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Magna-Tiles Stardust 15 Magnetic Pieces

For kids who love to sparkle, the Magna-Tiles® Stardust 15-Piece Set is the perfect magnetic building toy. Made by Valtech, this eye-catching set follows the original Magna-Tiles® formula – but with a glitzy twist!

Vibrant, translucent tiles are full of suspended glitter, while others are brilliant mirrors that catch the light. The extra shine is a great way to keep kids engaged as they create, have fun, and develop foundational skills in STEM areas and beyond.

Watch your children reap benefits like: Fun, free play: Magna-Tiles® Stardust tiles are guaranteed to spark hours of engaging, unstructured play. The sky is the limit with what kids can build – a rocket, castle, stage, or anything else they can imagine. Plus, they’ll work on developing dexterity and independence. Made for kids: Part of what makes Magna-Tiles® so great is its kid-friendly design. Tiles are three inches in dimension, making them easy for little hands to stack and connect. They’re also completely non-toxic and safe for all children age three and up. STEM learning: Magna-Tiles® aren’t only for playtime! These magnetic construction toys are an educational Teachers and parents love using Magna-Tiles® to help their children develop math, science, and other STEM concepts, as well as tactile and spatial skills.

You can feel great about giving Magna-Tiles® Stardust to your young creators. Each three-inch piece is made from food-grade ABS (BPA-free) plastic that doesn’t contain toxic phthalates or latex. The ceramic magnets are securely sonic welded into the plastic, eliminating all sharp edges and ensuring that magnetic building tiles stay safe to use over years of exciting play. The Magna-Tiles® Stardust 15-Piece Set is also compatible with all Magna-Tiles® sets, making it the perfect addition to your collection.

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Magna-Tiles Stardust 15 Magnetic Pieces Reviews

Product Tested By Samantha Matthew – Minnie 4 Years

Samantha Awarded The Magna-Tiles Stardust 4.5/5

This arrived in nice bright packaging. I really liked this toy. The magnetic concept is great for small children exploring their imagination. Instructions clear and easy to follow. The magnetic pieces are nice and big so easy for small hands to hold. My Children loved building with this.  My daughter built a rocket and a house along with many other shapes. This did keep her entertained and held her attention for a good amount of time. I would agree this helps improve creative skills as they get to explore their imagination whilst creating different objects and shapes. I think it does help encourage engineering skills too.  They learn what structures hold and how they work if you change pieces around. My daughter already knew her colours and shapes. We would get this toy out a couple of times a week.  My daughter created a rocket, house and a castle. My daughter liked how it was magnetic. I really liked how easy it was for them to play with this on their own.  It allows for a good amount of playing time. This toy is great quality. Personally I think it is a bit expensive and would put ideal price at about £14.99 for this. Now we have seen how well this works I would buy this. I would definitely recommend to friends with children aged over 3 years. If this was a better price it would have been 5/5. This toy is great for independent play, easy to play with and great for the imagination. Samantha Matthew – Minnie 4 Years

Product Tested By Katie Roberts – Aria 4 Years

Katie Awarded The Magna-Tiles Stardust 4/5

The Magna-Tiles looked nice and colourful and I knew my daughter would like the added glitter in some of the tiles. The concept of these is good, educational but fun. Children can enjoy experimenting different ways to build with the magnetic sides. It was lacking a little with instructions. The packaging had a few pictures of what you could make but for younger children it is hard to see where all the tiles go without clearer pictures. The Tiles were easy to hold and my daughter enjoyed joining the tiles together making different shapes. She enjoyed building a house, a boat and a tower. These Tiles kept my child entertained for a while but it would have been better if the pack contained more tiles. There is only so much you can with a small pack. I do believe these help improve creative skills as my child was interested in building and would think of different ways she could do something. If something didn’t work she would try another way. They encourage engineering skills by connecting the magnets and building the tiles up making different shapes. My child already knew her colours and shapes but for others this may be a good way to help them recognise the different shapes. They also help a lot with basic building skills.  My daughter will play with these daily as they are also good for incorporating into math’s. My daughter has built 2d and 3d shapes with the tiles, she enjoys building towers for her smaller princess figures. We have also had a boat and a house. My daughter liked the colour of the tiles and was happy when she saw some of them had glitter in. She enjoys being able to build. I like that these can be played with easily and are fun but serve an educational purpose too. The tiles are made well and good quality. I think they are at a fair price point but can get quite expensive when you need to add more tiles in. I would consider buying these tiles as they can be used various ways. I would recommend to friends with children that are looking for a gift or for educational toys. The tiles have been great and will be played with a lot, however you need more tiles than this pack size. My daughter has enjoyed playing with the tiles and would happily show me her creations. They help with creativity and we have tried adding in a few 3d shapes as she’s also learning these at school. The tiles are educational as well as fun which I like. Katie Roberts – Aria 4 Years

Product Tested By Lillian Marks – Freddy & Alfie 3 & 5 Years

Lillian Awarded The The Magna-Tiles Stardust 4.5/5

Arrived and looked good quality and nice packaging.  Was impressed by the design on the box and my boys wanted to play with this straight away. I like the concept of having magnetic shapes as easier to build with.  Instructions simple and easy to follow.  These were very easy for both my boys to hold and use. They had so much fun creating rocket ship, rainbow car and a castle.  Plus they just had fun experimenting with the different shapes and making their own designs. This certainly does help improve creativity as they had to think about what they would like to build.  Certainly encourages engineering skills as it helps them learn how to build a stable structure so educational too.  They both already knew shapes and colours, but using their imagination this was fab. They used this every week and had fun creating their own personal designs together.  They both loved how easy this was to build with. Loved the magnetic shapes and was fun for my son’s. The quality was really good just wished there were more shapes within this box as limited with only 15. For the amount of time they spent playing with this definitely good value. We will be buying the larger set as they have had so much enjoyment out of this product. I would definitely recommend as my boys had fun with this toy. A great building toy that kept my boys entertained and they just loved building with the magnetic shapes.  Well worth investing in this and you can find a wider range of larger boxes online so can add to the collection.  Lillian Marks – Freddy & Alfie 3 & 5 Years


Samantha Awarded The Magna-Tiles Stardust 4.5/5

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