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Mammae Blouse/Top

An absolute must for all mamas.  This blouse/top is extremely versatile and fits any style. Chic with jacket and loose fitting trousers, casual on jeans or as cosy relaxing style with home-wear/pyjama trousers. The feminine cut ensures that you shine wherever you are.Short sleeves.Super-soft and elastic.Gorgeous décolleté by the crossing-over pad– also beautiful with heavier breasts.The belly remains covered during breastfeeding.Typical Mammae opening – access to the breast via the discreet opening or via the turning.The nursing access of the top is very convenient: you can tie the wrap, depending on what side your baby last nursed on. The side you closed last comes out on top and will automatically be the first you open again.

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49.95 EUR or £38.00 Available to purchase online or click online to find local stockist

Mammae Blouse/Top Reviews

Product Tested by: Suzann Mason – Charlotte 1 Month

Tested By
Suzann Mason – Charlotte 1 Month

Awarded The Mammae Blouse/Top 4.3/5

cut and good design features. The poppers allow for discreet feeding and
the ties on the side allow you to remember which side you last fed on. Friends
thought this was a great extra feature. Also I think the crossover front
drew the attention away from your stomach and gave the top a great shape, which
was quite slimming. It was really easy to feed in and the ties were helpful for
remembering which side to next feed on. The fabric was light and not too
clingy which is great when you are post pregnancy. It was easy to undo the
poppers for feeding and I felt that I was well covered. It was really
comfortable and could be dressed up or down for work or going out. I had some
positive comments from friends. It fitted really well. Although initially
choosing my size was a little tricky. A size 16 is an XXL. I thought this would
be tricky to iron and was concerned that the iron would leave the fabric
looking shiny so I just hung it up after it was washed and that was fine. I
wouldn’t fold it away as I think that would leave some big crease in it. Most
breastfeeding tops are around the £30 mark so this is slightly more than
average but I do think you could wear it to work, out with friends or more
casually so you would get a lot of use out of it. I will definitely
continue to wear this. I would recommend as it is versatile, comfortable
to wear and makes breastfeeding easier. This slimming top makes breastfeeding
easy and is suitable for lots of occasions. Suzann Mason – Charlotte 1 Month

Tested By
Sarah Hartshorn – Callie 9 Months

Awarded The Mammae Blouse/Top 4.2/5

liked the look of the top. It looked like it would fit and would be a top I
could easily breastfeed in. I like the design of the top. The way that it has
two ways to open for breastfeeding and that it brings focus to your waist and
skirts the mum tum. Which is great for new mums. I do find the top a bit low
cut. I think it is a practical design for breastfeeding my baby. The way it has
two opening options. You can pull the whole top bit down to expose the whole
breast for feeding at home or when wanting to be more discreet you can just
open a popper and you have a small opening to latch the baby on. I do find it a
bit fiddly but am not used to this sort of top and think it would improve as I
use it more often. I think the fabric is good. It is stretchy so would suit a
new mothers figure which is changing after giving birth having more room for
tummy and breasts. I think it might get a bit hot in the summer though from the
type of material it is. it does make breastfeeding easier. Being able to
breastfeed without having to pull your top up and only exposing a little bit
that the baby then hides with their head is good. It is very comfortable to
wear it doesn’t dig in anywhere and is nice and long so you don’t have to keep
pulling it down. The only minor irritation is that it is a bit too low cut for
me but I solved that by wearing a vest underneath. it is good to launder. Can
be put in with the rest of the washing. You can’t tumble dry it but I found
that hanging it up to dry meant I didn’t have to iron it. Although it is a
great top I don’t think I personally would pay that much for the top. Though I
don’t think it is that badly priced could see others being happy to pay that
much for it. I will continue to wear this top. I would recommend the top to
other breastfeeding mothers because I like the two options of opening for
feeding. One for when at home and one for when you want to be more
discreet. I think this is a great top that makes breastfeeding easier.
Enjoyed wearing the tops have been able to dress it up and down according to
occasion and been able to discreetly feed my baby. Sarah Hartshorn –
Callie 9 Months

Tested By
Gemma Bailey – Flynn 1 year

Awarded The Mammae Blouse/Top 4.2/5

seems well made. It would be good to breastfeed subtly. It looks as if it will
wash well. My only concern was that it might be unflattering as there was a lot
of fabric about the waist. It looks ok overall but I would say the section over
the chest sits a little strangely, almost a little twisted when looking close
up. However the overall appearance is quite flattering. it is practical. You
are able to feed a baby whilst remaining covered up. I have deducted a point as
I found it difficult to undo and do up using one hand which is often all I have
free whilst holding my son with the other hand. The fabric seems good quality,
it is quite a heavy jersey fabric which hangs nicely. It sees as if it would
wash well without fading or losing its shape. I would say breast feeding is
easier in this top particularly if the wearer is conscious about exposing
breasts in public. It is comfortable to wear and it is comfortable to feed it.
The fabric was soft and the fit flattering. it did not cause me any irritation.
It was easy to wash, although tumble drying isn’t recommended. Its style means
it is not necessary to iron it although it might look smarter if ironed. I did
not iron it but would imagine with the cross-over sections and draped areas it
might be a little awkward. It is a nice top and looks smart. However, it is
quite expensive in comparison to other similar items and as it is likely to be
worn only for a relatively short space of time it seems dear. I will continue
to wear it whilst breastfeeding. I would recommend it to others were it a
little cheaper. I think it looks smart, washes well and makes breastfeeding
easier to do whilst remaining covered. I think the top is quite well designed
although as I mentioned before I wasn’t too sure about whether one of the
sections looked a bit twisted. The overall appearance of the top was quite
smart and flattering and enabled relatively easy breastfeeding although I found
it awkward to undo and do up whilst holding a baby. A smart, stylish and
practical top for subtle breast-feeding which is easy to care for but with a
hefty price-tag. Gemma Bailey – Flynn 1 year


I will definitely continue to wear this. I would recommend as it is versatile, comfortable to wear and makes breastfeeding easier. This slimming top makes breastfeeding easy and is suitable for lots of occasions. 


Suzann Awarded The Mammae Blouse/Top 4.3/5

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