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Method non-toxic multi-surface cleaner

Method NEWnon-toxic multi-surface cleaner -pink grapefruit
kicks grease and grime clean off surfaces with no chemical residue put the hurt on dirt with our new range of non-toxic cleaners with powergreen™ technology. our cleaners have powerful new formulas made with naturally derived surfactants that work by absorbing dirt rather than chemically degrading it.
corn-based cleaning salt binds to dirt to wipe it away
coco oil derived surfactants remove grease + grime
non-toxic plant-based powergreen™ technology
big 828ml bottle
find out what it’s made of
It is not necessary to rinse a surface after using method’s products since the formulas are non-toxic, non-hazardous and safe. With the spray cleaners, simply spray and wipe.
Also Available in Lavender

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£3.00 828ml Available online Ocado, Amazon or click onto to find local stockist

Method non-toxic multi-surface cleaner Reviews

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Product Tested By June Lyon – James 7 Weeks

June Awarded The Method Multi Surface Cleaner 4/5

Lovely smell (lavender) good change from usual lemon/ orange etc. It was a nice shape and practical size. Style of the trigger spary is find but it does spray quite a wide area. Product did job as well as my usual products. This was effective apart from the stubborn stains requiring bleach. Quality is very good, Does the job well and smells great. It is a bit more expensive than my usual products I would buy. Possibly would purchase if on special offer, although it’s a great product it has a premium price that my budget doesn’t stretch to at the moment. I would recommend. The product worked well and I liked the different scent. June Lyon – James 7 Weeks

Product Tested By Hannah Cracknell – Joseph 7 Weeks

Hannah Awarded The Method Multi Surface Cleaner 4/5

Product quality is good. Convenient sizing for a family. Style is good and the smell is amazing. The lever could be a little longer. easy to use but feel that the trigger part of the bottle may break if dropped. Could be a little stronger! Loved using the product as the smell was really nice! This is an effective cleaner for surfaces. Smells nice and seems to clean the tops and floors pretty well. seems expensive but contains quite a lot of fluid, thus making it quite reasonable. I would consider purchasing this product and would definitely recommend. Great product, great smell, good value and had the added bonus of containing natural products. Product has lasted very well, the spray is quite fine but the product cleans really well. The smell is really nice and we will continue using it. Hannah Cracknell – Joseph 7 Weeks

Product Tested By Fiona Collins – Jamie 2 years

Fiona Awarded The Method Multi Surface Cleaner 4/5

Looked good quality, nice size. Liked the trigger spray style. I really loved the scent of this and you could smell it once cleaned the kitchen. This is easy to use but the trigger did get stuck a few times and might be worth looking at improving the quality of the trigger spray. When you release cleaner covers a good area. Very easy to clean all surfaces. Used this around the house, on the highchair, kitchen tops, cupboards and other surfaces that needed a quick clean. Easy to store. This is more than I normally pay but it is a large bottle. I would purchase again as good surface cleaner and loved the scent. Left a lovely smell and everything smelt fresh and clean. Cleaned well, left a lovely smell. Fiona Collins Jamie 2 years

The product worked well and I liked the different scent.


June Awarded The Method Multi Surface Cleaner 4/5

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