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Most adults can recall gleefully piling up sofa cushions to make a fort. And remember how much fun a large, empty cardboard box could be? SquashBlox incorporate all that is good about imaginative fort-building, and they improve upon the concept. Eight 16" x 16" fabric-covered construction cushions are fitted with hook-and-loop tabs on their edges. Kids can attach them together to build boats, tunnels, puppet theaters, playhouses, forts, cars… the possibilities are endless! Perhaps most appealingly, the entire set folds down to a neat stack for storage and transportation. SquashBlox double as storyboards for felt figures, or as infant playmats. The more sets you purchase the larger the structures you can build. Really let the imagination of your children expand with a versatile toy that all kids will love! Great for all ages: A playmat for babies (safety tested for 0+) – An educational tool for colour recognition – A coordination tool for hopscotch & stepping stones – A tumble floor mat – Building tool. Houses, castles, boats, tunnels and much more – Break down into a neat stack for easy storage. Contents: Includes 8 SquashBlox construction cushions. Pack Dimensions: Width – 16" – Height – 16" – Depth – 9". Block Dimensions: Width – 16" – Height – 16" – Depth – 1"

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Maps Squash Blox Reviews

Product Tested by: Emma Botwright –Lilli 4 Years

Product Tested By Emma Botwright –Lilli 4 Years

Emma Awarded the Squash Blox 4/5

The box looked really good & couldn’t wait to get building with the girls. The quality of the contents is fantastic and the recommended age is perfectly suitable. My child managed to think of some ideas of what to build with a little bit of help from me. After I suggested an idea she pretty much took over from there! Lilli attempted to make the recommended item and she did really well, although it did take quite some time. She really enjoyed using this and it kept her entertained for hours! She also likes to lay the squares out in a long line and rolls along them. I think it offers great value for money although the girls liked the ship best but there are other things to make although with only 8 squares you are limited to what you can make. Now that I have tested this I would consider buying it but I would buy more than one pack because you need this to make anything decent. I would recommend this because it is a fun toy for children to play with and use their imagination. Emma Botwright –Lilli 4 Years


Product Tested By Tracy Wier – Ashton & Ethan Davis Ages 4 & 2 Years

Tracy Awarded the Squash Blox 3.7/5

It looked like the boys would have hours of fun and lovely bright colors. It was slightly misleading as the picture on the front shows various kits available but obviously the contents are not the same. The packaging was quite basic but allowed you to see the product. The quality of the contents was pleasing; they are very padded and hardwearing as the boys really put them to the test. It is appropriately aged as they can be used for non-mobile babies for stimulation and safety, and all other ages are stimulated by creating shapes/objects with it. My children didn’t actively participate in thinking of creating things with it, they waited for us to do that for them. They didn’t realize that they could stick together without us showing them. The Velcro bits on the side which attach to the other blocks are too hard for my children to loosen up ready to attach to another block. They both continue to play with the blocks but only with adults for their intended use as it’s too hard for them to construct something themselves at their ages. They ask us to make all manner of objects, obviously some impossible with the amount of blocks there are. They quite often use them as a road for their toy vehicles, and my eldest has constructed a mini hopscotch board from them. They do like to generally run around playing tag and hitting each other with them, as boys do! We (parents) find them handy to put at the bottom of the slide in the garden on the patio for a soft landing for the children too. I think they are a little too expensive for the amount of blocks there are, there should be more included as it limits the amount of shapes/objects able to be built. The design itself is well built, basic, but meets the requirements for the intended use. I would consider buying the additional kits to vary what can be made but only if more blocks is in the pack. It’s well thought out, and the children are able to play safely without risk of injury, but we were limited because of only having 8 blocks. Overall, it is a good product and the children like to play with them. They have been used both indoors and outdoors and sponge clean well too. They have been rigorously put through their paces by the children and have been squashed, bent, rode over and have still kept their shape perfectly and look just the same as they did when they arrived. I believe they should have more in a pack as there is only so much you can do and build with 8 squares but the children enjoy them nonetheless. We have all had hours of fun and built boats, houses, shapes and also roads with them. It has helped my 2yr old with his colors and also matching pairs as there are 2 of each color in the pack. Good product, but more blocks needed in a pack. Tracy Wier – Ashton & Ethan Davis Ages 4 & 2 Years


Product Tested By Ian Marx – Anthony 4 Years

Ian Awarded the Squash Blox 4/5

Looked very good quality building toy.  Well packaged and well presented and Anthony was eager to get started. Contents well designed and well made. We would construct together to great learning curve and fun for both of us.  Recommended age ideal. Kept Anthony entertained which is always a winning combination. We would work together to construct recommended items and will serve Anthony for a while longer. Good value for money.  The contents are sufficient but you could do with more to create more exciting items.  Have recommended and makes a good gift. A fun interactive toy for me and my son.  Ian Marx – Anthony 4 Years

I would recommend this because it is a fun toy for children to play with and use their imagination.


Emma Awarded the Squashblox 4/5

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