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Maclaren Volvo

Basic weight: 4.okg/8.8lbs (without hood, shopping basket or raincover)  Suitable from: 6 months.  Fresh popsicle colours-5 point safety harness -Removeable, washable seat -Lightweight fabric with mesh panels -Water resistant hood -Raincover -Shopping basket -Lockable front swivel wheels -Compact umbrella fold -Carry strap for easy portability – Silver or black frame -Sovereign Lifetime Warranty

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£80.00 Available Nationwide or purchase online or search for local stockist online

Maclaren Volvo Reviews

Product Tested by: Kate Druett – Abigail Aged 2 Years

Product Tested By Kate Druett – Abigail Aged 2 Years

Kate Awarded The Maclaren Volvo 4/5

Looked good quality, study with an attractive design. It was compact and lightweight and folded neatly and easily. Website is good and this product was easy to locate and clearly labeled and differentiated from the other Maclaren products. Instructions clear and precise and easy to follow.   So simple to erect this pushchair. Also very easy to fold down as can be done with one hand whilst holding a two year old! Good height and not too low down so our two year old was quite happy and enjoyed sitting in it. The seat was well supported and sturdy and felt secure and safe. It would have been improved if it had some ability to tilt back slightly to make sleep more comfortable – however our daughter did manage to sleep in it as it was. The harness was big and cumbersome and at odds with the lightweight design of the pushchair. It was also difficult and fiddly to use in a hurry. Great to take shopping as it’s easy to manoeuvre around tight shop corners.  Also lightweight enough and easy to push and steer one handed if empty, as our toddler often prefers to be out rather than in the pushchair and so a spare hand is essential. There is a good sized bag underneath to stash the essentials and the pushchair is also sturdy enough to be able to put bags of shopping over the handles.  The hood is quite shallow and didn’t extend enough to provide enough shade from the sun which would have been useful especially on holiday.  It folds up easily and is very compact, and being so lightweight is really helpful, especially when pregnant!  The fabric is good quality, study and strong. It’s also practical in that it’s easy to clean and wipe free of spills. steers well and is easy to make lots of small turns when needed on busy pavements or in busy markets, and the padded handles also make it comfortable to push on long days out and on hot days.  Fine to steer on grass but more difficulties on gravel and sand. Great lightweight and practical pushchair that also looks good, but just lacks the comfy-ness needed for naps.  Seems overpriced given the other available competitor pushchairs on the market which aim to meet the requirements of a lightweight, holiday pushchair. However it is so sturdy it will last for several children and although we wouldn’t have considered buying a lightweight pushchair having had one it’s come in very handy especially as our toddler is less reliant and more erratic in her use of the pushchair, so that the pushchair will often need pushing when empty or carrying. This has all the qualities you could need in a pushchair, folds up easily and small and is very practical.  It’s designed to last, looks good and is easy to use.  A great lightweight, sturdy pushchair that is easy to carry or manoeuvre either with toddler on board or one handed with toddler walking alongside.  Kate Druett – Abigail Aged 2 Years

