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Maxi-Cosi Cabrio Fix Car Seat With Base

The Maxi-Cosi CabrioFix must always be fitted in a rearward facing position (in the opposite direction to the traffic flow) using a standard 3-point seat belt. NEVER place the Maxi-Cosi on a front seat if an airbag is fitted.Maxi-Cosi CabrioFix is an universal group 0+ child car seat for children up to 13 kg (birth until 12 months). The Maxi-Cosi CabrioFix can be used on a forward facing car seat fitted with an automatic or static 3-point seat belt which is approved according to ECE regulation No. 16 or an equivalent standard. The Maxi-Cosi CabrioFix can also be used in combination with the Maxi-Cosi EasyFix and the Maxi-Cosi EasyBase. Maxi Cosi Cabrio Fix Group 0+ – For baby’s from 0-13 kg
Birth until 12 months Conforms to:ECE R44/04


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Maxi-Cosi CabrioFix £139 with FamilyFix Base £179 or EasyFix £129 Available at selected retailers or click online

Maxi-Cosi Cabrio Fix Car Seat With Base Reviews

Product Tested by:

Product Tested By Dawn Pirrie – Baby Willow 14 days

Dawn Awarded The Maxi-Cosi Cabrio Fix Car Seat With Base 5/5

Solid and stylish car seat. Compact and looks very comfortable. I found this website very informative, I really liked that way the product detail and instructions were available for each item, it is also nice to see the awards given for the car seat, this gives you peace of mind that lots of others are happy with this item too. I love the idea of the instruction movie, very helpful even if only to double check you have done everything correctly.  The instructions are extremely clear and well thought out, these are very easy to follow, and covered every aspect of the seat. This product did not need any assembly, and only required the adjustment of the harness straps, which was extremely straightforward and explained in the instruction manual.  This car seat fixes into the quick fix car seat base. Once the base is installed to your car seat, which is very simple to do and easy to remove, if you wish to have as an adult seat, using the seat couldn’t be easier. The car seat just clicks in and out of the quick fix base. I never had one of these with my other children, but now wonder how I ever managed without. It really has made life so much easier, and you know that your child is securely in as there is no need to mess around with repositioning the seat and seatbelt! This car seat also clips into my Quinny Buzz, so it is extremely versatile.  The car seat comes with a sun canopy which neatly hides away in a small push button compartment at the top edge of the seat. This is easy to open and the sun canopy just has two small loops of material which fasten to the handle of the car seat, it is an elastic material so when removed from the handle the canopy just pops back into the compartment virtually by itself. There is also a head hugger with the car seat, this is ideal for newborns, the head hugger is attached to another piece of padded material which basically covers the length of Willow’s spine, although the car seat is exceptionally well padded on its own, I really like the fact they have added this extra padding for newborns. The head hugger, keeps Willow’s head secure and in place when I’m driving or walking around. At the back of the car seat there is also a small clip down compartment, this houses the excess material of the seat belt so you can adjust it, this is ingenious, as the last car seat that I had got tangled and I was unable to adjust it to its full extent. The compartment also has ample room to store a small item such as wipes or a bottle, not sure if it’s meant for this but it comes in very handy! Willow, looks extremely comfortable in the Maxi Cosi car seat, there is plenty of room for her yet she doesn’t look all crumpled up in the middle, which has happened with other car seats I have used and seen. The head hugger keeps her secure and she doesn’t have to be in it for very long before falling asleep.   The harness is very easy to use, and can be adjusted with ease. The clip down compartment at the back of the car seat ensures that the harness itself doesn’t get tangled when it’s in the car, or when I’m carrying it around.  The car seat itself doesn’t appear to be heavy when it’s empty, but it’s surprising what a difference a baby can make!  The carry handle is strong and robust and installs confidence in the product. They are extremely easy to move up and down, by pressing two buttons at either side of the handle.   One of the most padded car seats on the market, as this is very important to me. When the baby is newborn, you can also use the head hugger which has extra material to provide extra padding for the length of the baby. The side of the seat is also well padded, so when this is used without the head hugger there is no danger of rolling against hard edges.  The fabric is soft and stainguarded. I have successfully managed to clean off baby sick, which left no stain. The fabric is also fully removable and can be washed; I haven’t tried this out yet.  Clicks in and out of the easy click base system, and indicates to tell you if you have clicked the car seat into place correctly. This is indicated by showing red if incorrect and green when you have put this in correctly. I have also tried using the car seat without the base, this is fairly simple to do, but I found it to be quite time consuming as I was constantly double checking that I had installed it correctly. Extremely stylish and well designed. Looks great and I feel that she is safe when she is in this.  Great value for money, good price point, similar to other prices on the market, but carries brand recognition. Excellent product.  Yes, I would recommend this to anyone in the market for a high quality car seat. I think I am fussy when it comes to choosing items for my children so I’m sure if it passes my high standards I would be happy to recommend it to others.  Excellent quality item, looks stylish, easy to use and will leave you feeling confident about the safety of you baby.  Dawn Pirrie – Baby Willow 14 days

