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Matador Droplet

Love the beach, working out, or traveling? Whether you’re dealing with wet swimsuits or sweaty gym clothes, Droplet wet bag from Matador is here to help. Droplet Compact enough to fit on a keychain and large enough for a whole outfit, your sweaty gym clothes and wet swim suits are no match. It also works as a dry bag, keeping water away from things that prefer to stay dry. We haven’t counted, but Droplet has at least a million uses. Droplet is perfect for people who travel. Use it to secure items that might leak in your luggage and organize small items. Use it to hold snacks that might make a mess of your briefcase or to contain condensation on your water bottle on humid days. Keep a Droplet in your keychain, pack one in your gym bag, stash one in your luggage, send one with your kiddo to camp. Droplets protect your stuff, and so much more. Patent pending.

Price £14.99 Available–wetdry-micro-storage-bag-8322-p.asp Also Available £20

Bizziebaby Bronze Award Winner 2016 – Sports bags category

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Matador Droplet Reviews

Product Tested By Kristin Crossett

Kristin Awarded The Matador Droplet 4.2/5

I thought it looked quite cool in its packaging and that the idea seemed quite clever. I also liked the idea of the bag being in something other than another bag — I’ve only ever seen similar product in little pouches, not a rubber container. I thought the packaging was neat and clear. It wasn’t too bulky but caught the eye quite well. Instructions for this product were straightforward and clear. I liked the fact that they were cleverly made part of the packaging rather than being on a separate piece of paper. It seems to be good quality and feels like it would last quite well. I do find it rather a pain to get the bag back in the droplet carrier and would prefer a bigger ring for attaching it to my bag though. Personally I wouldn’t pay this much for the product but that is just me. It might have better value for money for someone who swims as a part of their daily exercise. While I think the product is great, I don’t think that I will get enough use out of it to make it worth the money to buy it for me. I would maybe consider getting it for a gift for a friend who might find it more useful, but would want to watch for it to go on sale before purchasing it. I have friend who would find this useful for their kids or themselves after
swimming so I would recommend it to them. I liked the product over all. There were a few small complaints I had about it (fitting it back in the pouch, cost, and size of the jump ring) but I think overall it is a quite good product. Overall I find the product to be a good one and quite a clever idea. There are a few small changes I would make to overall design, but the packaging and concept were great. I have it on my changing bag for my baby so that I can use it to contain any clothes from nappy explosions so I don’t need to worry about them getting other items dirty/smelly in the bag. I would also consider it quite useful for trips to the pool to bring back my swimsuit without getting my entire changing bag wet. Kristin Crossett

Product Tested By Charles Philpot

Charles Awarded The Matador Droplet 4.8/5

Looked ideal for gym and vacation. Neat size and easily attachable to my gym bag. Great design very discreet. Design is appealing. Packaging ideal and good quality. Instructions clear. It is easy to get bag out but takes a while to master putting it back in container. This was ideal for the gym just popped sweaty tops in and kept them away from rest of gym kit. This has also been ideal for camping and take to the pool as well as ideal to take on holiday as can pop wet swim shorts in. This is neat, compact and so handy. I have since purchased one for my partner and have also recommended to other gym members. It is well made, value for money and a great asset for me. If you
love sports then this is ideal. Charles Philpot

Product Tested By Sian Waldron

Sian Awarded The Matador Droplet 4/5

Eye catching handy to have bag. I was surprised by the size of the product and the price of the product. Packaging is nice and funky; it’s a small plastic cube demonstrating the compactness of the item. Plastic is clear with an eye catching bright blue and white cardboard insert to be eye catching. As the packaging is small there are only a few short instructions. It’s pretty self-explanatory and not really informative but then what instructions are necessary for a bag. The bag is neatly stitched and the heat sealed at the main seams. I haven’t damaged the product but I have reservations as to how tough the material is. If something with a point was to come into the materials contact I would suspect it would damage. Great colour and I like the feel of the material. It’s expensive for a fold away bag, if you would happen to use the product feature for its water tightness then its better value yet still expensive for the size of the bag. It does feel waterproof bag and I like the idea that it can be carried around and then wet/soiled items can be placed in the bag. It’s easy to carry the droplet and this does not take up much room in a bag, I would recommend if family or friends were going to beach or often have to carry wet /soiled items, it’s handy to have to hand and does not take up much room. It a small easy to carry handy bag, also including
the bonus that this is waterproof. Has many uses. It would have been handy if there was a way to attach the holder to the bag, this is something that I have a feeling will get lost at some point. If there was a little clip this could then be clipped to the toggle. I’m suspicions as to how watertight a toggle can be. I like the droplet design. Sian Waldron

Product Tested By Emanuel Lopez

Emanuel Awarded The Matador Droplet 4/5

Nice packaging, well presented. Pretty easy to understand the instructions. Quality is good but product can be difficult to use. More precisely, this can be quite difficult to fold the bag in after usage. While the product can be useful, it seems a bit overpriced in comparison to far bigger bags that are less expensive. Size of the bag is a bit small too. Nice but perfectible. Product and packing are promising but it is quite difficult to fold the bag in after usage. Price seems a bit high to me. Emanuel Lopez

I have it on my changing bag for my baby so that I can use it to contain any clothes from nappy explosions so I don’t need to worry about them getting other items dirty/smelly in the bag. I would also consider it quite useful for trips to the pool to bring back my swimsuit without getting my entire changing bag wet.


Kristin Awarded The Matador Droplet 4.2/5

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