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Magic Choc Starter Set

Magic Choc – moulds like plasticine but is Edible.  Available in special box sets for children and adults.

Magic Choc Starter Pack:-100g of flexible Magic Chocolate!Includes Anti-Bacterial Hand Wipe SachetMakes 4-5 Models
1 box contains 50g of Milk Chocolate, 35g White Chocolate & 15g Dark Chocolate

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Magic Choc Starter Set Reviews

Product Tested by: Nicola Andrews – Trinity 19 Months

Product Tested By Nicola Andrews – Trinity 19 Months

NicolaAwarded The Magic Choc Starter Set 5/5

Fantastic idea, nothing else as far as I’m aware like it on the market. Packaging is Catchy, made you look at the product in more detail. Instructions areso easy to follow and understand. What a great idea for children of all ages.  Most like chocolate and being able to mould it and make things is great. My daughter loves it, even at 19 months it was easy to roll etc .It did taste slightly different than choc you can’t mould but I’m guessing that’s why it’s flexible etc. Wouldn’t put me off though. This did hold my daughters attention, but then she loves playdoh and plastercine so this was great especially eating it afterwards. Mess free apart from the eating. Good quality, novelty idea and would definitely buy again. Great value for money would make a lovely present for children for birthdays etc. for something different. The design and presentations of this product is perfect. We loved this and would purchase more and recommend without hesitation. A great new value for money product different to anything else on the market. Nicola Andrews – Trinity 19 Months


Product Tested By Lizzie Traynor – Eleanor 5 Years


Lizzie Awarded TheMagic Choc Starter Set 4.8/5

What a great novelty idea. Never seen anything like this before. Packaging good, informative, eye catching and shows you what you are getting. Instructions simple and easy to follow. Ideal for children of all ages and my daughter loved this. When you consider how many children love chocolate and being able to mould into shapes just adds that extra sparkle. My daughter loved this and had so much fun rolling into shapes and eventually eating her creation. The taste is nice just slightly different to normal chocolate but Eleanor never mentioned this she just had so much fun. Kept her occupied and asking for more. It is her birthday later this year and we will be ordering some for her friends to enjoy at her birthday party as something completely different. This was not even messy which surprised and delighted me. The product is tops and would not change a thing. Have already told everyone about this product and also looked at the other packs on offer. You can be very creative as get a selection of different coloured chocolate. Superb value for money and a superb novelty gift idea for birthday or just a special present. Never heard of this before but now marked as one of my favourites. Lizzie Traynor – Eleanor 5 years


Product Tested By Louise Thompson – Harry 3 Years


Louise Awarded Themagic Choc Starter Set 5/5

Wow a very unique idea chocolate you can mould. Never seen this product so was keen to see what Harry thought. You get a set of dark, white and milk chocolate so you can be pretty creative. You also get some wipes. Harry loved this as loves to play and mould his Playdouh and this was something he could eat at the end of it too. I feel this is fun for all ages and me and hubby had fun making a model or two. Harry made a car and also a dog. This is not messy at all (I had visions of chocolate going all over the place, and how wrong can you be). We helped with a bunny creation and then he looked at his creations and then decided which one to eat first. A well-presented and good quality product. A different take on chocolate and one that certainly captivated my son’s attention. We will definitely be getting some of these starter sets for his forthcoming birthday party. Also great fun for Easter, Christmas and special occasions. A fabulous idea and so glad we had the chance to try this out as was not award of this company before.  Superb entertainment, value for money and nice tasting chocolate. Thank you – Louise Thompson – Harry 3 years


We loved this and wouldpurchase more and recommend without hesitation. A great new value for money product different to anything else onthe market.


NicolaAwarded The Magic Choc Starter Set 5/5

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