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Mary Jean Kaolin clay mask (Sensitive skin Face mask)

This mask will clear up your pores removing oil, dirt and makeup without drying out your skin. Results are smoother skin with a clearer complexion.

Dry irritable skin benefits greatly, hydrated for longer with a protective barrier.

Bizziebaby Bronze Award Winners 2018 Facial Masks Category

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Mary Jean Kaolin clay mask (Sensitive skin Face mask) Reviews

Product Tested by:

Product Tested By Aimee Hall

Aimee Awarded The Mary Jean  Kaolin clay mask 4.6/5

Luxurious looking product. The product looks luxurious and is very neatly packed. Clear and easy to follow instructions. This was so easy to use and me and my daughter used this easily. This worked really well for both of us and our skin felt very smooth and fresh. My daughter suffers from spots and since using this she has had fewer spots. My skin feels lovely and soft too. A good combination of ingredients. Very good quality and very easy to apply. I loved the fact that a small amount went a long way. Yes this is good value as the product will last a long time for the amount it costs. Me and my daughter have really enjoyed using the mask the only thing I would like to change is the smell as it isn’t very strong and would be better if it had a fruity smell. I would recommend as it is very relaxing and
cleansing. I would give the product a 5 if it smelt nicer. Very relaxing face mask. Easy to use and long lasting. Aimee Hall

Product Tested By Amanda Hayes

Amanda Awarded The Mary Jean Kaolin clay mask 3.4/5

The packaging didn’t look great, almost amateur like it had been printed at home and stuck it on a bit lopsided. The tiny writing on a same coloured background makes the instructions extremely difficult to read. They stated to use 5g but there was no scoop or any way of measuring out 5 grams. I did not find this easy to use. I found it messy to mix and involved getting a separate bowl and spoon from the kitchen. Once applied it did work and felt good on my skin when mixed, not drying at all. Now I have been using regularly my skin feels softer to touch. I love natural ingredients and the banana smelt great. The quality of the product was good but the jar let
the product down. I liked the smell and texture on my face but most of all that it washed off easily with no residue. You would get plenty of use out of this jar but it produces a fair bit of waste too as it’s easy to mix too much and/or spill the powder. I personally would not buy this as its too messy and time consuming. I liked the product and the natural ingredients but felt that it should have come with a scoop/measure and mixing bowl. It was a pain to gauge the amount needed and left utensils to wash up, so not as relaxing as it should be. The label needs refining to make the instructions and ingredients clearer and stand out more on the background. Amanda Hayes

Product Tested By Molly Holden

Molly Awarded The Mary Jean Kaolin clay mask 5/5

Excited to try this out, but seemed weird to be a powder. Love the design because it’s recyclable and a nice jar. Instructions easy to follow. This was very easy to mix and spread. It did feel weird at first but nice once spread on my face. After using this for a while I did find my face is not as spotty as it was before. I love natural products as good for my skin. Quality is very good. I just love this. This makes my skin feel soft and doesn’t make my skin itch. Great value for money as it lasts ages. I would purchase more as my skin definitely looks and feels better. I would recommend because it makes your skin feel nice. Lovely face mask and makes my skin look and feel nice and soft. Molly Holden



I would recommend as it is very relaxing and cleansing. I would give the product a 5 if it smelt nicer. Very relaxing face mask. Easy to use and long lasting.


Aimee Awarded The Mary Jean Sensitive Skin Facial Mask 4.6/5

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