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MELOBABY All-In-One Nappy Wallet

The MELOBABY All-In-One nappy wallet & changing mat is stylish, sophisticated, compact and functional. The unique design looks like a smart clutch bag, fits neatly into most handbags and holds everything required for changing baby and toddler on the go.

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MELOBABY All-In-One Nappy Wallet Reviews

Product Tested by: Brenda Cairs - Baby Braeden 1 Month

Product Tested By Brenda Cairns – Baby Braeden 1 Month

Brenda Awarded The MELOBABY Nappy Wallet Top Marks 5/5

Looks great, very stylish.  Appears as if it will be hard wearing.  Product looks great with either mum or dad using/carrying.  Good styling, contemporary and fashionable.  Not "Mumsy" and easily used by dads too.  Love the soft fleece change mat.  This is an excellent high quality product.  It has enough compartments for every childs needs.  Only one suggestion is it could possibly be a bit larger for an older baby.  This is so versatile as can use as an overnight wash bag by a child or an adult as well as a very effective nappy wallet.  This is light and comfortable to carry and great for dads as it doesn’t shout mum’s only.  The thickness of the change mat inside is certainly good enough to change baby on any surface.  This is easy to clean.  If you are doing a lot of travelling you may like to have one spare.  Loved using the bag, great on motoway services where the changing area can be cold to baby’s skin.  This is a superb product, high quality, well designed and effective.  Services the needs of baby changing easyly and with style.  Brenda Cairns – Baby Braeden 1 Month


Product Tested By Samantha Prince – Baby Harrison 1 Week Old

Samantha Awarded The MELOBABY Nappy Wallet Top Marks 5/5

I was very impressed with the packaging.  It looked extremely modern and I was surprised how small it was.  This is so compact and I love it.  If you are just popping out for a couple of hours it saves you taking your large changing bag.  Ideal if you are breastfeeding and do not need to store your bottles or you have a toddler.  The fabric is superb quality and Harrison likes the fur changing mat.  A really superior quality Nappy wallet.  There are enough compartments to store a couple of nappies, small pack of baby wipes and a bib etc., and I really like the messy bag which is included.  Size is perfect very slim and easy to carry.  You could easily fit this into a large handbag.  The style is just like a clutch bag so will fit snugly under your arm.  Harrison loves the fur part of the changing mat and it is soft and comfortable for him when being changed.  I have washed this in the washing machine and came up fine.  I love using this when we go to the supermarket as I can carry this in my handbag along with a bottle.  So much easier than carrying large changing bag.  I love this and would not be without it now.  I was really impressed, will recommend this product to other mums.  Samantha Prince – Baby Harrison 1 Week Old. 


Product Tested By Lena Planson – Baby Joe-Kenzie 9 Weeks Old

Lena Awarded The MELOBABY Nappy Wallet Top Marks 5/5

Very compact and could easily fit in my handbag.  The design is modern and stylish.  High quality, long lasting and easy to clean.  This is compact but has enough compartments to carry the items you need for quick nappy change while travelling.  I loved the size as easy to carry and also fits into my hanbag.  The change mat supplied with this is good, but personally would have liked it to be just a little bit thicker.  Change mat is also very easy to clean and you can pop it into the washing machine.  Ideal to use anywhere and perfect for taking on holiday.  Excellent product, easy to use and compact.  Lena Planson – Baby Joe-Kenzie 9 Weeks Old.

Services the needs of baby changing easily and with style. 


Brenda Awarded The MELOBABY Nappy Wallet An Amazing 5/5

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