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Maxi-Cosi Pearl Car Seat Stage 1 with FamilyFix

Maxi Cosi Pearl Stage 1 Car seat Suitable 9 Months – 4 Years – 9-18kg

If a child isn’t comfortable they’ll soon let their parents know, especially as they discover their voice! With five comfortable positions, from sitting to sleeping, the Maxi-Cosi Pearl has plenty of options to get your little one sitting perfectly.

As the child grows, the headrest and harness belts can also grow to accommodate their ever-developing bodies. Along with the innovative harness system that helps get your child in and out of the car seat easier, the car seat can only be installed with the FamilyFix base (IsoFix), so both parent and child can both sit back and enjoy the ride, knowing they’re well looked after.

Two into one does go with the innovative FamilyFix car seat base! Easily and quickly attached using the ultra-safe IsoFix system, FamilyFix is suitable for use with the Pebble and Pearl car seats, making it the ideal single travel solution for your child from birth to four years. IsoFix guarantees superior, peace-of-mind protection for your child without the need for less reliable seatbelt attachment.

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FamilyFix Base £179 - Available at selected retailers or click online

Maxi-Cosi Pearl Car Seat Stage 1 with FamilyFix Reviews

Product Tested by: Alice Lyons – Zak & Esme 2 & 7Months

Product Tested By Alice Lyons – Zak & Esme 2 & 7Months

Alice Awarded The Maxi Cosi Pearl and Isofix FamilyFix base 5/5

Stylish and modern looking products and we couldn’t wait to get it fitted in the car. The instructions were very clear and easy to follow. We had no problems following and fitting both the base and car seat within 10minutes. I really like that the car seat is able to recline. This allowed my little boy to sit upright but when transferring my little girl from her infant car seat to the Pearl I was able to recline so she was more comfortable. This is extremely easy to fit. The anchors made the whole process of fitting the car seat a lot smoother. The isofix base was fitted quickly and we would have no issues in moving it into another car which was compatible. Quality of the fabric was lovely and could be wiped if food or drink was spilt. Like with any car seat this is bound to happen and it’s about cleaning it as soon as possible. We really loved the design of this car seat it is sleek and stylishand suits both girls and boys. The feature of the straps being adjustable when the child is not strapped in is brilliant, as when the child is strapped in it does not allow the child to find a button which in most car seats you press to release straps. It also made the process of loosening the straps while the child was sat in the seat a lot easier as you do not need to worry that you don’t have enough hands. I have found that although the car seat is brilliant, the base and car seat are a very expensive purchase at about £320 for both. Now that we have tested this system I would purchase. I would recommend the base primarily as it can be used from an infant car seat up which makes putting your children in a car so much easier and quicker. The car seat I would recommend as it is comfortable, reclines and because of the strap release system. Fantastic products, easy to use and made our car journeys that bit easier.  Alice Lyons – Zak 7 Esme 2 & 7 Months


Product Tested By Amy Barrie – Megan Aged 1 Year

Amy Awarded The Maxi Cosi Pearl and Isofix FamilyFix base 4.5/5

At first I thought it was quite small, however then realised that is was rather deep and looked a lot neater then other car seats I have seen. The red colour is lovely, unisex and striking, it catches the eye. The instructions are clear and simple; the seat also has the instructions printed on the seat. With the added protection of the family fix base it made for very easy set up. Megan seemed very comfortable in the seat; she slept really well and looked to well supported in it. The seat felt soft and padded to the touch too which added a more peace of mind.  Extremely easy to fit in the car!! – it is used with the family isofix base which beeps and shows a green light when inserted properly, if it isn’t put on the base correctly a beeping sound continues until it is rectified. This made me feel comfortable in the knowledge that the seat has been installed and that Megan was safe. This is the first time we have used isofix and had a few problems, but once we got used to finding the anchor points it was extremely easy to use. We only had to remove the car seat to change cars but will be buying another base in the near future so we just need to move the actual seat.  I found the fabric to be of a good quality, it was easy to clean and although we had a slight accident with Megan’s milk it didn’t stain and seemed to wipe clean! It seems to be very durable and strong. I think it looks very tidy, the car seat overall looks and seems a little smaller than the average car seat in the same group but I felt this was more practical like this. The straps are on a spring so when you unclipped them they sit up away from the seat, I found this to be ideal as it is a nightmare when the straps get lost under a squirming baby!  It is a fairly good price for the product you are getting, although it isn’t possible to use it in a car without isofix or the base so you have to buy the base to use it. It doesn’t make it easy to transfer to a friend’s car for trips or into grandparents cars if they haven’t got isofix either. I love this car seat; even with the slight problem of having to get the base too I still love it! I feel it looks really tidy in the car; it looks like a premium brand car seat. Megan seems to be really comfortable in the seat which in turn makes mummy happy!!! YES I would purchase this!!! — I am about to buy another base to use it in daddy’s car instead of transferring the whole seat and base unit. I love it and I know that if I was to have another baby I would probably use the maxi cosi pearl for that baby too!! Yes I would recommend, it’s easy to use, looks tidy, looks lovely, the colours available are really cute and baby seems to like it too!! Practical, easy to use and easy on the eye too!!! AmyBarrie – Megan 1 Year

Product Tested By Amy Fell – Eloise 5 Months & Nephew15 Months

Amy Awarded The Maxi Cosi Pearl and Isofix FamilyFix base 4.4/5

Quality looks good. Quite heavy and big – which actually is reassuring as it is an item which would need to be sturdy in an impact.  The instructions were very clear using pictures to explain the different elements. The seat looks very comfortable, cradling the child with an adjustable headrest for extra comfort. It can be easily adjusted in different reclining positions via the family fix base if the child wants to sleep. Very easy to fit. You simply slot it on top of the Isofix base and wait or the little noise to tell you it is connected securely. However, it can only be fitted onto the Isofix base so you can’t connect i tusing a seatbelt which does limit the vehicles in which it can be used – we could only use it in my husband’s car. Our car has Isofix fittings, and it was incredibly easy to use the anchors. We used it in my husband’s car and he routinely took it out when he didn’t have the baby on board and refitted it with ease.  Very high quality fabric and padding. Very practical and hard wearing. The seat cover is fully removable and washable at 30 degrees – a must in case of accidents!!!!  Design is Very good. The spring loaded buckle meant it was easy to get the child in and out and the straps never got in the way like they did constantly with my stage 1 Maxicosi car seat.  I think if you already have the family fix base from your stage 1 car seat then it is ok value, still expensive but you are paying for the quality. However, if you need to purchase the Isofix base for the seat it becomes very expensive indeed compared to other stage 2 car seats.  Now I have tested this item I would purchase it. Yes I would recommend to those who already have the family fix base as it is superior quality and safe. Great practical, safe stage 2 car seat but expensive.  Amy Fell – Eloise 5 Months

The car seat I would recommend as it is comfortable, reclines and because of the strap release system. Fantastic products, easy to use and made our car journeys that bit easier.


Alice Awarded The Maxi Cosi Pearl andIsofix FamilyFix base 5/5

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