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Mama’s Moments Maternity Kit


This beautiful gift set contains all of the essentials you will need for pregnancy, birth, and life as a new mum. All four of our full-sized products together with 2 luxurious organic cotton flannels are presented in a beautiful gift box making this the perfect present for any mummy to be.

All of our products have been developed by midwives and aromatherapists to safely support women through the journey from bump to baby.

Cool it Mama is the perfect companion in labour; cooling and calming you whenever you need it and giving you that bit of “oomph” if you feel like you’re flagging. Cool it Mama cools hot flushes, calms mood swings and eases headaches.

Down Below Perineal Massage Oil has been specially formulated for the intimate area of the perineum and its fragrance free blend ensures it is safe use in pregnancy. Down Below reduces the risk of tearing during labour and calms the appearance of stretch marks.

Pure Bliss Soothing Compress Solution soothes and calms your delicate intimate area after birth, bringing immediate relief to a tender perineum, reducing the feeling of swelling and supporting the tissues to heal (including a Caesarean Section wound).

Our calming Bosom Buddies Breastfeeding Oils support both your body and mind with common breastfeeding problems, providing you with instant comfort and therefore enabling you to continue your breastfeeding journey. Bosom Buddies soothe engorged breasts, assist in low milk supply and calms sore nipples.

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Mama’s Moments Maternity Kit Reviews

Product Tested By Laura Bouaicha – Rayan Newborn

Laura Awarded The Mama’s Moments Maternity Kit 5/5

At first I thought it was a bit crazy but once I started using it I was shocked how good it was.  Instructions easy to follow on each item. I did not use the Cool It Mama during labour,  but omg it is amazing especially in heat we have at the moment even my husband loves it. Keep out of sun with it though. This was definitely effective for hot flushes, mood swings and headaches. Myself and my husband love using it. The aroma is okay but it wouldn’t be a smell that I would want to use all the time. I did not use the Down Below Perineal massage oil for my intimate area during pregnancy. I have used this on my stretch marks and they have begun to fade. I used this on my c-section scar and it helped reduce colour of my scar. I did not really like the aroma of this but I still used it. I have only used the Pure Bliss for my Caesarean scar and this has reduced in colour since using it. Was not a fan of the aroma. The Bosom Buddies were really good, especially when my baby was in special care, helped me produce more milk, I still use it now as my baby was unable to latch, I’m currently still expressing milk which is stressful in itself and these have helped so much. As my baby was born early and struggled with latching I could have easily given up, I believe these have helped me continue expressing as long as I have. I was not a fan of the aroma for these oils as I did expect them to have a sweeter smell. I do agree this set comes with all you need during pregnancy and after birth.  I also think it would be nice if it came in a little storage bag to store and you could also put in flannels.  The cooling spray was my favourite and brilliant in 31 degree heat.  I used these products all the time now I have had my son. All of the products in this set are fantastic. The quality is perfect. Most definitely great value for money. I would buy this set and for the cooling spray I would purchase this forever. Already recommended to my sister who due in few weeks. Perfect products which have helped me. Laura Bouaicha – Rayan Newborn

