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Mia Tui Grace Bag

Mia Tui is something new. Yes it’s functional – with its unique interior featuring pockets, clips and a matching clutch to give you total flexibility and convenience.

But most of all Mia Tui bags look great. It’s the end of sacrificing style for practicality.

Plus we’ve designed a range of accessories making the Mia Tui even more useful, and they can be used across the range giving you yet more options and more to play with.Going from the office, to the gym, home to the kids and then out for dinner? One Mia Tui bag can take you easily through your busy day. And, they look good. Really good.Our wide range of colours plus unique interior allow you to be practical, without sacrificing your sense of style.

It’s one bag – that suits a thousand different lives.Welcome to the Mia Tui revolution.

Available in 6 fashinable colours.

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£39.99 Available to purchase online

Mia Tui Grace Bag Reviews

Product Tested by: Chantel Grosse – Keisha 2 Years

Product Tested By Chantel Grosse – Keisha 2 Years

Chantel Awarded The Mia Tui Grace Bag 4.9/5

First impression big and practical. Style is perfect with the choice of strap size to use as either shoulder bag or put on pushchair. Good quality although would like a little more flexibility in the fabric. The overall quality of this bag is very good and it is also very practical. Number of compartments are excellent especially the cup holder. Perfect size for everything needed for 2 young children. I use this as my everyday bag with the kids I have spare clothes in, nappies and as well as the usual stuff I would keep in my handbag, I also think this would be good for use as anything else you may need it for. This is comfortable to use As good as any other handbag. Strap is extendable/ removable so perfect. The straps are good quality and very strong. Use it every day no need for my handbag as well as another bag for children’s stuff. I would purchase this bag and have already recommended. I love this bag it is a good size with an excellent number of compartments although I use it to help carry everything I need for the children I believe it would also be good for any other thing you may need to use it for. Chantel Grosse – Keisha 2 years

Product Tested By Susan Allan – Jack & Leah – 18 Months & 4 Years

Susan Awarded The Mia Tui Grace Bag 4.9/5

I received the red bag and first impression was its colour made quite a statement.not for a shrinking violet. I loved it! I really liked the style. It is really practical and has everything you need in a changing bag without necessarily looking like one. There are some permanent creases on the front of my bag that I presume are down to the type of fabric used. I think the bag would look more expensive if it wasn’t for that. The bag is well made and seems quite sturdy. I think there are plenty compartments.  I do sometimes wish it was a little bigger but then it probably wouldn’t be such an attractive bag. If I found a changing bag big enough to fit everything I would like to take with me then I probably wouldn’t be able to carry it. I think it’s quite versatile in that it looks like a regular handbag and could be used as such. I usually have the bag hanging on my pushchair but have found it quite comfortable to carry about too. The strap is adjustable making it suitable to use as a shoulder bag or messenger bag. The straps are a good length and thickness. I use most of the compartments, particularly the one for carrying a milk bottle and one for my mobile. I find the clip for my keys really useful as it eliminates the problem of hunting for them! Because this is elasticated I can also open the door to my house without unclipping the key. I have other changing bags but this is my favourite. I will definitely continue to use this product. I would have no hesitation in recommending this to other mothers. This is an attractive changing bag that would not look out of place if out without the children. It has nice attention to detail, comes in a variety of colours and has been admired by several people who hadn’t realised it was a changing bag. Susan Allan – Jack & Leah – 18 Months & 4 Years

Product Tested By Caroline Howarth – Alexander 21 Months

Caroline Awarded The Mia Tui Grace Bag 4/5

I thought the bag looked a little bit cheap and wasn’t the type of thing I’d usually buy. I really liked the messenger style of the bag. Thought the outer material looked cheap – the fabric inside was of good quality. Both the inner and outer material was strong and durable. The overall quality of this bag is good. More than enough compartments for all my things, the bottle holder kept Alex’s drink cup upright – so no leaks on all my things! Enough room for a couple of nappies, travel wipes and a small changing mat – but not much else. The bag was too small for a laptop, and the compartments were too small for a tablet PC. So I couldn’t use this bag for work. It was fine for use as a changing bag, but it would’ve been too small for use when Alex was younger and had to take more things out in the changing bag. Straps didn’t dig in, and the bag sat just on my hip. I was able to remove part of the strap to convert it from a messenger to a shoulder bag – this was great to put over the handles of the buggy, and not have any trailing straps. The straps are good quality and a good thickness. I do enjoy using this bag. I will continue to use this and would recommend. Great bag to use as a changing bag for older children, but too small for a newborn. It would also be great to use for travel (passports and documents would be close to hand). Caroline Howarth– Alexander 21 Months

I love this bag it is a good size with an excellent number of compartments although I use it to help carry everything I need for the children I believe it would also be good for any other thing you may need to use it for.


Chantel Awarded The Mia Tui Grace Bag 4.9/5

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