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Magicube Mix and Match 6 Pieces

Doctors, cyclists, astronauts and footballers: have fun with your favourite characters and make up new and funny combinations.

Suitable 3 Years Plus.
Also available in 3 packs and box sets of 9 pieces.
Bizziebaby Gold Award Winner 2018 Toddler Toy Category

£14.99 Available Argos, Toymaster Stores, Amazon

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Magicube Mix and Match 6 Pieces Reviews

Product Tested By Lauren Chilvers – Woody 3 Years

Lauren Awarded The Magicube People Mix and Match 6 Pieces 5/5

Looked very enticing and Woody was very eager to start playing. Bright and colourful packaging. Showed exactly what it did Instructions self-explanatory really. Woody didn’t need any guidance. This was ideal for my son’s age and it could really be from age 2 years plus. Really fantastic concept. All the family have been playing with it including my 6 year old! Enables teaching of different animals and people professions. And when you mix them up it was really funny. This was very easy to use. Nice size. Not too big for his hands. Was able to attach the blocks together without any fuss or arguments. The magnets inside do not repel each other. My son really enjoyed this game and changing the animals to wear people’s clothes. Woody loved it. Giving them upside down heads and really having fun as well as learning. This is a fabulous idea. Really fun. You can hold all 6 cubes (and I’m sure other sets) in a line from the top. The cubes are a good size for little hands and not too small that they were fiddly. Didn’t change his skills as he already had good motor skills which is why I think it would be ideal for a 2 / 2.5 year old. This is educational as it teaches different professions which means you can then go into why these people are helpful to us. Different animals and then can make the animal noises. Gives extended learning. We all played this with Woody and we all found the cubes really good fun. This toy held Woody’s attention for a good length of time. This is certainly designed to last. It is good quality and the pictures are not stickers so no risk of peeling off. The quality is excellent. This is definitely good value for money. I have already recommended this toy to several friends because of the value for money and fun gained. I love that not only does it offer the practical side of learning people and animals and being able to explain how a policeman can help us or the sound a monkey makes but also the comedy value of the product by turning a monkey into a policeman with chickens feet. I would buy this a great toy. I would recommend as great value, fun toy and very educational. Fantastic toy. We were very excited before we got the cubes out of the box. The magnets held the blocks together really well. The combination of people / animals is endless. Well made, good quality product. It has been bashed and battered by my “like to fix things” son and showing no signs of damage or wear. Holds a child of all age’s attention well and gives lots funny scenarios. Lauren Chilvers – Woody 3 Years

Product Tested By Farwah Farrukh – Shanzay 4 years

Farwah Awarded The Magicube People Mix and Match 6 Pieces 5/5

This product is great! The packaging is very appealing and my little one was so tempted and excited. She couldn’t wait to open and discover what it was all about! It’s very well packed and excellent quality. The packaging explained what the toy was all about and the characters on the box are very bright and entertaining. The instructions were very clear but in my opinion, the product did not require any instructions. My little one understood what it was all about in the first glance. So everything was easy peasy! This is ideal for 3 years plus. But I disagree with the 3 Year plus. That’s true that my 4 year old made the blocks the correct way and after understanding what she was supposed to do but my one year old loved the blocks too! He got busy in how easily they stuck together. So I’d say this should be aged from 1 year plus. The concept is excellent! It is amazing how easily they join and how less frustrating it is unlike other blocks in the market where the child keeps getting frustrated and in the end lose interest when he is no longer able to join them together I wish they do more blocks and more similar toys the same magical way! I wish I could rate this toy 6-5! It’s super easy to use and very informative from the educational point of view as well. We love it! My little one enjoyed the challenge of matching the people. She loved exploring the astronaut which was her favourite and she even learned about new characters so much that she has started drawing them too after having a look at her blocks! It’s a great way for easy playing. Doesn’t require parental support/guidance and the children can play on their own. It’s excellent! These are super easy to hold and use! Even my 1 year old uses them easily and loves making towers with them.My 4 year old enjoyed it too much. She loves the cubes and finds it amazing to create new figures. It’s her favourite toy after coming from school!This definitely improved Motor Skills. She learned so much! We could do with more blocks! It’s definitely educational as my child learned about astronauts and police characters and how to do puzzles and problem solving. It’s amazing how much educational it is. At first, my child did not want to share but after a bit of lessons, she shares these with her little brother. But the issue is there are only six. We believe there should be more in one packet so they can share.My little one is entertained for half an hour or so before she loses interest. Which is after she has made all of them. After that, she wants to do something new and different. This will definitely last for years! It won’t break even after getting held and chomped by a teething baby. It’s superb quality! No way can it break. Very well-made and durable.This product offers value for money. I love the easy joining and that the little ones can play independently. Because parents are not always there to play. And kids love some independent play time too. I would definitely buy this product. If there are more similar toys, with the same mechanics, I will definitely purchase because they are loved by my children! I will recommend this to others because this product is very different unlike others where the children keep struggling and losing interest! I love it and we had a very positive experience with this toy! Absolutely no negative thoughts and we will continue to gift these to others. This product is AMAZING! Both my 1 year old and my 4 year old LOVE playing together. They don’t lose interest and it’s such a delight to see my 1 year old building towers with these. I cannot highly recommend the product enough! Farwah Farrukh – Shanzay 4 years

Product Tested By Josipa Setka – Jay 4 Years

Josipa Awarded The Magicube People Mix and Match 6 Pieces 4.5/5

Lovely product and packaging. Packaging is good and box is lovely but on a down side it’s that box can’t be reused and would be nicer if it could. This is easy to use and the instructions explain everything well. I think this is ideal for 3 years plus. I think that even children under 3 would enjoy and find this fascinating more than older children. It’s perfect. My little one really loves it and has fun with it. This toy is very easy to use. Kids can use their imagination more to find and put the right pieces together. He really enjoyed the mixing and matching aspect. He also liked connecting pieces which would go together and he would laugh about it. This magnetic system is lovely and so easy to use. These blocks are perfect to hold. Fits perfectly into little palms. He really enjoyed creating different people with the cubes. Would be better if he got it before when he was younger a bit but anyway he had fun. This did improve Motor Skills. He learnt how to put blocks together in a proper way. Absolutely a great educational toy. It’s fascinating how kids learn fast. My little one knew what he was doing and he was able to explain it to me. He does not have any siblings yet so just played by himself. When the parcel arrived he played almost for full 6 hours that day. Eventually the interest dropped down a bit but he still finds at least an hour to play with it after school. I think it would last a very long time. .I am not sure what will happen to the paper part if the cubes get wet but will try and keep it away from water and drinks. Great quality. Very sturdy plastic. Definitely great value for money. I really loved the design and smart way of putting unrelated things together in one toy. I would buy this as I think kids would love to play with it and would entertain them for a while. I would recommend for the same reason. Also it is good quality and great toy for children’s imagination. The only reason I am not giving full marks would be packaging. I think the box could be slightly smaller and could be magnetic so we could reuse it and put blocks back in after playing. Otherwise toy is very sturdy, colourful & interesting. If you’d want your child to learn how to hold on to things properly, learn some gravity and how magnets works and also find out which way to put pictures together then this is perfect product for you. I would really recommend it, even to the younger kids whom might find it more interesting. Josipa Setka – Jay 4 Years

We were very excited before we got the cubes out of the box. The magnets held the blocks together really well. The combination of people / animals is endless. Well made, good quality product. It has been bashed and battered by my “like to fix things” son and showing no signs of damage or wear. Holds a child of all age’s attention well and gives lots funny scenarios.


Lauren Awarded The Magicube People Mix and Match 6 Pieces 5/5

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