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MathLink® Cubes Numberblocks 1-10 Activity Set

This special edition MathLink Cubes set brings Numberblocks learning to life as children see how numbers work and master key Early Learning maths skills through hands-on discovery and play.

This set includes all children need to build the Numberblocks characters One to Ten in all configurations seen during episodes.

MathLink® Cubes Numberblocks 1-10 Activity Set is ideal for maths learning in the classroom or at home.

The 30 activities on the 15 write-and-wipe activity cards feature fun ways for children to use MathLink Cubes to develop early maths skills. The activities have been developed to help children recognise numbers, learn to count, add and subtract, discover division and multiplication, and develop problem-solving skills.

Children use the colourful Character Cards to learn more about each number.

MathLink Cubes are durable stackable cubes that are easy for little hands to stack, connect and twist apart.

The set includes 100 Numberblocks MathLink Cubes, 59 faceplates, 54 stickers, 11 Numberlings, 11 Character Cards, 15 double-sided write and wipe activity cards, 1 stand for Zero, and a multilingual Supporting Activity Guide.

Numberblocks MathLink Cubes blocks measure 2cm square, character cards measure 7.5cm L x 10cm W, activity cards measure 21.5cm W x 14cm W.

Also available is the MathLink Cubes Numberblocks 11-20 Activity Set, sold separately.

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MathLink® Cubes Numberblocks 1-10 Activity Set Reviews

Product Tested By Gemma Roberts – Jessica 4 Years

Gemma Awarded The MathLink® Cubes Numberblocks 1-10 Activity Set 5/5

I thought the set looked great: bright colours, well packaged and something that would appeal to both my children. I really like the design. I liked that the stickers came separately so that my daughter was able to stick the stickers on and create the characters herself (my 6 year old son enjoyed helping with that activity too). The cubes are made so that they can connect in different ways which makes it easy for children to see that numbers can be made up in different ways. The instructions were mostly clear though I didn’t realise at first that there weren’t enough cubes to make both versions of a number where there is more than one way of putting it together. It’s been a while since we watched the TV show but both my children have watched it a lot in the past so we’re very familiar with the characters. My daughter enjoyed putting the characters together and was able to do it mostly independently. She was easily able to match the characters to the cards (though sometimes had to count the blocks to make sure). My daughter was able to handle, connect and take apart the cubes by herself which meant she was able to do some independent play with them as well. We haven’t got through all the activities yet but they have been great for my daughter. She is just starting in reception and her counting skills are already good but these cubes have been great to start building an understanding of adding and subtracting with her too. The variety of activities included meant that she stayed engaged and didn’t get bored as if she had had enough of one activity we could have a go at another. The character cards really appealed to her as she knows them from the TV programme and she had fun trying out all the different ways of making each number. The addition example showing how you might make that number was useful too. The wipe clean cards are a great idea I think and they were great quality so will last a while I’m sure. I struggle to get my daughter to write much at the moment so she wasn’t as keen on this activity but I’m sure as she gets used to writing more at school she will get more out of them. These games and activities are a great way for children to learn while having fun. The familiar characters are a great help and it’s a really engaging set which appeals well to children. I think it has helped my daughter improve her maths skills and will do as she moves forward and learns more at school too. It’s great to know I have activities at home to support her as well. I noticed some improvement after playing just a few of the activities. Her understanding that numbers can be made up in the different ways and how she can use the blocks to help add two numbers together developed quite quickly. This is a great educational set which is fun at the same time so something that will appeal to children, especially those struggling a bit with their maths and counting skills. Both my children enjoyed this set but I did find that one activity in each session was enough for my daughter as she would then want to go and do something else but that’s true of a lot of her games/activities so not unusual for her. We probably got this set out twice a week on average with us mostly trying a different activity each time. I think she most liked associating the numbers with the characters – it definitely made the set more fun than if they were just plain cubes and meant that she wanted to play with it more often than she would have otherwise. I liked the variety of activities and the different ways you can help build children’s number skills. The whole set was great quality, well made and will last well. The blocks fit together nicely and in a way that children can do themselves too. I think this is great value. The quality is good and the number and range of activities included mean that the set will last children a while and can be used in many different ways. It’s a great set to have either at home or in the classroom. I would buy this set as I think it covers a lot of different math’s skills and approaches them in a way that appeals to children. The tie in with the TV show is of big appeal and adds another element. I would recommend this set as it has benefitted my child so feel confident it would do the same for others. It’s enjoyable to use and will last a while so is a good investment. I was really pleased with this set. It came with a lot more activities than I expected and covered more skills too than I thought it would. I didn’t expect it to appeal to my 6 year old too but it did which shows it will last children a while and get a good amount of use. The quality was great and it’s good value for money.  We really enjoyed this set and look forward to continuing to try out the activities we haven’t got to yet. My children loved playing with the characters and made up their own stories using them as well as doing the activities contained in the set. My daughters maths skills have improved since using the set so I am very happy to recommend it to others. Gemma Roberts – Jessica 4 Years

