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Maxi-Cosi Opal


Many parents are very practically minded, and planning for the future comes as second nature to them. The Maxi-Cosi Opal is ideal for the forward-thinking parent. That’s because this car seat can be used for an extended period to protect their child up to the age of three and a half years old. There’s extended leg room and an adjustable headrest so the seat can be used in its safest ‘rearward’ position for a longer period.

It easily changes to a forward-facing position so the child can see more of the world around them, when they are old enough. Forward-facing, the Maxi-Cosi Opal offers easy adjustment from sitting to sleeping for optimal comfort, even on the longest journeys. Extra thick padding, side protection and easy width adjustment ensures a growing child is well looked after, now and far into the future.

Suitable 0-3.5 Years

Up to 18kg (Group 0+/1)


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Maxi-Cosi Opal £179 – 0-4 years - Available at selected retailrrs or click online

Maxi-Cosi Opal Reviews

Product Tested by: Sharon Hugill – Baby Grace 7 Months

Product Tested By Sharon Hugill – Baby Grace 7 Months

Sharon Awarded the Maxi Cosi Opal 5/5

This is a very useful product, it’s easy to use and will see Grace through to toddler – very good value for the RRP too. The instructions are all in picture format. When studied they made sense however a few explanatory words would have made it even easier to use the first few times. The seat is well padded for an infant and every area is fully adjustable so would suit most ages and sizes. I have also used the seat for my 3 year old niece and it was very comfortable for her too. Very easy to fit into the car, it fits the same when front and rear facing and I was able to fit it on my own with no problems at all. The fabric is soft enough not to irritate but is also easy to clean and seems hard wearing. Couldn’t really ask for anything more from a car seat. As it is suitable from 0 months to 4 years (approx) I thought it might have been a bit uncomfortable but the fact that it’s fully adjustable (even the width) makes it a great design. It also reclines which allows my daughter to sleep comfortably. This is one of the best car seats I have used and I researched lots. If this had been on the market then I would have bought it. A great car seat which will see your child through about 4 years, easy to use, fully adjustable and I really wouldn’t be without it now! Sharon Hugill – Baby Grace 7 months


Product Tested By Lucy Jenkins – Tom 11 Months

Lucy Awarded the Maxi Cosi Opal 4/5

Very good first impressions. When I first saw the product I was impressed. It looked attractive, comfortable and robust. The instructions were mainly wordless diagrams and a few pages of text further on. I would have preferred some notes with the diagrams as I would have liked clarification about some instructions. But once familiar with the product, the diagrams are good for quick reference. The seat seems very comfortable. The straps have fixed pads so the unpadded part of the belt cannot dig into a child’s skin – a great idea. The head support seems comfortable too. I didn’t like the lack of sunshade. My current car seat has a retractable sunshade which can be hooked onto the handle. I use this frequently to shade the sun from my child’s eyes so missed this feature. I like the removable padding, it looked very cozy. I like the fact that the sides can be adjusted but wonder if this is more of a gimmick. Quite easy to fit into the car, although not as easy as the isofix base I am used to. I would have preferred isofix fitting as I have always thought of it as being more secure. Very attractive and a great idea for the seat to be reversible. I didn’t like the button to adjust the length of the straps – it will get very hot in the summer. This is good value for money, particularly if it is used from birth. For those looking for a second stage car seat probably not as good value for money. However, I would not have liked to use this car seat from birth for several reasons – the lack of sunshade, the lack of handle to carry it and predominantly the lack of portability. This is a heavy car seat not suitable to carry around or place on a travel system. I would buy this as a second stage car seat as it is comfortable, robust, attractive and innovative. It is a brand I trust and a very attractive car seat which, most importantly, seems safe. Very impressive! Lucy Jenkins – Tom 11 Months

Product Tested By Nicola Ecclestone – Baby Mia 6 Months

Nicola Awarded the Maxi Cosi Opal 3.5/5

Wow! It looks really impressive, very well made and lovely fabric. The instructions were very basic and mainly just images with arrows on it to follow which were confusing and found difficult to work out if we had actually fitted it properly. In the end we had to look on the maxi cosi website where there was an instruction movie which enabled us to check it was done right. Compared to Mia’s existing rear facing seat, she looked extremely comfortable. On rear facing there is only one angle that you can have the car seat but I thought it was just right as she was able to have a good look around and not feel closed in like I think she does sometimes in her existing seat. It is very solid and padded and she looked extremely comfortable, I think she proved this because within 5 minutes of her test drive in it she was asleep. Unfortunately the seat does not fit very well in the car especially in rear facing. It isn’t very secure and has a lot of movement when strapped in place. If you put pressure on the top of the seat the bottom of the seat slips up the back seat. Due to this we have resorted to using her old car seat while she is rear facing and when she is big enough to turn her round we will test again. The seat has great fabric, very lovely to look at but also practical as it looks very easy to wipe clean. I don’t think it actually offers value for money for us as I would rather spend about the same amount on 2 car seats that offer what I require and suits my needs. When Mia was tiny the option to bring her in and out of the house in her existing seat was brilliant, especially as they can sometimes be asleep and you don’t want to disturb them or if it was a rainy, windy day the seat with a cover provides protection. With this seat you have to un strap and carry them to and from the car which I don’t think when they are small is convenient. Overall, we were really impressed with this at first, but just wasn’t comfortable with the sturdiness of the seat after thoroughly testing. Nicola Ecclestone – Baby Mia 6 Months

A great car seat which will see your child through about 4 years, easy to use, fully adjustable and I really wouldn’t be without it now!


Sharon Awarded the Maxi Cosi Opal 5/5

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