Product Tested By Tracy Smith – Baby Tayla 9 Weeks

Tracy Awarded The Maxi-Cosi Cabrio Fix Car Seat With Base  4/5

Looks very snug and sturdy.  Website is easy to use and it’s nice to be able to see all the different colour combinations, doesn’t give a price though.   Instructions were clear and very easy to follow.  The car seat is quite straight forward and easy to assemble and easy to fit onto base.  This car seat comes with a clip in base.  does have head hugger which is a little tight if baby is chunky quite awkward when your baby has winter coat on,  no rain cover or canopy provided which would have been beneficial.  Tayla looks very comfortable when sitting correctly. Safety harness is great as you can loosen and tighten very easily, baby is very secure in it.  Personally I found this seat a little heavy, but it is good quality. The carry handles are very sturdy and secure, they are a little tricky to move up and down especially when in the car as I put the handles up it can take a little getting used to as you have to lean over and press buttons on both sides to move the carry handle forward and back.  This seat is very well padded; Tayla looks very comfortable and safe.  I think they fabric is of good quality, and also very easy to wipe clean.  The easy click base is a must have fantastic item so easy to use especially when it’s raining.  The seat is great well designed easy to use the only downside is the head hugger can be a little too snug.  It is good value for money but could possibly be a little cheaper as if you buy the seat and easy fix base can work out a little expensive.  Would certainly recommend as it is sturdy comfortable and easy to use.  This product is a well made sturdy seat and the easy fix base is a must have for any busy mum/dad saves time sweat and frustration as you don’t need to fiddle with seat belts.  Tracy Smith – Baby Tayla 9 Weeks


Product Tested By Jean Kelly – Baby Anna 8 Weeks

Jean Awarded the Maxi Cosi Cabrio Fix 5/5

First impressions are really good. It looked very well made and comfortable. The website appears fun and vibrant with many items to look at according to the relevant Childrens ages. There is also a lot of detailed information for parents to consider before purchasing an extremely important piece of kit. The instructions for the product were clear and precise, simple to follow and understand. No assembly is required, which is fantastic! The car seat clips on to an ‘easy base’ which is fixed and kept in the car. It is very easy to use once installed and very convenient. We are currently using the head hugger as Anna is only 8 weeks and she looks very secure and it is a reassuring feature. She appears very comfortable. The sun canopy has also been a welcome feature for us and is easily stored away when not in use. The seat is very well padded and Anna is happy to be fitted into it. There appears to be room for her to grow too. The safety harness is very easy to use and adjustments are quickly made. I found the seat relatively heavy without Anna strapped in but no heavier than others I have tried. The carry handle appears strong, well made and easy to move up or down simply by pressing in the buttons on either side. I am extremely happy with the padding as Anna looked tiny when she was first put in it at the hospital but she looked comfy and the head hugger also put my fears at rest. The fabric has obviously been researched rigorously as it is definitely up to the job. We have already had a few fluid accidents, but we washed the cover without any problems. The seat is simply and effectively clipped on to the easy base which stays in the car once installed. In my opinion, the seat is very well designed and has all the features I would look for before investing. Safety is paramount and I feel this seat ticks all the boxes. There are also many different colours and designs to choose from. It does appear to be one of the more expensive car seats on the market but I do feel it offers value for money for peace of mind and it constantly wins awards for safety. Now that I have tested this product I would definitely, without hesitation consider buying it. And would also recommend this seat to others because I am extremely happy with it so far and it has met all my high expectations! Jean Kelly – Baby Anna 8 Weeks

Excellent quality item, looks stylish, easy to use and will leave you feeling confident about the safety of you baby.


Dawn Awarded The Maxi-Cosi Cabrio Fix Car Seat With Base 5/5

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