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    Me Finder – Helps mummy find me!

Does your child know what to do when they get lost?
Losing your child in public places is every parent’s
worst nightmare.Get back together quickly with your child, with less stress all-round. Give your child your phone number & teach them what to do when they get lost.

£14.99 Available to purchase online

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£14.99 Available to purchase online

Me Finder Reviews

Product Tested by: Chesney Barker – Elizabeth 6 Years

Product Tested By  Chesney Barker – Elizabeth 6 Years

ChesneyAwarded The Me Finder 4.5/5

Looked good quality and durable. Packaging was effective and informative. I found the instructions a little misleading and ended up looking at the online video to find out how to set this. A bit fiddly at first but once you got the knack was easy to store mum & dads telephone numbers. One suggestion would be to make instructions easier to follow or even supply a video with the item to show you how to set up. Elizabeth loved wearing her watch as liked it as a fashion accessory which is good as you know she has something that could help her if lost. The watch is very easy to put on and Elizabeth said it was comfortableto wear. We did explain to Elizabeth that if she did get lost in a shop, or on holiday to find a shop person or someone in a uniform and show them the numbers to call us. She understood the concept of this and we both felt confident she would be able to relay all the details easily if she did get lost. I am not so sure how effective this would be on a European holiday as not easy for a young child to know who is a trustworthy adult to ask to call us .However as we holiday in the UK this is ideal for our needs. The quality of this item is excellent and a really good safety item. I do feel £14.99 is a bit high for this item, but how can you ever put price of extra safety precautions. I really loved the idea of this watch and have purchased one for my niece, a smakes a nice gift. A brilliant idea, price needs to be lower and instructions need to be improved. Chesney Barker Elizabeth 6 Years
Product Tested By Jacqueline Ekoh – Courtney 4 Years

JacquelineAwarded The Me Finder 3/5

It came in a brown box that was too big.  The ‘show and tell me’ finder did not have its’ own package. The instructions were very confusing.  I think it needs to be a bit simpler or people will try to set the ‘show and tell me finder’ without instructions and then get frustrated that it won’t work. I was able to add the first number but when I tried to add the second number the first one got erased. My child likes to wear it as she does not have a proper watch and it is comfortable to wear. My daughter did understand the concept of this item but I have to keep on reminding her that it has my phone number stored on it. This did not really give me confidence when we were out.  It will still be my Childs responsibility to inform whoever helps her about the ‘show and tell me finder’ and she might be too scared to let them know. The quality is good. It is soft to wear but it feels like it will easily spoil during normal Childs play. I do not believe this item offers value for money as I personally feel it is too expensive. The ‘show and tell me finder’ has a nice design and is a very good safety concept but I do not feel confident that it will help me find my lost child quickly. Jacqueline Ekoh – Courtney 4 Years

Product Tested by Nadia Warlock – Danielle 7 Years

Nadia Awarded the Me Finder 3.5/5

Looked good quality and we received the Monkey Me Finder. I thought the packaging was minimalist whilst being expensive looking. I found the instructions quite tricky to follow. I gave up and just kept pushing buttons and got there in the end. Ifound the watch really hard to set up. The instructions didn’t seem to correspond with what the watch did and it kept resetting itself. I found the whole thing really irritating. My child was more than happy to wear the watch. It was easy to put on and comfortable for her to wear. Danielle understood that if she became lost she should locate a person in a uniform and ask them to ring one of the numbers stored. The watch kept resetting itself and losing all the telephone numbers. I wasn’t confident that if it was needed that the numbers would be available. I felt the product quality was very good but after a couple of days I had to go and buy new batteries for it as the LCD failed to display anything and I wondered if the watch kept losing data as it had low batteries. The fact that I couldn’t rely on the product and the fact that I had to go out and buy new batteries after just 3 days I feel that if I had paid £14.99 for it I would be asking for arefund. A lovely looking product, a great concept but unfortunately this item failed to deliver. Nadia Warlack – Danielle 7 Years





 The quality of this item is excellent and a really good safety item.


Chesney Awarded The Me Finder 4.5/5   

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