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From birth, babies experience the scent of their mothers, especially during breastfeeding. Research has shown that the smell of the mother, and in particular the smell originating from the breast region, is vital as: Babies can recognize their mothers by smell alone. Babies are calmed and comforted by the smell of their mother. Pheromones from the nipple region promote healthy feeding behaviour (latching, sucking, etc) Scent helps to keep a healthy bond between baby and mother. Mamascent™ is a bottle attachment that reproduces these sensory benefits of breastfeeding for bottle-fed babies. It consists of a pad that becomes infused with the smell of the mother. A petal from the pad can be attached to a bottle to calm and comfort baby during bottle feeding.Mamascent™ is for mothers who wish to integrate a bottle with breastfeeding, enabling someone else to feed the baby. Mamascent™ can also be used for weaning a breastfed baby from the breast to a bottle and for mothers seeking an aid in how to stop breastfeeding too.

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Mamascent™ Reviews

Product Tested by: Laura Burrows – Edie 10 Months

Product Tested By Laura
Burrows – Edie 10 Months

Laura Awarded The Mamascent 4.4/5

I was sceptical but it seemed to have scientific research to
support its claims so I was very hopeful. It looked professional and good clear
instructions. The packaging was good; no wasted packaging, easy to put all back
in box to store. The instructions were easy to understand; good pictures to
support written ones. This product fitted my bottle; it clicked straight on. I
am not sure if it worked; sometimes she took the bottle and sometimes she
didn’t; pretty much the same as when not using it! I would buy this if I saw it
in the store as I was so desperate to find something that would get her to take
bottle so I could get milk into her. Having spent a fortune on different milks
and bottles I would not hesitate to give anything a go. She would occasionally
take a bottle but not always and there seemed to be no pattern about whether
she took it or not. The quality is great; everything worked as it said and had
no problems using the items. I would recommend it to others as I would give
anything a go…it might work for them and not too expensive to try. My baby
seemed to think the little petal was good fun to play with and may act as a
distraction. Overall I believe this may work maybe with younger babies. The
product is easy to use with clear instructions and overall a brilliant idea
backed up scientifically. Laura Burrows – Edie 10 Months

Product Tested BySusan Walsh – Tamzin 4 Weeks

Susan Awarded The Mamascent 5/5

I thought this was a great idea. I loved the packaging and
the instructions were very clearly written and easy to understand. It fitted my
baby’s bottle perfectly. I think she was more receptive to the bottle when
using this, although she is a difficult feeder…lazy when it comes to feeding.
If I saw this in the shops I would definitely buy it to try it. The quality is
excellent and offers excellent value for money. I would recommend it to others.
I feel that because Tamzin is a difficult feeder, little and often, I wouldn’t
really buy these personally, however I do think they are a brilliant idea, and
that for other Mums they would possibly be a worthwhile product. I am making
headway with breastfeeding and tending to only use bottles when I’m in a
situation where I’d rather not breastfeed. Susan Walsh – Tamzin 4 Weeks

Product Tested By Heather
Louise Harker – Holly 5 Months

Heather Awarded The Mamascent 4.3/5

Initial impression is a good quality product, the rings seem
very sturdy and there is a good quantity of ‘petals’. Nice simple packaging but
could use a little more information on how it is used and the teat sizes that
it will fit as it could be a little unclear when trying to understand the
product when picked up off a shelf in a shop. Instructions are very clear and
easy to understand, I had no problems in understanding the product at all.
Unfortunately I have 4 types of bottle and it did not fit any, the rings
provided are too small. To test this I had to tape it to the bottle as the
rings were too small for all of my bottles but this did help to calm her as she
is very fussy when my husband gives her a bottle but with Mamascent taped on
she hardly fussed. If I saw this product in the shop I would wait and think
about it though I tend to do this for most purchases and do some research
first. She has always fussed when my husband gives her a bottle and
occasionally refuses completely. The quality of the product is great, very
sturdy storage case too which is a good idea in an already full changing bag. Although
there is a good amount of petals included and 2 rings this product is only
value for money if you already have some bottles that these fit on to. Having
to go out and buy other bottles to go with them reduces the value considerably.
Although this has worked for my daughter, I am yet to come across a bottle that
this might fit. If this product was changed to include an expandable ring for
the petals so that it could fit many bottle types then I would definitely
consider buying but as it is, it’s a bit of a pain to tape this to every
bottle. I would and have already recommended it but have also warned that it is
very limited in which bottles it will fit.
It has absolutely worked for my daughter so on this basis would
recommend it but with a warning about the ring. I was amazed that it worked so
well but simply cannot give it 5 out of 5 due to its limited fit. I did not
expect Mamascent to work at all and was very disappointed that it did not fit
any of my 4 different types of bottle.
However desperate to give it a try to see if we could solve my daughters
fussing when my husband gave her a bottle I decided to tape it to the neck of
the bottle so that it is in the same position as it would be if the rings did
fit. The result was obvious from the start, she took the bottle without a
problem and relaxed, usually she will be tense and turning her head away. She
did turn her head away a couple of times however she did return to the bottle
again without a problem. I am a bit surprised that there weren’t a few differently
sized rings or at least one expandable ring included as most bottles on the
shelves these days are wide neck bottles which means the teats are also much
wider. It is a great idea but just needs a little bit more thought to the
bottles sizes. Heather Louise Harker – Holly 5 Months

Overall I believe this may work maybe with younger babies. The product is easy to use with clear instructions and overall a brilliant idea backed up scientifically. 


Laura Awarded The Mamascent 4.4/5

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