Product Tested By Rhona Welsh – Baby Annabel 8 Months

Rhona Awarded The Maclaren Volvo 4/5

A good ‘holiday’ buggy.  A good website with a detailed look at the products they make. However, product pictures could be larger and more detailed images given.  The instructions were clear and simple. They were very easy to follow.   The buggy arrived almost fully assembled – I only had to affix the hood and under seat basket.  It took me less than 10 minutes to read the instructions, assemble the buggy and it was ready for use.  It was extremely easy to fold the pushchair. It is a smooth action which only required one hand which is great when you have a wriggly toddler! It was particularly quick to fold – great when you’re at the steps of an airplane and have to lift the child out and hand it over to the ground crew.   The seat is not padded at all. It is made of durable, but thin material and the side fabric is vented.  This means that it is only really suitable for a warm climate. Great for on a holiday, but not so useful for the UK weather.  The seat is set permanently to one position, which is rather upright. It was too upright for my little girl who is 8 months old, even though she can competently sit unaided. We spent our 2 week holiday cursing the fact that it did not recline – a feature we really missed. Our little girl wouldn’t sleep in it as it was so upright, which limited how long we could go out in the evenings. The seat is quite generous; however there is no leg rest for younger babies. Overall, we felt that it was a buggy aimed at an 18month plus child and was designed for holiday use.  The harness was very secure and easy to use – once we figured out that you have to press the release catch from both front and back, and not just the front! We felt our child was very secure in it, and I see no way a child could ‘escape’.  It is so light to use that is was very easy to get in and out of the boot of the car. It is very quick to set up and not wide so was fine between shop aisles and stands.  The shopping basket was useful. It wasn’t overly generous in size but happily carried a blanket and a couple of toys. I hung my changing bag over the handles and the buggy didn’t overbalance. The buggy cannot fold if there are things in the basket. Also, the basket tended to sag when anything was in it, meaning things dragged on the ground a bit. The basket could do with being attached so it was more taught, perhaps with an extra fixing?   The hood was a good size and kept my little girl well shaded from the sun and rain.   It fitted very easily into the boot of our hire car and our car at home.  The fabric is lightweight, but durable. I felt that it was suitable for holidays in a warm/hot climate, but not for use at home. The fabric kept the child cool too – the vented sides were great in the hot weather. However, it would need a lot of padding to be able to be used in a winter environment!  I thought the steering was good – very smooth and easy to get up and down a pavement. It is so lightweight that it was also easy to get up and down steps with 2 people – however if you tried to ‘bump’ down steps, the brake would catch and I was frightened this would damage it and the folding mechanism so I refrained from doing this when I could.  The pushchair was easy to push and maneouver on various surfaces, although it was much heavier to push on dry sand! I missed the suspension of our bugaboo – but thought the maclaren did well considering it doesn’t have suspension.  The design is simple and lightweight and to that end it doesn’t look fancy or flash. It’s not a buggy for the fashion conscious mum, but was perfect for holidays.   It is so lightweight that this buggy is a brilliant choice for taking on a plane. Its handling is brilliant and for those reasons I think you get good value for money – however, it lets itself down by not being able to recline.   I missed the recline feature too much to consider buying this buggy. However, I liked the build, leightweightness and fold features and would therefore happily buy a Maclaren buggy that does recline and offers a more year round use. I would recommend that people buy a Maclaren – but one that has more features.   A great pushchair for travelling with, let down by the lack of a recline feature.  Rhona Welsh – Baby Annabel 8 Months

Product Tested By Lucy Connolly – Harry Aged 1 Year 8 Months

Lucy Awarded The Maclaren Volvo 4/5

Very nice looking buggy, lightweight and easy to unfold.  Maclaren website is good and easy to find your way around. Instructions very easy to follow and so easy to manage and put together. One pull of the handle and it was ready to go. Fold away with one hand. Harry’s head was a bit lopsided if he fell asleep if the buggy reclined it would have been better and more comfortable.  Safety harness can be a bit tricky at first to unfasten the buckles but easier after a few goes.  Ideal buggy to take to the shops. You cannot put anything big in the shopping basket, maybe a small bag but you have to be careful that it doesn’t fall out.  The raincover that came with this was perfect.  This buggy is ideal size to fit into boot of car.   Quality good, fabric nice and bright and easy to keep clean.  This is very easy to steer on the pavement, but slightly more difficult on stones or grass, but that is expected.   The design of this buggy is very good.   Good value for money.   A very nice Easy to use pushchair.  Lucy Connoly – Harry Aged 1 Year 8 Months

This has all the qualities you could need in a pushchair, folds up easily and small and is very practical.  It’s designed to last, looks good and is easy to use.


Kate Awarded The Maclaren Volvo 4/5

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