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Maid Simple Shower Cleaner

With just a quick daily spray, Maid Simple’s Shower Cleaner will keep your shower and screens soap scum and limescale free. It also reduces water marking and mould and mildew staining. Super! – See more at:  

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Maid Simple Shower Cleaner Reviews

Product Tested by: Kate Onyskiv

Product Tested ByKate Onyskiv 

Kate Awarded The Maid Simple Shower Cleaner 4.4/5

This was nicely packaged; obvious what it does and how to
use it. The packaging looks nice and I would be happy to have it on show in my
bathroom. It has very simple instructions which are easy to follow and a good
quality spray bottle (I’ve had trouble with other spray bottles breaking but
this looks very sturdy). I have trouble keeping my glass shower screen clean,
normally having to scrub using glass cleaner which never really gets rid of all
the soap marks. This product has really helped and all I have to do is spray it
on after a shower and the screen looks cleaner than it ever has before. Just
needs a quick wipe with a cloth about once a week to get rid of any stubborn
bits but otherwise I’m very impressed. The smell was a little clinical when
applied but a lasting smell of flowers stayed around in the bathroom after use.
It certainly does it’s job so no problems there. At a recommended retail of
£3.99 however it seems a bit expensive compared to similar products in the
supermarket (having not used them though I can’t compare the quality). I would
consider buying; it easily made my bathroom look cleaner with less work than I was
doing before. I would recommend it to family and friends. It made my bathroom
look cleaner with less effort. Kate Onyskiv 

Product Tested By Hayley Wills 

Hayley Awarded The Maid Simple Shower Cleaner 4/5

Good size bottle and seems to eliminate marks. The packaging
is basic but does what it needs to do. The instructions were basic too but exactly
as they should be. The quality appears to be good and it did the job well. The
product eliminated extra marks appearing on my shower but due to it being a
house I have just moved into there was excessive marks on the shower to start
with to test this more. I believe it offer excellent value for money as it has
lasted me 5 weeks so far. I probably would consider buying this but I tend to
look at offers too. I would recommend it; as it does the job and I have no
reason not to. Hayley Wills 

Product Tested By Fiona Kennedy – Dean 2 Years

Fiona Awarded The Maid Simple Shower Cleaner 3.4/5

The product looked fairly simple and slightly cheap (the
label was creased and did not particularly fit the shape of the bottle well) but
this would not actually put me off the product itself. The liquid inside was a
clear blue colour which was pleasant enough. The smell was not unpleasant
though I am not convinced it was "burst of blooms” as stated; it did smell
quite chemical though perhaps not as bad as most cleaners. The bottle seemed
robust enough and the spray top worked well and gave a good even spray of
product. The instructions were simple enough to follow with clear steps
although I am not convinced they are entirely correct. It states there is no
requirement for wiping or scrubbing and I would very much disagree with this as
I did not feel the product was effective without any scrubbing. The quality
seemed very average indeed from the packaging to the actual liquid itself. With
the instructions as it stands I did not find the product very effective at all.
I live in a hard water area and get a lot of lime scale and scum. Simply
spraying and rinsing did not have any effect whatsoever. Even on relatively
minor bath marks and stains the product had no effect unless scrubbing was
involved. Based on the fact the product did not actually work very well at all
I feel it is not worth the RRP. While most products struggle with lime scale
and scum I would expect something priced at nearly £4 to have a much better
effectiveness. Fiona Kennedy 



I would consider buying; it easily made my bathroom look cleaner with less work than I was doing before. I would recommend it to family and friends. It made my bathroom look cleaner with less effort. 


Kate Awarded The Maid Simple Shower Cleaner 4.4/5 

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