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Math Island Addition & Subtraction Game

Be the first to escape the lava-filled ruins of Maths Island with this exciting maths board game which helps children practise counting, adding, and subtracting up to 20. Designed for 2–4 players, this adventurous game takes intrepid adventurers around the mayhem-filled confines of Maths Island, where they must use their addition and subtraction skills to escape and win. This fun maths game for children includes fun equation dice that serve up a different maths problem with every roll. Solve the problem and discover how many spaces you move. It’s a fun way to promote number learning for children.

Escape quicksand, avoid the temple guards, and navigate the crumbling bridge as you add and subtract your way across the game board to escape Maths Island.

Designed for 2-4 players, this fun, fast-paced maths game for children challenges players to escape Maths Island using only their early years maths skills. It’s ideal for playing in the classroom to reinforce concepts at the end of a lesson, or at home.
Add, subtract, and win! Moving around this children’s maths game is easy. Simply roll the equation dice, solve the addition or subtraction problem that follows, and move that many spaces on the board.
Specially designed with little ones in mind, this game helps children as young as 6 practise addition and subtraction skills through exciting board game play.
Includes game board, volcano popper, 4 adventurer characters with stands, 2 number dice, 1 equation dice, and Game Guide.

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Math Island Addition & Subtraction Game Reviews

Product Tested By Anne Rice – Isaac, Ethan & Patrick – 7,8, & 11 Years

Anne Awarded The Math Island Addition & Subtraction Game 4.4/5

Colourful, sturdy box. Fun image on the front of the box which would encourage children to want to play. The concept of the game is to escape from math island with the treasure avoiding being caught by the quicksand, volcano and tangly vines. The instructions are easy to follow, however for the first couple of games we kept them out to check what the special spaces on the board meant as we couldn’t remember them all at first. The game is very easy to play and the boys would be working out maths problems without even realising it. Everyone enjoyed the adding and subtracting to get through the quicksand and avoiding the temple guard but also to try and land on a short cut through the quicksand and the volcano. Although the boys didn’t find the maths in this game challenging, they did find it fun and there is room to improve on how fast you can solve a problem. The game is relatively quick to complete so it kept us entertained and allowed us to play a number of games with various different people. Although the maths questions were not difficult it is always good to incorporate maths into everyday activities and this game allows children to improve maths skills in a fun way. I would definitely recommend this game to develop and improve your child’s counting skills as that is the main basis of the game. We played this game on 2/3 occasions every week. Playing several games at a time. We played this game with a variety of people age ranges between 7 and 76! Everyone enjoyed playing except nanny who kept getting caught by the temple guard and had to go back to the start several times. There are lots of different spaces on the board where you have to follow different instructions so it keeps them interested in what to do next. The volcano was definitely one of the favourite parts in our family. The game is good at keeping children engaged with so many special spaces to land on and allows children to improve their maths skills without realising they are doing so. I think this would be great for 6 /7 year olds to practice their skills however this game can be enjoyed by everyone. I think this would be a great game to have in schools to allow children to learn in a fun way. The quality of the product is of a good standard. The box is well made and sturdy and is easy to store. I do think this game is good value for money however I think it would benefit more people if the price bracket could be lowered slightly. I would buy this product as a present for someone turning 6/7 as I think it is great fun as well as educational. I would recommend this product to friends and family for children of the appropriate age. I do think the price of the game could be lowered slightly however it is definitely worth the money and has given our family hours of fun and laughter. If you are looking for a game for children to play and improve their maths skills whilst having fun, then this is the game for you. It is well made and practical to store. It encourages the use of maths into an everyday activity and captures the imagination of children. The game is well thought out and the layout/graphics are fun, bight and colourful. Overall, this game is a new favourite in our house. Anne Rice – Isaac, Ethan & Patrick – 7,8, & 11 Years

