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Mi 1st Bath Buddy

Mi 1st Bath Buddy is a cushioned baby bath support, essential to ensuring baby’s bath safe and pleasurable, from your newborn’s very first splash! Our soft-touch Bath Buddy provides a warm and safe environment for baby’s bath time. It securely nestles your infant’s body while supporting their head safely out of the water

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Mi 1st Bath Buddy Reviews

Product Tested by: Phillipa Winfield – Theo 18 Weeks

Tested By
Phillipa Winfield – Theo 18 Weeks

Awarded The Mi 1st Bath Buddy 4.9/5

bath buddy is a frog, well packaged, very colourful, looks lots of fun and
can’t wait to try it out at bath time! The packaging of the product is
excellent. A sturdy plastic carrier, with zip fastens and convenient carry
handles. There is no decoration on the plastic so you get a good all round view
of the bath buddy. The only reason I’ve not given this a 5 is because on the
labelling there is no recommended age and I personally would be reluctant to
use with a newborn. All round good
design, bright, colourful and really rather cute for a frog! Easily keeps
Theo’s head out of the water whilst still allowing water to reach over his body
which means he doesn’t become cold. The small hook means that we can hang the
buddy up to dry and store conveniently out of the way. Also dries very quickly. No issues with the quality of the product.
We’ve been using it daily for 4 weeks and it still looks brand new. I do think that this is value for money.
Gives your arms a well-deserved break for ten minutes whilst Theo enjoys
floating around the tub. I would
definitely buy this product. Most certainly
recommend too. Overall we have enjoyed
testing the bath buddy and will continue to use it until Theo is too big for
it. My only recommendation would be to put an age guide on the packaging. Theo
was 14 weeks old, and already happy and confident in the bath when we began
using the buddy. Because the buddy is soft and not sturdy, it floats in the
water like an air bed and bobs about quite a bit, because of this I wouldn’t
have used before he was 10-12 weeks old. It definitely makes bath time
fun! Phillipa Winfield – Theo 18 Weeks

Tested By
Marcia Pratt – Alexis 12 Weeks

Awarded The Mi 2st Bath Buddy 4.8/5

a cute idea; this looked colourful and was looking forward to trying it
out. Packaging is great as it comes in a
good quality plastic carrier which has a zip and fasteners and carry handles so
easy to transport. The design is good and
it is easy and safe to use. This worked really well and kept Alexis head out of
the water. She looked safe and happy and
certainly enjoyed bath time with her bath buddy. It also allows you to have free hands as I did
not have to support my daughter as this floats on the water and I could wash
her more easily and also have more play time with her. I will be purchasing another one for my
sister who has just had her baby. I
would recommend as it is a really good idea.
The price is a bit high in my opinion but makes a lovely gift. Made bath time less stressful and certainly more
fun. Marcia Pratt – Alexis 12 Weeks

Tested By
Nikki Llewellyn – Evie 10 Weeks

Awarded The Mi 1st Bath

be honest I didn’t like the look of product when I first received it. The packaging was clear but appeared very
cheap and quite hard on opening to get the bath buddy out the zip broke and
pulled a thread in the product and the packaging itself ripped so was unable to
use it again. The design was ok but resembled a rabbit more than it did the
supposed dog. However the design for purpose of holding your child works well.
Not sure of the purpose of the 5 little flaps on the bottom of the bath buddy
either as your child is laid in the bath buddy so can’t see them or play with
them. The quality of the product is acceptable although I suffer with
dermatitis so have very dry hands and I find that my dry skin caught on the
material that covers the bath buddy. I feel a thicker material like the one
used for swimming costumes would be better. I guess in the knowledge that
you would use this product two/three times a week for the first 6 months or so
would make it great value for money. If
I saw this product in the shops I wouldn’t have looked at it. Although the product served its purpose in
keeping Evie safe in the bath I disliked the style/price and the reactions of
people that visited were much the same and the price was defiantly a no, no
with them. Unfortunately for me this
product wasn’t to my liking, as I stated before the packaging was very
cheap and easily broke, the edges are also pretty sharp and could quite
easily scratch delicate skin. The item is pretty bulky and therefore pretty
awkward to dry, I left it in the bath after first use and it was still wet a
day later underneath as air couldn’t get to it to dry; I feel this is a
potential breeding ground for bacteria. We fitted a large hook into the ceiling
over the bath so we could hang it up to drip and air dry. This obviously isn’t
something people perhaps would do but as I was testing the product I wanted it
to dry so it didn’t harbour germs. The quality of the material could have been
a little better given the price of the item. However Evie was able to enjoy
splashing her feet about in the big bath and fitted comfortably into the bath
buddy. This also helped free my hands to wash her hair and body better as in
the baby bath you only have one hand for washing. We also took the bath buddy
to the swimming pool which Evie loved but we had to take a bin bag to put the
wet bath buddy in to get it home as you can’t wring it out. Nikki
Llewellyn – Evie 10 Weeks




 It definitely makes bath time fun!


Phillipa Awarded The Mi 1st Bath Buddy 4.9/5

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