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Magic Moves™ Electronic Wand

Instant, Active Fun!

Stomp like a dinosaur, swoop like an eagle, hop like a kangaroo! Get children moving with this engaging activity wand featuring 90 fun, physical commands, 26 random tunes and twinkling lights. Promotes creative movement, gross motor skill development, direction following and listening skills.

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Magic Moves™ Electronic Wand Reviews

Product Tested by: Laura Henderson – Alana & Holly – 4 & 2 Years

Product Tested By Laura Henderson – Alana & Holly – 4 & 2 Years

Laura Awarded The Magic Moves Electronic Wand 4.7/5

The product was immediately appealing to me and my daughters. It was clear from the packaging what the product was and who it was aimed it. The product was sufficiently protected by the packaging. The toy is a good size, easily transportable but big enough to be robust and survive the energetic use that it has received. My daughter would prefer it to be daintier and more ‘fairy wand’ like however! Very good product which has entertained both my 2 year old who enjoys pressing the buttons and making the music play and my 4 year old who enjoys listening to and attempting the actions as well. Great product. In my view this product would be suitable for a range of ages.There are no small parts that I can see, it is very robust and appeals in different ways to children of different ages. I really like the fact that this toy encourages my children to be active and introduces drama in a fun way by asking them to move like various animals, wind, etc. Even when my children weren’t in the mood to try out the movements, they still enjoyed listening to the music and making the wand flash by pressing the buttons. It both holds their attention and stimulates their imagination by asking them to act the part of an animal and move to music. My only slight criticism is that the voice on the learning wand has a strong American accent and my children do not always understand what is said. There is no option to repeat any missed commands. This toy promotes motor and movement skills through imaginary play and drama. It also encourages creativity and role play. It can also be played with alone or in a group so has the potential to encourage social skills. The toy is easy to use, but has a very large range of music and actions to keep my child engaged. My 2 year old enjoys this as she likes pressing the buttons to make the lights flash and the music come on. My 4 year old really just uses it as it is intended. Good quality, robust. There are 2 volume options which is always a good thing! As mentioned previously, the sound is not always top quality and the actions can be difficult to understand. Although I love this product, it is a bit more expensive than I expected it to be based on other similar products. I would consider purchasing this and think it would make a good present. However, the price would put me off slightly. I think this is nice healthy toy, promoting movement, creativity and social development. However, it has not been so appealing to the young boys that have seen it. Great product. I really like this product, it is a good size and it is appealing particularly to children who like wands, dancing, music, etc. It has held my children’s attention very well over the last month and will be one of their favourite toys for foreseeable future. Laura Henderson – Alana & Holly – 4 &2 Years

Product Tested By Megan Bayford –Finn 3 Years

Megan Awarded The Magic MovesElectronic Wand 4.9/5

Good size, looks easy to use and batteries are already inside, which is a big bonus. Packaging is fine no complaints.This is a good – perfect size for toddlers/pre-schoolers. The entertainment value is better than expected – that’s why I’ve given it a high mark. My son loves playing with this and it keeps his attention for quite a long time! The age suitability is ideal. My son is 3 and a half and likes it, but equally took it to a friend’s house and 5 year old and 2 year old also had a blast. I never expected him to like it so much. It’s been useful as well as he didn’t really know words like ‘creep’ or ‘prowl’ before getting the toy, but using it has prompted discussions about the words or animals it talks about. He loves the ‘bounce’ and ‘run’ actions best and can repeat those several times in a row before finally moving on! It’s been entertaining for me (mum) to watch him enjoy it so much. Even my 11 monthold thinks it’s brilliant with the flashing lights and then trying to copy his older brother doing the various motions. This is a lovely toy and very easy for my son to understand and use. He has not used it in any other way than its intended use. The quality is very good. I’m not sure I would pay full-price for it, especially if I hadn’t tested it as almost £18 for something of its size does seem a bit steep. However, I think it would sell well with a price reduction or as part of an offer. Now I have reviewed this Iwould purchase and would definitely recommend. I wasn’t expecting this toy to be as much of a hit as it was. My son really enjoys playing with it both by himself and with friends. It’s really good for burning off some energy on a rainy day and it’s helped prompt discussions about words/animals/actions he didn’t previously know. Megan Bayford – Finn 3 Years

Product Tested By Vicki Muse – Alexandra 4 Years

Vicki AwardedThe Magic Moves Electronic Wand 4.9/5

You should have seen the delight on Alexandra’s face when this arrived and she opened the parcel. Packaging good and design showed product clearly and was appealing. This is a good size product and easy for Alexandra to hold and use. Also very durable as had lots of use. The entertainment value of this is superb. My daughter loved all the sounds, actions, lights and tunes. It has kept her entertained for hours along with a few friends who have popped round to play.This has so much to offer as you have words, tunes, flashing lights and commands so a wide variety of entertainment value. Age suitability is ideal. I love the fact this toy is interactive as they can dance to the tunes which keeps them active, follow commands when asking them to move like animals and helps them be very creative. This has superb entertainment value, stimulates imaginations and enables them to interact with the toy.  This toy promotes movement, stimulates theimagination and also keeps your child active. This can be played individually or as my daughter has enjoyed with group of friends. We love this product. It is well made, will last and delivers great entertainment. I do not think the priceis high for this sort of toy and quality. I would purchase this and highly recommend.Would be so much fun at birthday parties and Christmas time. This has been a hit with my daughter and it has been a pleasure to see her have so much fun with a toy.Thank you.VickiMuse – Alexandra 4 Years









I really like this product, it is a good size and it is appealing particularly to children who like wands, dancing, music, etc. It has held my children’s attention very well over the last month and will be one of their favourite toys for foreseeable future.


Laura Awarded The Magic Moves Electronic Wand 4.7/5


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