Product Tested By Vicki Jones – Zach and Lincoln – 5 & 3 Years and Mum To Be 

Vicki Awarded The Mama’s Moments Maternity Kit 5/5

When I first received Mama’s moments maternity kit I thought how lovely it was and that it would make a wonderful gift for lots of expectant lady’s out there. It’s presented really well and makes you feel special that you have received something so nice. When you open the box the aroma from the oils inside is something else I loved it and it made me feel excited to be using the kit. I’m looking forward to using everything that’s in here, some I have a bit of a wait to use as I’m 22 weeks but know it will definitely help from past experience as this is my third pregnancy. It’s a good one great products developed by midwifes who know what they are taking about, all natural and vegan friendly another great plus it’s not tested on animals. The instructions on each bottle are simple to follow and really clear. For the perineal massage it refers you to a leaflet that explains all about it and gives you step by step instructions on how to do it. The Cool It Mama has been amazing so far for me with the heat we have been getting the last few weeks and how hot it is right now!! Also this spray has a great smell! I’m loving this product and really feel it will help when I’m in labour. Well it’s helped when I have been hot, I have been lucky and not had many headaches but it’s good to know it can help if I get any. I don’t think I have had many mood swings either lol! I’m 22 weeks but this is definitely going into my hospital bag for use before, during and after baby arrives. I think it will help especially after all the hard work you have just done giving birth. I really like the smell of cool it like mama, it’s quite a relaxing smell. I’m yet to use down below for perineal massage but I will when the time comes as I did perineal massage in my first 2 pregnancies  and I truly believe it helped as I didn’t tear. Can you believe 1st massage our anti natal teacher said for us to use rape seed oil! Did the job but having a massive bottle that belongs in the kitchen is an odd site in the bedroom lol! I have used this on a few occasions to test on stretch marks but it felt a bit greasy after using this and the nice smell vanished quite quickly. But it’s good to know it won’t go to waste and you can use for stretch marks before baby arrives and helping your skin after. I haven’t used below for perineal massage yet but I can definitely say doing this helped me with my current children, instructions explain what you need to do as well. I imagine some women may be afraid I didn’t know anything about this till my first child when my NCT teacher told us (she is and was ahead of other teachers I have heard about) so I’m glad it’s more out there now. No products like this when I was pregnant first time round. That’s really interesting to know you can use on C-section. I know some people having C-Sections so feel it’s worth a mention as I know the area can be sore from chats. I think the smell is ok, it’s quite a relaxing type smell which is good especially when you consider what one of down below’s functions is. It doesn’t last very long you can mainly smell in the bottle. I haven’t got this far yet but will be using Pure Bliss after giving birth.  Even if you don’t tear you are definitely tender and swollen so I will give this a go. The only thing is with it being an oil you will have to find time to use this, which has to be a good thing right?! This is my third child so I will have to sneak off to have a little me time… countless questions from my older 2 and feeding my new little one. Again another useful bit of information  that I will pass on to those I know are having C-Sections. I’m not planning on one but this is all good to know. I don’t like the smell of this one but I guess the few drops that you use in water and the smell wouldn’t be to noticeable. The Bosom Buddies are another product that will be used…no doubt a lot! As I haven’t yet I can’t say but I would like to think they will help. As I have not yet had to use these here  are my thoughts. One I’m really looking forward to using is aah! Why? Because I always felt I wasn’t producing enough milk in the past so anything to help support is brilliant! Then if I have too much milk or on that rare occasion baby sleeps through!! The ooh can come out! Win win! Honestly don’t want to be using ouch but good to know if need be I can use. All 3 of these bosom buddies smell really lovely. I have to say it does have everything you need during pregnancy and after birth.  I feel happy going though pregnancy with this set especially the cool it like mama it’s so hot and this is helping me get through. I will be at the perineal massage stage before I know it, so no worries for me then and have all the bits and bobs for after birth as well. Cool It like mama currently every day countless times and there is so much left as well it’s great! Down below I have used to test but I want to save for perineal massage I have given it a bit of a go on my bump it felt greasy after but it is an oil. Obviously I haven’t used the other bits yet but feel they will get used a fair amount…still fingers crossed not so much use for ouch lol. Cool It like mama is my favourite why?! It’s currently 28° outside I’m melting!! This is a life saver. I’m 22 weeks so not got that far yet. I’m thinking the breastfeeding oils will be used lots though and pure bliss will definitely get a good amount of use in the days after birth. I feel currently the thing I like most is cool it like mama but sure it will change once I have had my baby. I think it’s a good all-rounder I have loved testing this and am looking forward to carrying on. Everything is great including the flannels which are super soft. The quality is brilliant I can’t fault it, it all looks well-made really professional. I definitely feel that that this maternity kit is value for money,  it’s really well priced for what you get in this pack and they are good size products which makes it even better. It’s good value for money and has loads of useful products in it and would make a wonderful gift for some you know or even a treat for yourself. I would recommend as great value and has a bit of everything in it, from the start of your pregnancy right the way through. I can’t find a bad thing to say about my Mama moments which makes me really happy, I’m looking forward to using the products I haven’t been able to yet (even doing perineal massage lol) I find it reassuring that you I have oils for any moments that I may need them.  All over this maternity pack is great! I know I haven’t used everything yet but 100% know I will!  It all smells good and makes you feel good. It’s amazing value and has make me want to buy more products from the natural birthing company. My current winner in this Mama’s moments maternity kit is cool it like mama as it’s roasting hot right now, if it sorts me out in this heat it will be amazing during birth. Vicki Jones – Zach and Lincoln – 5 & 3 Years and Mum To Be

