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Mattel Red Rover Game

Red Rover is a memory-matching game combined with run-around play. It features an adorable electronic talking dog and 12 bones with a color and number, shape, or letter. The object of the game is to collect the most bones. The game is set up by placing the 12 bones randomly around a space. The game starts when preschoolers press the Red Rover nose and he calls out which bones he wants. Preschoolers run to find the right bone and feed it to rover. If they’re right, they keep the bone. If they’re wrong, Red Rover encourages them to go back and find the right one! Whoever helps Rover the fastest wins!

1 cute, electronic talking dog12 bones with colors, numbers, shapes and lettersAlso features all-in-one game storage in Red Rover’s backpack

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£19.99 Available in Tesco, Toys R Us, Argos and Smyths or click online to find local stockist

Mattel Red Rover Game Reviews

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Product Tested By Diana Abott – Lizzie 3 Years 6 Months

Diana Awarded The Mattel Red Rover Toy 4.5/5

Looked bright and good quality interactive toy. Packaging good quality protected item. The concept of the game is easy to understand, and it also has 2 levels. This is a talking dog toy and it will ask your child to pick a bone (these are numbers, colours and shapes). The game is to have these all placed down on the floor and your child has to remember where each one is. As instructed they pick the right one put in Rovers mouth and he congratulates them. The 2 levels include colours and then 2nd level shapes and numbers. This is so simple to set up. Also all the bones can be stored in compartment at back of toy so easy to keep these safe and easy to store. Lizzie loves this game and really enjoys it when Rover tells her "Well Done”. Such a good game to help with memory, shapes, numbers and colours. This has kept Lizzie amused and she plays it on a regular basis. Has really helped her with her words and colours and can see us using this for a long time to come. A fun, bright colourful educational toy which has been a hit with Lizzie. I believe good value for money as educational and makes learning fun. Would purchase this and have already recommended. Diana Abott – Lizzie 3 Years 6 Months

Product Tested By Ali Glyn – Lara 2 Years 6 Months

Ali Awarded The Mattel Red Rover Toy 4/5

Fun, bright, well-constructed. Packaging good. Concept of the game is easy to understand. Easy to understand and with the 2 difficulty levels gives it longer life span. Great for learning colours and shapes. Initially this was a bit difficult as she had only just turned 2 and still learning colours, 4 months on she’s enjoying this. My daughter really likes this toy. Helps with learning colours, shapes and following instructions. Well-constructed, no fiddly pieces that require adult assistance. A bit pricey but a good toy. The irritating American voice in it drives my husband and I bonkers!! My daughter loves it though and if it keeps her entertained then good value toy. Good toy if you can tolerate the loud repetitive American voice. Fun and educational toy, kids will love. Ali Glyn – Lara 2 years 6 Months

Product Tested By Lucinda Pugh – Nigel – 4 years

Lucinda Awarded The Red Rover Toy 4.7/5

Looked good quality. Packaging good and toy is very well made. My son absolutely loves this toy. The game is very easy to pick up and after we sat down and explained it to Nigel he picked it up really quickly. This game has 2 levels so can help your child progress onto the next level. Level 1 starts off with colours and then as they progress level 2 covers shapes and numbers. You place all the bones face down on the floor and Rover asks you to pick one up and put in his mouth. This stimulates the mind, helps with memory and helps with letters, numbers, colours and shapes. You can all join in the fun and when you press Rovers nose he tells you which bones to collect. The one to collect the most correct bones the quickest is the winner. We have had hours of fun with this toy and now one of Nigel’s favourites. Such a great way to learn. Also the toy has a compartment at the back where you can store all the bones and keep them safe. We have enjoyed playing this game and really has helped Nigel with his letters and numbers mostly. A well-made, good value toy which is a hit with all of us. Lucinda Pugh – Nigel 4 years

A fun, bright colourful educational toy which has been a hit with Lizzie. I believe good value for money as educational and makes learning fun.


Diana Awarded The Mattel Red Rover Toy 4.5/5

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