Product Tested By Nathan Gregory – Frederick 6 Years

Nathan Awarded The Math Island Addition & Subtraction Game 4.4/5

Bright colours and fun design on the box, however I was unsure how much fun it would be based off the description. After playing it I really like it. It was fun and has not yet caused any frustration or arguments! It was educational without being obviously so, the maths was not too complicated but appropriate for their age and school progress. Instructions very easy to understand for adults. The children did find this easy to play and they got the concept with a bit of help and quickly became immersed in it. They enjoyed the different route and crumbling bridge as the game continued. They did find this game fun and challenging. The older children enjoyed helping the younger ones and it became something to base maths practice on without them realising! They were entertained and have repeated played the game through with no issue. This did help with their match skills. It allowed practice in a fun way without any complaining. It did help improve their counting skills. Over summer we played this more than weekly but before they would ask to play on family games night every couple of weeks. This game was played with all the family. I wasn’t sure and thought it would be boring for the adults but it was actually quite fun and we enjoyed playing it alongside them. The children liked the volcano! I found the game enjoyable and time helping them practice match skills. Age suitability matched my son’s stage he was at in school and what they had been doing as a 5/6 year old. I feel this game maybe too advanced for a nursery but definitely in key stage 1. Good quality as not broken yet and easy to assemble. £20 is quite a bit to spend but similar to other non-educational games. We’ve enjoyed it would recommend to others. I might be put off by the price without having played it previously or having it recommended to me. However I would consider buying it having tried it out. I would recommend as a fun way to spend some family time and helped them be more confident with numbers. Having received the product I wasn’t overly excited about it as an adult, however I was pleasantly surprised after playing it and have reached for it myself to play with the family. It is a simple game with fun features to interest the children all the while making the unwittingly practice their school work. I would recommend this to friends and family or may buy as a present. Nathan Gregory – Frederick 6 Years

Product Tested By Sarah Cummins – Annabelle & Samuel – 9 & 6 Years

Sarah Awarded The Math Island Addition & Subtraction Game 5/5

The game is nicely packaged and looks attractive. It looks educational but enjoyable. The game looks adventurous and age appropriate. The aim of the game is to make it around the island avoiding the obstacles by solving maths sums. The board is bright and colourful, and by having two dice with an equation sign makes it educational. It’s a simple idea that’s fun to play. The volcano is especially fun. The instructions are simple but do need an adult to lead. It would be great if there was a simple instruction card for children to use to encourage independence. Both my children understood the rules and were able to play the game with support. My 6 year old found the addition and subtraction tricky but enjoyed the challenge. My son particularly enjoyed the concept of this game and loved that it was like a pirate island. Both my children have enjoyed playing this game over and over although the maths challenges are harder for my son it does not affect his chances of winning so he still loved the game. This did keep them entertained and both children have chosen to play this game frequently. The game has really helped with mental maths. The more my children have played the better they have got at the sums supporting learning at school. It also helped them with adding and subtracting and counting and improved these skills. My children have played this frequently over the holidays and have played around 10 times. My children played with each other, and with my older daughter I enjoyed playing too so it is fun to play. My son loved the traps and the volcano. I like that it encourages my children’s maths skills. My son is 6 and he was able to play with support. He is good at maths but children of lower abilities may need more encouragement or support but even my older children enjoyed it. This is a good educational game and I am a teaching assistant and I have used this with children at school. This is really good quality I was impressed. This game is reasonably priced and educational it’s fun to play too. I would buy this as fun and educational and something different for the children. I have already recommended and also to school. I think this is a fun game that is well made and reasonably priced. Its educational but without the educational element controlling the chances of winning or losing. I like this as it encourages my children to help each other and keep trying but not become frustrated. It also means that children of different ages can play. Sarah Cummins – Annabelle & Samuel – 9 & 6 Years

If you are looking for a game for children to play and improve their maths skills whilst having fun, then this is the game for you. It is well made and practical to store. It encourages the use of maths into an everyday activity and captures the imagination of children. The game is well thought out and the layout/graphics are fun, bight and colourful. Overall, this game is a new favourite in our house.


Anne Awarded The Math Island Addition & Subtraction Game 4.4/5

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