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Maps Yummy Dough


Yummy Dough is an amazing new edible play dough for children. Yummy Dough is a baking mix developed with vegetable colouring agents. With the added water the powder turns into a smooth modelling clay that can be shaped perfectly and eventually baked! Yummy Dough enhances creativity and imagination and offers plenty of ideas for games and provides fun for the entire family. But the fun doesn’t stop there! Once you have modelled your dough and created something beautiful, whacky or weird you pop it on the oven and bake it. Then when the clay is fully baked you take it out, cool it down and EAT IT! Yummy Dough is a wonderful idea to get kids into the kitchen and to get their creative juices flowing, just shape it, bake it, eat it!

Contents: –113g Red Yummy Dough Mix -113g Yellow Yummy Dough Mix – 113 Green Yummy Dough Mix  – 113g Blue Yummy Dough Mix – Measuring tool – Modelling tool – Full instructions

Suitable for Children aged 3 Years Plus

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Maps Yummy Dough Reviews

Product Tested by: Linda Cosgrove – Tabitha, Jared, Niamh & Connor Ages 2,3,5 & 6 Years

Product Tested By Linda Cosgrove – Tabitha, Jared, Niamh & Connor Ages 2,3,5 & 6 Years

Linda Awarded the Maps Yummy Dough  3.7/5

Looked interesting, colorful, innovative and fun. The packaging was good but the colors were in German on packets of dough.  One had Gelb rather than geld so someone with no German knowledge would not have known which color was in which packet. Easy to use and the syringe for measuring was very useful. 3+ is about right. My 2 year old joined in and struggled but my 5 and 6 year old really enjoyed it. Ideas on box and in leaflet for things to make so there was no shortage of ideas. Play dough is always popular so this just seemed like another fun way to use it.  After our first 2 bakes were so disappointing we just used remainder as normal play dough. We also turned a few of the inedible pieces into fridge magnets. Would have thought maximum price would have been £3.99 so I don’t think its great value for money. maybe the dough recipe or cooking instructions could be improved .The only designs we could eat were the very thick ones which were still a little soft on inside and we followed instructions to the word. Don’t feel its value for money but may recommend if cheaper just for normal dough experience. Very excited to start and had fun making and shaping. But the finished product was very disappointing and not as expected. Linda Cosgrove – Tabitha, Jared, Niamh & Connor Ages 2,3,5 & 6 Years


Product Tested By Lisa Clark – Georgia 4 Years

Lisa Awarded the Maps Yummy Dough 3.5/5

Funky box, looks like a fun rainy afternoon activity! Box is adequate and contains everything needed to make the dough. The box contains 4 sachets of dough mix, a cutting tool and a measure for the water. Georgia loved playing with the dough and was able to get involved mixing it together and making various shapes with it. Georgia treated the Yummy Dough in the same way as she uses play dough! We were able to make some suggested ideas but found it very difficult to mix dough to make up different colors. It would have been nice to have shape cutters come with it. The finished items looked cute but tasted pretty awful once they were baked. Georgia really enjoyed playing with the dough but didn’t enjoy eating the finished products. I think this is expensive for an inedible product! I would not buy this again as we could have the same fun with either real play dough or a packet cake mix. The two don’t really work well together. I liked the concept of modeling and then being able to eat product. In the end it was inedible but still fun to make. Lisa Clark – Georgia 4 Years

Had fun making and shaping.


Linda Awarded the Maps Yummy Dough  3.7/5

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