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Magic Windows: Weather Book

Change each Magic Window and watch the world transform…

Magic Windows is the new novelty non-fiction series from Ladybird Books. Perfect for curious toddlers, this new series explores the wonderful transformations found in nature.

Little ones will love to pull the sliding mechanism on each spread and change what appears in each Magic Window. They will learn why puddles appear, what hides behind the clouds and how rainbows are made.

With Magic Windows: Weather, toddlers will not only learn more about the weather, they will interact and play with it too!

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Magic Windows: Weather Book Reviews

Product Tested By Megan Hunt – Hugo 2 Years

Megan Awarded The Magic Windows Weather Book 4.2/5

When this book arrived it looked visually engaging, looked smart and made me want to read it to my boy. Strong front cover and my son was visually drawn to the book. Perfect for his age as he loves nature. The sliders are easy to slide but not obvious to find. Hugo struggled to find them even when I pointed them out. Hugo loved seeing what each window had in it. Hugo didn’t really notice it was an interactive book as it was difficult to find the sliders, but when I did find the sliders he enjoyed it. Since reading it Hugo has actually started talking about the weather. It kept his attention for a few minutes at a time, but he did always come back to it. The illustrations were very colourful and engaging.  We would read this book 3-4 times a day.  Hugo enjoyed the colours of the book the most, and looking at the pictures. I liked the educational side of it. I feel this book is better suited to older children. Hugo has just turned 2 and he definitely wouldn’t have been interested in it before now  he has similar books which are easier to use, but this one I would say is maybe 2-3 years. This is definitely good value. This book is strong and very good quality. I would buy this book. I would recommend but not to anyone with younger children as it is difficult to use. Great book, fantastic concept and great quality but the sliders need to be more obvious. Overall it is a very good book and my son reads it a few times a day. He is not bored of it yet, but does get frustrated he can’t find the sliders. Megan Hunt – Hugo 2 Years

Product Tested By Bethan Anderson – Penelope 2 Years

Bethan Awarded The Magic Windows Weather Book 4.4/5

It seemed like a lovely book and very appropriate for the age of my child. She loved the sun and rain drops and wanted to read it straight away. I feel my child is a little too young to get the transformation side of the book but she loved talking about the different types of weather. There were a couple of tabs she struggled with but I think this is largely because it was new. She loved finding out what appeared in each window. Especially the pages she recognised items she owned (eg. Wellies). My Daughter did enjoy the interactive aspect of this book. She loved the tabs and windows. She especially loved the tabs as she doesn’t have any other books with that feature. I think it helped consolidate her understanding of weather rather than teaching her anything knew. It was a great conversation starter with her though. She was engaged in it most times we read it together. She actively chose this book from the shelf. Lovely simple illustrations that are clear for toddlers to understand. My daughter chose this book most days.  She has loved talking about the weather more since reading this book. She loved the tab sections as she doesn’t have any other books like that.  I liked that it was nice and simple and easy for a child to understand. I think this book would be ideal for 2/3 years as some of the tabs were quite tricky at times. The content of the book is definitely suitable though. Definitely a good book if your child is showing an interest in weather.  The book is very substantial and feels as though it would withstand a lot of toddler life. Probably I would buy this but only if my child chose it. It is not a book I would automatically reach for but my 2 year most likely would. I would recommend this book if their child is showing an interest in the weather and how it changes. This book was a lovely book for my 2 year old. It seems like it would withstand a lot of toddle life.

Product Tested By Jane Holton – Pauline 3 Years

Jane Awarded The Magic Windows Weather Book 4.6/5

I was very impressed when this book arrived, high quality and colourful and bright. The front cover was very inviting and my daughter wanted to find out more. I think we are all fascinated by the weather and this book is a lovely way to introduce your child to nature and seasons. My daughter found it interesting and sparked a lot of conversations. The tabs were effective but a bit difficult to use, maybe need to be made smoother for little hands. My daughter was so excited to find out what appeared in the magic window. This certainly captivated my daughters attention and has made her ask so many more questions about the weather so in a way a fun way for her to learn too. The illustrations were bright, colourful and lovely. We would read this a couple of a times each week. My daughter loved finding out what was behind the magic window. I think it is a lovely book and a lovely way to get your child interested in the weather and nature. I think this book would be ideal for 2-4 year olds. I think it is great value for money.  The quality is excellent. I would buy this book as a gift as the colours and content will entertain a young child on the cusp of learning so much. I have already recommended this book. A really lovely colourful book ideal for a young child and got my daughter asking so many questions and learning about the weather.  Jane Holton – Pauline 3 Years

Great book, fantastic concept and great quality but the sliders need to be more obvious. Overall it is a very good book and my son reads it a few times a day. He is not bored of it yet.


Megan Awarded The Magic Windows Weather Book 4.2/5

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