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Mattel Hot Wheels Wall Tracks Stunt Set

Get racing with the Hot Wheels Wall Tracks Basic Stunt Set. Take your races where they’ve never gone before – off the floor and onto the walls! Stop bouncing your head off the wall and start racing off the wall with all your friends. Stunts, speed, turns, and tricks, powered by gravity and set up any way you can imagine it.Mix, match, and combine with other Wall Tracks sets to create an all-new Hot Wheels competition. Complete track set is safety-tested and easy to hang with safe-for-walls Command™ Strips.Note: Includes one car. Not for use with some Hot Wheels vehicles. This is an assortment. You will only receive one of the products illustrated.FEATURES:Hot Wheels Wall Tracks Basic Stunt Set – 3 AssortedGreat gift idea for the little car enthusiast in your home.Command strips won’t damage walls.Hot Wheels Wall Tracks Basic Stunt Set includes: One die-cast Hot Wheels® car.Full-colour hanging template for easy set-up.Command Strips from 3m.Connects to other Wall Tracks™ sets.Manufacturer’s recommended age: 4 and up.Requires assembly.Note: Includes one car. Not for use with some Hot Wheels vehicles

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Mattel Hot Wheels Wall Tracks Stunt Set Reviews

Product Tested by: Kerry Brook – Molly 3 and Brook 10

Product Tested By Kerry Brook – Molly 3 and Brook 10

Kerry Awarded The Mattel Hot Wheels Wall Tracks Stunt Set 4.3/5

This looked like it wouldn’t take up much room but looked complicated to put together. It was lovely and colourful in the usual Hot Wheels colours. I was expecting it to be lots of fun. The packaging had a clear picture of product; action packed. The size of the toy was compact and colourful. It was very easy to put on the wall, much easier than expected. Entertainment value is great, both children loves it even though they are very different in age. They played with it over and over again and it’s still being used regularly. It did look quite complicated to assemble and play but the instructions were clear and after a few goes kids became experts. I thought it looked a bit repetitive but it’s keeping kids happy for long periods of time. I think it may help with motor skills and hand eye co-ordination in fact each child loved it so much that there were squabbles over it needing intervention from adults. My youngest who is 3 spent long periods of intensive play with it. The plastic seems good quality, however one or two of the moving parts aren’t as free as they should be and it does tend to come apart and need reassembling. I think it offers excellent value for money. I would buy this. It would make a good gift for a wide age range. I would recommend it; the children really enjoyed playing with it and it’s great that it doesn’t need batteries and takes up little space. Very clever idea attaching it to the wall keeps it out of the way and also negates the need of batteries because it uses gravity to power the cars. It is really good to find a car track that doesn’t take up floor space and need to be constantly cleared away to prevent tripping. I find this kind of thing usually spends most of its time in a box after the first use because the need for large amounts of floor space is impractical, this solves that though: great idea.  Kerry Brook – Molly 3 and Brook 10

Product Tested By Michelle Moore – Jake 6 Years

Michelle Awarded The Mattel Hot Wheels Wall Tracks Stunt Set 5/5

I was very excited about the product, thought it was a great idea. The packaging was a good size box, and product was easy to get out of the packaging. It is a good size toy, great that you can add more sets to make bigger too. It was easy to put on the wall. It was great that no holes are required, easy sticky strips and comes with a template so you can’t go wrong, it looks quite daunting at first when you see all pieces, but it is easy to do and everything is straight forward, the instructions are clear and easy to follow. My son has played with it every day, he loves cars and he loves that it’s there on the wall all made up and doesn’t break up like his others. I think it’s suitable for any car loving child. My son has had hours of fun with his wall tracks and never seems to get bored of it; we have bought additional wall tracks to make a much bigger track. My son and his friends have enjoyed experimenting with the wall tracks; I think it’s good for hand eye co-ordination skills, motor skill and cognitive skills. It is a good quality product and great value for money. My son has had plenty of use out of the toy already and never seems to be bored of playing with the track. I have already recommended this product to friends; also other children who have played with the product have asked if they can have one. It is a great product, better than I thought it would be. Stays on the wall, and provides good entertainment factor. I would highly recommend hot wheels wall tracks; it’s a great idea and perfect if you have a child who loves racing their cars around tracks. Its great as there is no mess on the floor, no bits to keep falling over and getting broken, it simply stays all made up on the wall ready to use at all times. Plus having a racing track on your bedroom wall is really hard to beat. Michelle Moore – Jake 6 Years

Product Tested By Laura Pagan – Callum 5 Years

Laura Awarded The Mattel Hot Wheels Wall Tracks Stunt Set 4.1/5

As a fan of hot wheels we were excited to receive this item and it looked like a brilliant idea – having limited bedroom space. The product looked like a totally brand new idea. The item was well packaged and looked very appealing to my son. The picture on the box was good representation to actual product. We have many hot wheels sets but find this one by far the best simply because it does not take up loads of room on the floor. We were able to fit it onto a small part of my son’s bedroom wall – allowing him to play with whenever suited him without having to set it up every time. The set was just the right size for his average size bedroom. The tracks were very easy to assemble and put on the wall. The instructions suggested 20 minutes to assemble but we found we were able to do this in about 10 minutes. When you open the packaging it is quite daunting with the amount of pieces but the instructions are good and allow you to attach to the wall with any damage caused. We all enjoyed playing with this toy when we set it up. My son was very amused at how it worked and the different ways the cars could go. I had no concerns about my son using this item. He is able to play with this alone, take it apart and put it back together again. The toy is appropriate for the recommended age. My son enjoyed playing with the toy every day for the first week but I found it became repetitive for him. When he was playing with it did keep him occupied for quite some time. This toy definitely helped with hand-eye coordination. The fact the tracks are on the wall provides a toy at a level different to the normal playing on the floor. Also just placing the car on the tracks and moving the tracks about requires use of these skills. This toy has been on my wall for over a month and has remained there without any problems – even with a 5 year old having full access at all times. The toy is the best quality I have seen for a hot wheels set. I find this toy to be well priced for what it is and like the fact that you can add to it. I would buy this product and fully intend to purchase some of the additions. I would recommend this item. I was very impressed by how easy the product was to assemble and also the fact that it did not damage the wall. My son thoroughly enjoyed it for the first while but did find it repetitive eventually. I think this would be easily solved by purchasing different sets to add to it. Overall I feel this item is good value for money and is robust enough to be left out to play with without being damaged. Laura Pagan – Callum 5 Years

It is really good to find a car track that doesn’t take up floor space and need to be constantly cleared away to prevent tripping.


Kerry Awarded The Mattel Hot Wheels Wall Tracks Stunt Set 4.3/5

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