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Maid Simple Glass & Mirror Cleaner

No-one wants mucky mirrors and gloomy glass. Just spray on and wipe off Maid Simple’s Glass & Mirror Cleaner, it’s quick, easy to use and effective – perfect! Now with a gorgeous seagrass and lotus fragrance. – See more at:

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Maid Simple Glass & Mirror Cleaner Reviews

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Tested By
Michelle Millard

Awarded The Maid Simple Mirror & Glass Cleaner 4.7/5

and funky packaging. Good spray nozzle and effective cleaning. Loved the packaging as it was modern and very
girly. Easy to follow instructions. Good and effective cleaning. Did the job well
and did not leave any smears. A bit pricy for a glass cleaner compared to some
other brands so I guess people pay more for the branding. I would purchase this item. I would recommend to female friends only due
to the design of the packaging.
Effective cleaning and lovely bottle.
Great, smear free cleaning. Michelle Millard

Tested By
Sarah Grannan

Awarded The Maid Simple Mirror & Glass Cleaner 4.5/5

confusing. The product reminds me of bath products in boots and I found that it
made me not want to use it. Personally I
did not find the design of the packaging appealing it was practical but it
would not appeal to me in store. I loved
this product – especially the fact that in having it in the house even made my
husband clean the windows!!! It is excellent in terms of cleaning and smells
amazing for a cleaning product. A good window cleaner is really hard to find
and this is great and certainly good value for money. I would purchase this again and I would recommend. Just loved the way it worked and excellent
window cleaner. Sarah Grannan

Tested By
Claire Bennett

Awarded The Maid Simple Mirror & Glass Cleaner 3.9/5

and Funky. The packaging is great, the pale pink is very appealing and the
1950’s throw back design is very fetching.
I like that it is in a pump spray rather than an aerosol too. The
instructions are very detailed, the only area lacking is examples of what you
can and can’t use product on, and I wondered whether it would work on my TV
screen but it did not say. The product cleans as well as any other product on
the market, the advantage I would give this product is it’s appealing smell
which does linger for a bit. I would have to say this is not good value as it’s
over double the price of other leading brands.
I’m heavily influenced on price,
therefore for me I would never pay such a high price for this, when there are
other more competitively priced products that do the job just as well. I would recommend this as it is a good
product and if people have the money to spend then I’m sure they will be happy
with the results it gives. A lovely looking product, with a funky and fun
image, unfortunately highly priced and presumably aimed at yummy mummy’s with
lots of disposable income. Claire Bennett




Effective cleaning and lovely bottle. Great, smear free cleaning.


Michelle Awarded The Maid Simple Mirror & Glass Cleaner 4.7/5

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