take this out when going out and about on a short trip instead of the whole bag, again wipe clean so easy to clean and handy pockets to keep wipes/nappy bags/nappies etc. the wet bags are also good for putting soiled clothes in to keep them separate from clean ones, also good for creams and lotions in case they leak so don’t leak on any clothes in the bag. Really good quality, would never normally choose to pay this much for a changing/overnight bag in the past but having seen the quality and design and how good they are I would definitely consider in the future. Good for overnight stays, was especially good for my stay in hospital when having my son. A little too big to use as an everyday changing bag so really would only use it for its purpose of an overnight bag. Brilliant product would definitely be worth the price, good size, and good quality. First used as my hospital bag, fit in all things I needed easily, have continued to use for overnight stays with my son and always has plenty of space. Changing mat is great for just taking out on its own for short trips instead of a changing bag. Brilliant! Nicola Unwin – Baby Charlie 8 Weeks

Product Tested By Hilary Harker – Baby May 11 Weeks

Hilary Awarded the Mabyland Overnight Changing Bag 4.5/5

Good quality, a spacious product that would be useful if baby stayed away from home overnight on a regular basis. This big enough to hold all the essentials whilst not being cumbersome and it also has strong washable fabric which is useful. I usually resort to using nappy sacks for wet clothes etc. but the zip locks wet bags that come with this were a very useful addition too. The individual compartments come in very handy when it comes to being able to find everything in a hurry, this bag is also just the right size to hold everything you need without being too big to carry. This bag could easily be used by adults without children as a general overnight bag too. A very nice looking, practical bag which is a useful addition to a family’s luggage, I’ll definitely continue to use. Hilary Harker – Baby May 11 Weeks


I won’tuse any other bag, this is just perfect.


Rhiannon Awarded the Mabyland Overnight Changing Bag 5/5

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