Product Tested By Shelley Townsend – Reuben 4 Years

Shelley Awarded The MathLink® Cubes Numberblocks 1-10 Activity Set 5/5

This looked great when this arrived. Very colourful and exciting. Easy to follow instructions. Reuben was familiar with Number Blocks prior to receiving this. Reuben found it easy to match the numberblocks to the relevant cards. He was able to hole, stack, connect and twist apart independently. I have seen great improvements in Reubens recognition of numbers and ability to count since using the activities. Reuben loved the character cards and would often ask to watch the number blocks after using this so he could see the characters more. The cards are very durable, Reuben liked writing on them and its helped his mark making. We are still working on being able to form numbers correctly and making them legible. This has most definitely improved number recognition, we are still working on further Math’s skills. I noticed an improvement in mathematical skills after a week or so. I work in a school and I definitely think this would be appealing to KS1 children and great for interventions too. To begin with no it did not entertain,  but the more times we used it and explored more the longer we used it for. This was used every day for 10 minutes. Reuben loves how colourful it is and loves that he recognized the number blocks. I liked how we could both get involved, Reuben liked being able to do it independently after us doing the activity a few times together. Excellent quality and very durable. I would happily pay the RRP for this product. Once Reuben is ready to move onto higher numbers I will most definitely be looking to purchase the 11-20 set. I have already recommended this to my sister ass her  daughter has just started reception and is learning number 1-10. This has been a wonderful product to use, my son has just started school so it is very handy to have alongside him learning number, formation and math’s at school. My son can recognize all number 1-10 but struggles to form them correctly, I feel this product will most definitely help with that and also encourage to explore math’s skills. Shelley Townsend – Reuben 4 Years

Product Tested By Emily Kirby – Daughter 5 Years

Emily Awarded The MathLink® Cubes Numberblocks 1-10 Activity Set 3.7/5

The colours and pictures on the box we’re very appealing and my children were excited to open it. Especially as my eldest recognised it from the TV. Design is bright, colourful and appealing. I found the instructions complicated. I’m quite a visual learner but I didn’t find them that intuitive. I kept having to refer to the instructions every time I looked at one of the activity cards to try and work out what to do and it didn’t flow very well. The activity became quite clunky and my daughter for bored of me having to keep looking at the instructions for each activity card! My daughter does watch the Number Blocks TV show occasionally. She found it easy to match the characters to the cards. She did find the cubes easy to hold although some of them are slightly stiff but I think they will ease in time. We found the activity cards quite confusing to work out and keep referring to the instructions so she gets a bit bored and distracted each time. My daughter liked to play with the blocks and count out the numbers. We did not use the activity cards that much, but good to know you can use and hen wipe clean. I couldn’t say if this has improved her math’s skills yet as we haven’t had it too long and she doesn’t like to play with it for very long periods of time, however, she is interested in exploring the blocks and tries to apply it to the math’s skills she is learning at school (Year 1). I do agree this is educational but I think it may need to be simplified. This kept her entertained for about 15-20 Minutes each time.  We used this once a week. My daughter liked the colours and stickers on the faces of the number blocks and being able to create each number with the blocks. I also liked the fact she can create the numbers herself. Good quality and strong. I think it’s quite expensive but cheaper than Numicon. I would probably buy it for my children if it was around the £15 mark. I would buy this as I do think it assist her learning as she goes through school. I do find the activity cards a bit confusing though. I would also recommend as feel it would help children with learning skills. Good product but I think it needs to be brought back to basics or perhaps have a couple of different age ranges. It’s a bit overwhelming for my daughter who is only 5 and is still learning the very basics and just focuses on the blocks rather than the activity cards.  It’s also quite expensive. However, the colours and sizes of the blocks are appealing and easy to use. Emily Kirby – Daughter 5 Years




The quality was great and it’s good value for money.  We really enjoyed this set and look forward to continuing to try out the activities we haven’t got to yet. My children loved playing with the characters and made up their own stories using them as well as doing the activities contained in the set. My daughters maths skills have improved since using the set so I am very happy to recommend it to others.


Gemma Awarded The MathLink® Cubes Numberblocks 1-10 Activity Set 5/5

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