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Man Stuff Ultimate Six Pack

The Ultimate 6 Pack that every man needs, to keep your body and face clean and smooth.This 6 Pack contains: 1 Face Wash, 1 Body Scrub, 1 Body Lotion, 1 Face Scrub & 2 Shower Gel.

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£7.99 Available to purchase online

Man Stuff Ultimate Six Pack Reviews

Product Tested by:

Tested By Richard Szita

Awarded The Man Stuff Ultimate Six Pack 5/5

I’m positively shocked by the presentation of the set for the price
bracket it falls in to. Very impressed – a really high quality piece of
packaging that makes the product look a lot more expensive than it is. Very self-explanatory
products! I normally use a very specific set of products due to having
sensitive skin. Since using this I haven’t noticed any negative effects when in
the past when changing to a new product I have. Outstanding value for money! As I use a specific set of products I
would buy this as a gift – but in terms of quality this is far higher than the
type you would expect in this price bracket. If this were given to me as a gift
I would be very pleased. I would have no reservations about recommending this
product. A great product, cheap & high quality! I cannot fault the product.
Looks premium, no negative results from use from someone with sensitive skin
& a great gift to consider in the future. Richard Szita

Tested By Jeffrey Bailey

Jeffrey Awarded
The Man Stuff Ultimate Six Pack 4.5/5

I liked the
design of the packaging – it was eye catching and appealing to men. I think it
would catch the attention of students and those buying gifts for the younger
age category. I really liked the eye catching design of the packaging – very
appealing to men. I thought it would be a good gift. The only downside is the
bottles are free pour – there is no cap inside to help control the amount of
product you want out of the bottle. Instructions minimal and straight forward
as required for this type of product. I liked the overall feel of the product –
it was gentle on the skin with no reactions with any of the products. They had
a nice smell to them – not too fragrant which is what I prefer. I was
disappointed with the shower wash though as it didn’t foam much even using a scrub.
I do believe it offers good value for money and would be a nice gift –
especially to younger men or older teenagers. You get a lot of product for your
money which isn’t always the case. Unfortunately I wouldn’t purchase this again
out of personal preference as I like my shower gels to foam up. I would
recommend as I still believe its great value for money and a good quality
product. Overall I believe this is a great product that offers fantastic value
for money. There are not many gift sets available that offer you 6 bottles for
£8. The washes were all gentle on the skin and offered a nice fragrance but not
too overpowering. I was a little disappointed by the free pour lid and the lack
of foaming of the shower gel. I believe it would be appealing to the younger
age groups such as students due to the beer bottle design but may also be
bought as gifts for Dad’s. Jeffrey Bailey

Tested By James Henderson

James Awarded
The Man Stuff Ultimate Six Pack 5/5

Authentic. A great gift set but wished
there was a hair wash. Packaging was made of cardboard which could be recycled,
sturdy and looked appealing. The packaging had a separate section for each bottle.
The packaging was attractive and I feel helped made the set over all look
great. Instruction on each bottle was easy to follow and understand. Simple and
clear. As expected. I found the quality of the product to be great. This set reminds
of something you would see in the front of a high end store in a gift section on
a display table. The smell reminded me
of lynx. A very masculine set. The scent lingered for some time afterwards. I
would say this is good value for money because the quality was great the
packaging was good sturdy card. This price is £7.99 is great. I would pay £7.99
for this. I would consider buying this. Particularly as a gift. I would
recommend this as a gift as it is a set for men. Over all I think this product
deserves a 5/5. A brilliant gift set for a man who enjoys using products that
match and complement one another. A masculine scent that does linger for a
while afterwards. James Henderson

I cannot fault the product. Looks premium, no negative results from use from someone with sensitive skin & a great gift to consider in the future.


Richard Awarded The Man Stuff Ultimate Six Pack 5/5

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