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Max Balls

Max was the invention of a Dad frustrated by the lack of resource and support in the area of potty training, who then set about creating this first of its kind, fit for purpose device, which actually works in helping to make the potty training experience fun, by giving Boys and Girls a point of focus and interest. Named after his own son, Max is on hand to assist Mums and Dad everywhere, to accelerate the toilet training process and reduce their child’s dependency on nappies. 

Available in packs of two or four, Max is made using Hygienilac, a special anti-microbial ingredient, which sits in the body of the device, giving Max his anti-bacterial qualities. Simply place a Max into the toilet bowl, where he will happily float for up to four weeks at a time and then invite your children to aim at him, making the whole process fun for everyone.

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Max Balls Reviews

Product Tested by: Lisa Martin

Product Tested By Lisa Martin

Lisa Awarded the Max Balls 5/5

This looked very fun and appealing to toddlers. The packaging is bright and informative, the instructions are also clear and simple to understand. I felt that these balls did create a fun environment to encourage my child to use the toilet. Each ball didn’t manage to last a month because my toddler wanted to take them elsewhere with him so I had to remove them in the end. The quality is excellent and I think they are great value for money too. These are very usefull and fun my toddler really liked them but wanted to take them to other toilets with him so would recommend getting couple of packs. Lisa Martin

Product Tested By
Davina Walters

Davina Awarded the Max Balls 4/5

I thought these looked like a lot of fun and was looking forward to trying them out. Packaging and instructions are all great. I found that the product did actually work, they did make a fun atmosphere for my child to go to the loo. Each ball lasted long enough and I do think using them helped to keep the toilet cleaner! These are great quality and very well priced, you’ve got to give them a go! Davina Walters

Product Tested By David Striker

David  Awarded the Max Balls 4.7/5

With 2 young boys I was eager to try these out, especially as my wife had been complaining toilet was unhygienic.  Packaging good, instructions simple to follow and great idea.  We just popped them in the loo and it did make a difference.  The bathroom was certainly cleaner and the boys had fun aiming at the Max balls.  They certainly helped and boys had fun too.  A great ide well worth the investment and would invest in a few packs as our boys did like to take them out of the loo every so often.  Certainly helps with toilet training and an item I will be recommending.  Good concept, effective and easy to use.  David Striker

The quality is excellent and I think they are great value for money too. These are very usefull and fun my toddler really liked them.


Lisa Awarded the Max Balls 5/5

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