Product Tested By Natalie Swan – Leo & Lila – 2 years 5 months and Newborn

Natalie Awarded The Mama’s Moments Maternity Kit 3.8/5

I was excited to get a kit designed for mum’s I always feel mum’s, especially postpartum, overlooked when the excitement of a new baby happens. I like it fully supports the idea that mums have a kit of essentials for themselves help feel more relaxed or speed up the recovery. All instructions for items supplied were easy to follow. I might have been a bit sceptical about the Cool It Mama product because I had a baby before and a spray doesn’t feel like it was quite cut it. Perhaps explain some of the cooling ingredients? This was handy to use for hot flushes.  I didn’t use this after birth but I did use a very similar product which makes me think it would be nice for some mums.  I did find the aroma pleasant.  I thought the Down Below Perineal massage oil was a good alternative to the olive oil over the midwife recommended with my first baby it felt nice to use something a little bit more specialist. I did use this amongst other things and do not have stretch marks but I can’t say it’s totally down to this product.  I ended up having a c-section so could not comment if using this reduced risk of tearing during labour. I was a little bit too frightened to use it on my C-section area especially as the midwife said to wash with just water and nothing else.  I did like the aroma of this. Due to having a c-section I did not need to use the Pure Bliss.  I didn’t use this on my c-section because the midwives told me not to put anything on the scar area just water and I do trust midwives over products despite theme saying that they are safe. The Bosom Buddies breastfeeding set worked to some extent.  I feel like it’s a bit of an over promise to say that they can help you with your breastfeeding journey , I know a lot of mum’s struggling to breastfeed so a breastfeeding specific product item might be a bit polarising in a set.  I didn’t immediately think that I could use the perineum oil in other areas so at first I felt like that this set was missing e.g. bump oil.  I probably used the products relevant to me about once a week.  My favourite product was the oil only when I realised it was for other things not just your perineum. I have not used some of the products after birth so far but I am four weeks in and very aware of smells affecting breastfeeding and the advice the midwife gave me in the hospital around my scar.  Again I like that this set catered to the mum and her needs first. I think they were good products but the packaging lets than down it feels like they look a bit like the boots own range. I think it is value for money it might be nice if some further tips and advice were available within the product pack because that’s what a lot of mum’s miss especially with postpartum. I would consider it as a gift set for new mum.  I’m not sure if I would recommend as I feel like I prefer the expert midwife products they are recommended in hospital and they look a bit more professional I feel like you should either go professional or pretty and friendly and I’m not sure this product ranges either. I think the products are generally nice the descriptions could be better and I didn’t love the packaging. Honestly I feel like this is the kind of thing that lots of people would buy as a gift set and if they are going to do that the packaging could be better it would be easy to confuse it with an own brand which it isn’t I also think you have to be really careful about its universal use C-section or vaginal birth and make sure that none of the products are specifically catered to breastfeeding in a way that might make non breastfeeding mums or those who might be struggling with their journey feel bad. Natalie Swan – Leo & Lila – 2 years 5 months and Newborn


I do agree this set comes with all you need during pregnancy and after birth.  I also think it would be nice if it came in a little storage bag to store and you could also put in flannels.  The cooling spray was my favourite and brilliant in 31 degree heat.  I used these products all the time now I have had my son. All of the products in this set are fantastic. The quality is perfect. Most definitely great value for money. I would buy this set and for the cooling spray I would purchase this forever. Already recommended to my sister who due in few weeks. Perfect products which have helped me.


Laura Awarded The Mama’s Moments Maternity Kit 5/5

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