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Maxi-Cosi Pebble plus Family Base

Often, struggling with a lively infant makes even the simplest task seem like hard work. That’s why the Maxi-Cosi Pebble has innovative ‘stay-open straps’ to take the hassle out of securing a little one in the car seat.

Once they are safe and secure, the car seat can then link to the FamilyFix base, the EasyBase 2 or the car’s seat belt system. Also compatible with almost any pushchair, the integrated sun canopy can be used to protect the infant from direct sunlight or light rain, which makes going out together an even more pleasurable experience.

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Maxi-Cosi Pebble with FamilyFix Base ; Maxi-Cosi Pebble £150, FamilyFix Base £179 - Available at selected retailers depending on stock

Maxi-Cosi Pebble plus Family Base Reviews

Product Tested by: Carly Cleary - Baby Ruby Beal 9 months

Product tested by Carly Cleary – Baby Ruby Beal 9 months

Carly gave the Maxi Cosi Pebble plus family base 4.4/5

Our initial impression was that it was a great colour for a girl but looked smaller than other car seats we have had in the past. However, after using it for a while we realised that it is very easy to use and install in to the car with the isofix. The family fix base is battery operated and lights up to let you know that the seat is put in correctly. Also, the sun canopy is good how it hides away but does not always stay attached to the handle.

After 1st thinking the car seat was smaller than others I have used, my daughter was a lot more comfortable in it, and didn’t mind being put in to it. The 5 point safety harness is hard to pull tight, compared to other seats, but once you have managed to pull it tighter, I was happy with it and it also comes with pads to go over the shoulders. The seat is heaver than other seats I have used. A criticism is that the carry handle it sometimes stiff to adjust, especially when the seat is fitted in to the car. The seat has a padded area for the baby’s head which can be removed when they get older. The fabric on the covers is good and easy to clean but the main fabric leaves wet marks, and is not easy to remove anything which has been spilt. The seat it self is brilliant, but now we need to by the next seat up, you only have one choice for the family fix base so is very limited, so not sure whether we will have to buy something completely different, which is a shame as the base is great. But the seat which goes with the base can not be fixed with the 3 point seat belt. I have already recommended it to a friend. Wish we had brought it for when Ruby was a baby, rather than buy 4 others! I don’t know how I managed with my old seats.

Product tested by Louise Clelland – Baby David 11 months

Louise gave the Maxi Cosi Pebble plus family base 4.2/5

It is a very nice looking infant seat. The instructions provided were clear and easy enough to follow. No assembly was required for this car seat. The family fix base also came fully assembled but needed the stability leg to be correctly positioned – this was straightforward enough if a bit stiff to move initially. The family fix base has indicator lights to help ensure correct installation. This gives the user peace of mind. The infant carrier fits the Family Fix base which also takes the next stage car seat. The family fix base also gives the option of two recline positions for the car seat. The car seat comes with newborn support cushions which I did not use due to the age of my baby. The car seat came with a sun canopy which could be conveniently tucked away within the seat body. David seems comfortable in the seat, especially in the upright position which the family fix base allows, this is not achievable in belted installation. The seat is now becoming quite small for David, given he is approaching a year old. I would like him to be rear facing for longer than 12 months, something which he will be unable to do whilst using this seat. It is easy to adjust the height of the harness, via a panel in the back of the seat. It is easy to secure baby within the seat, the harness helpfully stays open and does not get in the way when baby is being placed in the seat. It easily tightens with one pull. The seat is light and easy to handle. The carry handle is relatively comfortable to use, even with an older baby. The seat is well padded, especially with the newborn supports in. The straps have shoulder pads to prevent rubbing, though I found these fitted less well as my baby got taller. Fabric quality seems good and has not shown any signs of wear, tear or fading in the time that I have been using it. The car seat is easy to install using the seatbelt. It also easily clicks onto the Family Fix base which was provided. The safety lights built into the base make it very easy to ensure the car seat is installed safely and correctly. The car seat is well designed and aesthetically pleasing. For me, the car seat, plus the base do not offer value for money as £300 is a lot to spend for the period of time for which it will be used. I would prefer a 0+ group car seat as this provides the safety of rear facing for a longer period of time. I would not buy this product due to its price. It is let down only by its price tag and short lifespan. I would recommend the seat to others if they had a large amount of money to spend and did not mind the short lifespan of the product.

 Product tested by Tash Brain – Baby Pippa Newborn  

Tash gave the Maxi Cosi Pebble plus family base 4.3/5

High quality, sturdy, well made, stylish. Very clear instructions, with lots of pictures to illustrate when you haven’t the time to read properly, which I rarely do! Also, lots of safety points, which are clearly marked for the safest use of the car seat. No assembly is required. It is best used with an Isofix base that will take car seats for two different age groups. The pebble can easily be used in any car as it can be used with seat belts, which is handy for two car families, like us. It is also compatible with several pushchair frames. A removable bottom support cushion to make it adjustable as baby grows. A built in sun canopy, which is a great little feature, no need for a separate clip on canopy to haul around. There are removable and washable covers. A little storage compartment! A removable bottom support cushion makes it adjustable. There is a ‘donut’ head cushion that can also be adjusted to fit and support baby’s head. The seat moulding is well contoured and offers a snug, secure fit. There’s also padding on the little belts. All very snug and cosy! The harness is very simple to use and looks very secure and comfortable. This feels standard weight for a car seat, it comes over as safe and sturdy. It is a bit fiddly to push the buttons in that move the carry handle up and down. Very well padded harness, removable bottom support cushion and adjustable head ‘donut’ style cushion. All of this stops baby from flapping around, particularly when turning corners! It feels like a strong wearing fabric, and comes off for washing. Uses an Isofix base, a ‘click and go’ system with a red and green traffic light to indicate correct installation, very reassuring and a lot quicker than fiddling around with a seat belt! Ergonomic, well designed, stylish. The value for money, I feel, comes from the safety features; you can’t really put a price on the safety of your baby! Also, the Isofix base will take the next age range of car seat, this requires additional expenditure for the Pearl car seat. This is a high quality product with some great features. I love the design, the comfort and safety conscious feel. If you buy the Pebble and the Isofix base, plus the Pearl base to extend the life of the product into ‘toddlerhood’, I did feel that this was a product that will be a bit pricey to some as baby will quickly outgrow the pebble. I would definitely consider buying it if I found it on special offer. I would definitely recommend this. This felt like a very ‘safe’ car seat. It has some great little features (sun canopy, comfort padding) and feels like a high quality, durable product (good fabric, sturdy). Having seen the quality, I am also more interested in the Maxi-Cosi add-ons that are compatible with this to complete a travel system and for toddlerhood as baby grows. When buying a car seat, you want nothing more than a product that gives you faith in its safety, and this product delivers safety with comfort and style.

Wish we had brought it for when Ruby was a baby, rather than buy 4 others! I don’t know how I managed with my old seats.


Carly gave the Maxi Cosi Pebble plus family base 4.4/5

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