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Mamas & Papas Tour Pushchair

Designed as a lightweight solution great for holidays and days out, the Tour Buggy has an adjustable backrest and leg rest so your baby can sleep comfortable when out and about. Compact umbrella folding stroller for easy storage and carry strap makes it easy to take with you.

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Mamas & Papas Tour Pushchair Reviews

Product Tested by: Donna Hunt – Baby Leon 8 Months

Product Tested By Donna Hunt – Baby Leon 8 Months

Donna Awarded the Mamas & Papas Tour 4/5

First impressions were good; I thought it was a very nice looking buggy. I found everything in the included manual to be well detailed. It was also very easy to erect the pushchair and put the hood onto it. The pushchair folds away with one hand and one foot so you can still hold baby safely. The seat is very well padded and comfortable but it only reclines to a tilt, which meant my son’s head was to the side whilst sleeping in the recline position. One of my favourite features is the fastener to the harness, chunky and easy to open by squeezing but not easy enough for a child to do! Even though the basket is rather large for a buggy with the seat fully upright it is still awkward for me to get to the shopping basket.  I found it difficult to get the rain cover on whilst we were out in a shower too. As it fastens to the front of the hood and does not go over. My son has only just turned 8 months and the rain cover would not fit over his feet. But the pushchair folds quite small and would probably fit into most car boots. Fabric is of good quality and easy to wipe clean, does not seem to soak through like other buggies which is a plus. The pushchair is very easy to push and steer on the pavements but it developed a rather annoying squeak on the second use. The design is modern and attractive. The pocket on rear of the hood is very useful and just about the right size to hold a packet of travel baby wipes and the toy hook on the front of the hood is a fabulous idea! Unfortunately, I have gone back to using my original pushchair because of the squeaky wheels and problems accessing the shopping basket. It’s a good pushchair but I cannot help but prefer my previous one that I am able to use daily. But, I will try to use this pushchair for occasional use because it does have its benefits when you don’t want to push around a big, bulky pushchair. Donna Hunt – Baby Leon 8 Months

Product Tested By Elizabeth Aylott – Jessica 2.5 Years

Elizabeth Awarded the Mamas & Papas Tour 3.9/5

When I received the product I was really pleased to see it was the red print version and it looked quite stylish and modern. The quality of the finish was to a high standard. It was also extremely light to lift out of the box which I thought was great. I have always loved the M&P website and find it easy to navigate. I was able to find the Tour pushchair extremely easily when I was notified that it was my tester product.  Very easy to erect, can be done one handed which is very useful if you are holding your baby. However as the weeks have gone on using the product, the folding mechanism can start to fold on its own and needs to be pushed down on occasions. The seat unit is quite wide and features an extremely adequate length straps. A 5 point harness with extremely adequate length straps. A big plus as my old pushchair had straps that I could not lengthen any further and were too tight for Jess. Very secure and easy to use – no trapping of fingers either! The pushchair itself is easy to maneuver around shops and aisles, but the size of the basket underneath is disappointing. The rain cover was one of the most practical and easy to fit rain covers I have ever used. It provided coverage right down over Jess’ toes and fitted securely around the pushchair to leave no areas for the wind and rain to get in. I found it exceptionally easy to get in the boot of my car. I have a Picasso so quite big boot space, but would equally fit in a Nissan Micra, ford Ka etc. The fabric is of a high quality and finished off to a good standard. The hood material is extremely waterproof and all the fabric dries quickly. Also washable with wet wipes if accidents occur. Although it’s easy to steer in general, if this pushchair goes in any ground slightly bumpy or rough, then because of its lightness, it can wobble or jar your arms. It is a lovely looking, easy to use pushchair which features some lovely ideas. The pushchair is aesthetically pleasing and the mechanics are smooth. If you want a named pushchair without pushing the boat out too far it is ideal. The reclining aspect of the seat was good in that if Jess fell asleep I could smoothly recline the seat for her without waking her. However, in my opinion it didn’t go as upright as I would have liked it on occasions. It is lightweight and the carry handle is a good idea when out and about, however after using the pushchair for just 3 weeks, it developed a squeak in one of the front wheels, which I think came from travelling over bumpy pavements on the school run every day. I would not buy the pushchair as one for me to use on an everyday basis, purely because I don’t think it is sturdy enough for my needs. However as a grandparent’s spare or one to keep in the car it would be ideal. As my first product to test, I was chuffed to bits with it and overall it was a nice item. I have never had a Mamas & Papas pushchair before, so it was a delight for me to test it out.  The overall finish of the pushchair was high and what I would have expected of M&P. Elizabeth Aylott – Jessica 2.5 Years

Product Tested By Sandie Lambert – Felicity 1 Year

Sandie Awarded the Mamas & Papas Tour Pushchair 3.5/5

Product was good, I found it easy to pop up and down and it is also lightweight. The instructions are simple and easy to follow, making it simple when using the pushchair. Very easy to fold down unless you have the footrest down, so the footrest has to be up for the pushchair to close. Felicity sleeps very well in the pushchair; she lays back and puts her feet up to relax. The seat is also of a good, suitable size for her. The safety harness is easy to clip in, although my daughter can climb out of it. She is quite flexible and the straps are quite high so she is able to get her shoulder out. I do not find it very easy to shop with this pushchair because it is so lightweight, if I put too much weight onto the handles it tips easily. The shopping basket is practical, but I cannot seem to fit enough of what I need into it. The protective canopy is useful, although I have not needed to use it yet. The pushchair fits easily into the car but because it’s quite long it needs to go in at an angle. The fabric quality is good, it’s easily wipeable and the pushchair is great for when out and about. I personally think that the design of the pushchair looks a little low budget, but that is my own opinion. I think the pushchair may offer good value for money for somebody who’s looking for a simple and lightweight pushchair, but for someone like me who requires a heavyweight pushchair, its not 100% suitable for constant daily use. However, I would recommend this for going on holiday as it’s easy to push around and has a large seat for baby to fall asleep in. I personally would not purchase this for myself, but I can definitely see the benefits of using it for holidays or small shopping trips. Sandie Lambert – Felicity 1 Year

First impressions were good; I thought it was a very nice looking buggy.


Donna Awarded the Mamas & Papas Tour 4/5

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