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Maclaren Quest Sport

Maclaren Quest Sport- The Lightweight Sporty Solution.  Weight: 5.5kg/12.1lb (without hood, shopping basket or raincover).  Appropriate from: 3 Months – Features: Larger – easy on, easy off hood – 4 position recline – 5 point safety harness – extendable leg rest – UV protective viewing window – reflective accests for night safety – raincover – shopping basket – carry strap and carry handle – lockable front swivel wheels – ergonomically optimised foam handles – removeable padded washable seat – compact umbrella fold – Sovereign Lifetime Warranty.

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Maclaren Quest Sport Reviews

Product Tested by:

Product Tested By Lydia Ashton – Baby Martha 9 Months

Lydia Awarded The Maclaren Quest Sport An Amazing 5/5

First impression looks good, well designed, good size when folded and unfolded.  Not too heavy and looks like it will be comfortable for Martha and good quality.  Most of the instructions only needed reading once as they were very easy and clear to read.  Nice short to the point instructions that worked when put into practice.  So easy to erect which is essential when you have a wriggling baby under one arm.  Also really easy to fold away as folds down quickly and very neatly with minimum effort.  The Quest has a well padded soft seat unit and Martha found it very comfortable, even for longer trips and thanks to the great seat recline she had no problem sleeping in the pushchair.  The safety harness is quite bulky and was a bit stiff at first, but after a few uses fantastic.  Just needed to be pushed firmly front and back whch means it will be hard even for older toddlers to get themselves undone which is a good thing.  The straps are nice and wide so they do not dig in and are strong.  This is ideal for taking to the shops as it is very easy to manouver around even the small shops due to its neat size and small wheels which rotate well.  Also it does not take up much boot room which leaves lots of room for bags of shopping!  The shopping basket is an average size for this type of pushchair.  It is fine to put my baby bag into and couple of other bits and bobs.  The basket is nice and high so there is not much chance of things falling out which is good, as it is high you do need to push back of buggy up to get bag in or you can undo the poppers as well.  The hood does cover quite a good area, but I would still use anoter sunshade for better protection.  the hood is also good in a light shower but the raincover that came with it is great and easy to use for anything heavier.  I love having the window in the back so that I can keep an eye on my baby when the hood is up.  Fabric is superb and feels soft to touch so will be gentle on skin in the summer.  We have had a couple of minor spills and these were wiped clean with damp cloth and no marks left on the material.  Love the fact you can remove the seat cover to wash it as feel this is a very useful feature.  This was great to steer on pavements as it is very light.  In fact it was good on any hard surface from the shopping centre to the uneven pavements in town.  We also took this to the park and ideal on grass and on some shallow sand.  For rougher ground we tend to use back carrier as small wheels tend to find it hard going in and out of potholes.  The handles are nice and comfortable to hold.  We also like the fact Maclaren try to be as enviromentally responsible as possible.  Great value.  This is in the mid range price bracket which a lot of people go for so very affordable.  Maclaren is also a well known brand and trusted.  As buggies go this is a very good design, it packs in everything you want in a buggy without being bulky and heavy.  You can easily steer with one hand and everything is of good quality and designed to last.  The safety harness is well designed and is hard for children to get open which is essential.  The seat is comfy with the extendable leg rest as my daughter is not big enough to have legs down yet.  It also has a great deep seat which we love.  I would recommend this buggy to friends and family.  This is our first baby so we were not sure what to look for when buying a buggy. There are a lot to choose from but this has suited all our needs perfectly.  It is all we wanted and our daughter gives it a big thumbs up too!!  Thank You.  Lydia Ashton – Baby Martha 9 Months

Product Tested By Caroline Pocock – Baby Ben 4 Months

Caroline Awarded The Maclaren Quest Sport Top Marks 5/5

Looked nice and compact.  Instructions are very easy to follow.  Erecting the pushchair was a breeze and you could do this with one hand.  Very easy to fold away and store.  The pushchair is very comfortable, so much so my son fell asleep a couple of times so knew comfy for Ben.  Also love the fact that the seat unit reclines.  Safety harness is safe, secure and easy to use.  A great lightweight pushchair which manoeuvres well.  Shopping basket is standard and suitable for your baby products or minimum shopping.  The hood gave sufficient coverage.  Fabric is superb, high quality and hard wearing.  Also this folds down very neatly so very easy to store at home or just pop in the boot of the car.  This is very easy to steer, even on grass and other surfaces.    Design is nice looking and a very practical pushchair.  Just loved the carry strap.  Very good value for money.  This is a very compact, lightweight, easy to steer and also liked the fact the raincover popped on.  Wonderful pushchair which my son enjoyed going in.  Caroline Pocock – Baby Ben 4 Months

Product Tested By Sarah Hora – Baby Alfie 7 Months

Sarah Awarded The Maclaren Quest Sport 4.7/5

This pushchair arrived ready assembled which was a very pleasant surprise as normally you have to struggle with the wheels.  This is very easy to put up and totally straight forward-brilliant.  Very easy to fold away but if you try to put the buggy down without shoes on it is a bit stiff as you can’t get the pressure on the lever to collapse it.  The seat is very comfortable and the pull out foot rest is great for Alfie’s little legs so that they aren’t dangling in midair.  The safety harness is easy to put on and very simple for an adult to operate.  The five point harness means that Alfie is kept in the seat and can’t climb out.  This is lightweight and easy to manouver around the shops even though shop layouts aren’t designed for buggies!  The shopping basket is not as good as it should be for a buggy of this quality.  You can’t fit enough in it and because of the netted design anything heavy drags on the floor.  Raincover is fantastic – it has it’s own attaching system and only covers the front of the buggy where the baby is sitting.  A perfect fit for the boot of the car when folded and nice and light to carry.  Also the carry handles make lifting this so much easier.  Fabric is high quality, love the colour and the black is classy as well as good at hiding the mud.  This has got to be one of the easiest buggies I have ever pushed.  It is even easy to steer with baby in your arms.  I would like the buggy seat to be able to recline further  It only just tilts back and for my son it isn’t quite enough.  This buggy is very good quality with the Maclaren name you know you can rely on.  I haven’t used a Maclaren pushchair before but I will definitely continue to use this pushchair.  This is a fantastic buggy, just would be even better if it reclined further for a sleeping tot.  Sarah Hora – Baby Alfie 7 Months

As buggies go this is a very good design, it packs in everything you want in a buggy without being bulky and heavy.  You can easily steer with one hand and everything is of good quality and designed to last.


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