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Mechanics Gravity Shoot and Catch

The motion of the Mechanics models wins out over gravity thanks to the magnetic engine: this pushes the Geomag spheres upwards and channels them through a circuit of incredible magnetic tricks. Magnetism and gravity have never played so well together.
Suitable 7 years Plus

£69.99 Available Argos, Toymaster Stores, Amazon

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Mechanics Gravity Shoot and Catch Reviews

Product Tested By Nicola Beavan – Oliver 9 years

Nicola Awarded The Mechanics Gravity Shoot and Catch 4/5

When the product was first received I was unsure what it actually was, I tried an internet search but nothing came up on the product. I showed it to my nephews and 11 year old son who were just as confused as to whether it was some kind of board game or a mechanical kit. This maybe because we have never purchased a Geomag product before. Packaging was very brightly packaged, but it was difficult from the outside to understand what it actually was, there was lots of information but not much of it was in English. Also, for £69.99 I would have expected a much bigger box!! Instructions were clear to understand by an adult not sure it would as easy for a child.I would say this is more appropriate for 10+ as it was not that easy to put together. However my 11 year old soon lost interest. My nephew enjoyed putting it together and playing with, he found it fascinating how it worked. My 11 year old lost interest after a short while. Need adult help to put together, but once put together it was easy to use. My nephew loves science, so he was trying to work out how it all worked. My son enjoyed creating this model but needed adult help to put it together. All the family used this. One of my other 10 year old Nephews thought it was fascinating too. Think this is more suited to 8-10 year olds. It is interesting to see how the magnetic blocks work. This did help with Motor Skills but made him think more than anything. It did create interest in how it all worked. He was entertained by this as played with for hours after he first opened up the box. It does appear to be very sturdy in design so can imagine it would last for many years. It appears to be good quality, but only time will tell. A really good product but I think a price tag of £30-40 would be more realistic, I wouldn’t pay £69.99 for it. I liked the fact that it intrigued my nephews as to how it worked. I would not purchase this purely based on the price. Good fun product that sparks the imagination. Nicola Beavan – Oliver 9 years

Product Tested By Dawn Webb – Henry 8 Years

Dawn Awarded The Mechanics Gravity Shoot and Catch 4/5

Good packaging. Looked really interesting and something my son would enjoy using. I thought the packaging was good and the space in the box was used wisely, so it didn’t need a big box. There were two parts to the instructions; one for bigger sections that needed further instructions and one for building the complete track. Whilst the detail for the bigger sections was good, I had to flip quite a lot between both sets of instructions to build the track. I think they would be better integrated together. My son is 8 – he did enjoy building this but was more interested in the end result when it had been built. I spent a lot of the time building the track by myself but my son is impatient! I also think once the initial set up is done i.e. the upper and lower parts of the discs being put together, and then there isn’t as much to set up for further builds. Great concept – definitely prompted a discussion with my son on how it was working. He needed help with the build and he needed help with how it worked but once he has a go, he found it enjoyable. My son was fascinated by this and loved how the magnets worked. Once it was built, he wanted to keep playing with it, so it was engaging. Just got a bit bored with building it. We all enjoyed building this as a family. My son enjoyed that it was magnetic and asked questions how it worked – so it was engaging, interactive and made him explore how it worked. My son is very good at building Lego sets, so his fine motor skills are already good. I’m not sure this improved them. This certainly created interest in design. This did keep him entertained as he wanted to keep sending the balls round the track. I think this will last for years. I think as my son gets older, he will want to build his own version of the track and test it. Good quality and but some of the parts were hard to clip together. I think it is good value. A couple more building options would be good. It wasn’t just a product for playing with – my son wanted greater understanding of how and why the balls moved round the track as they did. I would purchase this product and I would recommend. I think this is a great product and my overall experience with the product was good. The initial build does take some time but once all the fiddly bits are setup, it is done you can pack it away as is, so the next time you use it, it is ready. I do think the instructions could be easier to follow if both sets of instructions are amalgamated. I would also like to see a couple more options of different setups for the track. Dawn Webb – Henry 8 Years

Product Tested By Fathima Saraa Hussain – Yaqub 8 years

Fathima Awarded The Mechanics Gravity Shoot and Catch 4.1/5

When this arrived the box looked interesting.Packaging was OK could have been more vibrant. Instructions easy enough to follow. I do feel this was age appropriate for my child. My son enjoyed it said it’s interesting he played with for 3 days and then didn’t show any interest after that. He did find it easy enough to use. He was intrigued by the magnetism and gravity working together. He was also fascinated with the magic tricks as he already has a few magnetic balls which he fiddles with all the time. He did enjoy creating this model although I was helping him out but sometimes he had to do it on his own. We did not all use this as a family, but mother and son and also father and son enjoyed this toy. This did teach him about magnets and the tricks. It also helped improve his motor skills. This also sparked interest in design after using this. It certainly kept my son entertained. I think the quality of this will ensure it lasts a long time, but my son did lose interest in it. Reasonable value for money. I liked the fact this was fun and exciting and my son enjoyed it. Personally I would not purchase as feel price is a bit steep. I would however recommend. Its fun exciting and helps with development it’s quite unique but too expensive. it’s not very easy to put together my son needed help he found it interesting but not for long would be better if this had more options like building different models. Fathima Saraa Hussain – Yaqub 8 years


He was entertained by this as played with for hours after he first opened up the box. It does appear to be very sturdy in design so can imagine it would last for many years. It appears to be good quality


Nicola Awarded The Mechanics Gravity Shoot and Catch 4/5

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