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Miamily HIPSTER™ Baby Carrier

HIPSTER™ is a unique, back-supporting carrier belt with an integrated seat for your baby to help you carry your little one significantly longer, more comfortably and effortlessly. HIPSTER™ allows your baby more freedom to see and explore the world without feeling enclosed in, and its ergonomic design distributes weight evenly throughout your lower back and shoulders (when used with the attachable carrier tops) to eliminate any long term effects from bad posture and fatigue. One simple movement for a quick slip on or immediate release is designed so that you can get your little one in and out in seconds, or even with just one hand.HIPSTER™ comes with two bonus carrier straps: 1 shoulder strap carrier + 1 two shoulder strap carrier. Both straps zip easily onto the HIPSTER™ seat base to allow you to stay close to your little one, but free up both hands.

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Miamily HIPSTER™ Baby Carrier Reviews

Product Tested by: Charlene Wightman – Eloise 5 Months

Tested By
Charlene Wightman – Eloise 5 Months

Awarded The Miamily ‘HIPSTER’ Baby carrier 5/5

Looked bulky, but as soon as I put it on I
realised how fantastic it is. Fabric is
strong and breathable. I had to have help to adjust it the first time, but
after that I could do it by myself. I do find adjust the side straps a little
hard on my own, but I think it’s because I have short arms. After initially
playing around with it, I became more and more confident with it. I found it
very easy to put on now. It’s the easiest carrier to put the baby in. My
daughter never minded being put in and was always comfortable. I do feel
confident my baby is secure in this, although, she does move out a little when
I bend down, so have to be careful then. I wear this carrier every day for an
hour whilst walking the dogs and just love it. I don’t really like wearing the
carrier when doing jobs around the house. But it is great for doing shopping.
My daughter loves it. And often falls asleep in it. I have only used the one way,
two shoulder straps. Definitely protects my daughter from the elements. The
little fabric attachment comes in handy for windy days, sunny and light rain. Excellent
value for money. We are taking this on
holiday with us so will continue to use.
I would highly recommend. Excellent
product with great support for my back and keeps baby happy in it all
day. Charlene Wightman – Eloise 5 Months

Product Tested By Bhakti Natha – Saan 1 year

Bhakti Awarded The Miamily ‘HIPSTER’ Baby carrier

a baby carrier with hip seat. Handy to use in and out when child does not need
to be restrain and can keep our back straight.
Fabric is strong which is good
and seems it will last for longer, however I believe it should be a bit softer,
nevertheless it comes with soft straps covers which protects baby’s skin
rubbing against the straps. It is easy to adjust to fit you. Very easy to put
on when using only hip seat or one shoulder strap. When using with two strap
feature, for front carrying or back carrying, I needed help to start with but
Practice makes it better. Fairly easy to put baby in once you have practiced a
little bit. It seems secure. As it
states in manual, we have to hold when banding and stuff but that happens with
every carrier. Perfect when using as a
hip seat only, and for carrying baby on back. When using as a front carrier
with two straps it is not as comfortable as with other position. I can more or
less carry on with daily chores while baby is in this carrier. My baby does not like being enclosed in a
carrier, but he is the same with all carriers. This is one of the best ones
where he can move about not completely strained (hanging) but on down side, he
is being clever and pushes himself up by putting feet on the hipseat!! Well it’s just my baby. I used it with two straps when on the trip to
farm. I used only hip when in the house or on short trip. Also with one strap
which is much easier when carrying baby on side. In British weather you do need other
protection. May protect better when baby is small. With one year old, in winter
needs jacket and rain cover? It seems quite warm for the summer. The price
seems high. However, it is versatile and can use it different ways so worth it.
I will continue to use it for the trips where pushchair can’t go like the farms
etc. otherwise I am used to pushing my bugaboo! It’s much better than other baby carriers out
there. And I have used 3 different baby carriers. Wrap around cloth carrier was
perfect when my baby was new born, but after couple of months it was useless,
too much trouble to wear it. So I bought clip-on carrier which is easy to wear
however with a big baby the weigh is coming on your shoulder and not
comfortable to use for a long period, I tried many and bought another one from
leading brand however found the same problem. This one, Hipster Mimili,
distributes the weight on the hip and thus shoulders are not that painful after
carrying a baby. I definitely recommend this product. It best carrier I’ve found in terms of
versatility and use. Little concern on style and look but its practical to use.
The quality of material can be improved but overall it’s a nice product. Miamily
Hipster is best baby carrier I’ve found due to its versatility and easy to use.Bhakti Natha – Saan 1 year

Tested By
Stacey Emma Dunger – Isabelle 4 Months

Awarded The Miamily ‘HIPSTER’ Baby carrier 4.6/5

first initial impression was that it was a bulky but structured full buckle
carrier, I wasn’t sure about the different pieces to it, though you do get a
feel of getting more for your money. The
quality of the fabric is really good it feels really strong and tough, just
what you need from a carrier. I did find it easy to adjust to fit to an extent, the belt around the waist was
easy enough and I could clip it easy enough between my shoulder blades, I had a
little trouble from under my arms with the straps there, had the straps been a
little longer it would have been easier. I’m sure as I wear the carrier more I
will get used to where they lie. I found the carrier really easy to put on, the
zips that attach the different carries to the seat part fit really easy, as
soon as I got it out of the box I put it on with ease after just a glance at
the instructions but I guess my experience with buckle carriers helps. I found
it very easy to load baby into the carrier, again I think my experience with a
buckle carrier helps but with the hipster, because you have the seat, it takes
the weight easier so I felt I had more control. I haven’t quite mastered the
back carry but as my baby is 4 months old I wouldn’t carry on the back yet but
will certainly try in the future. Absolutely in no doubt that she was secure
and it feels secure when I am carrying baby, I tried my 21 month in it too,
although he won’t let me carry him for long he was so secure and comfy. As a
buckle carrier it was mostly comfortable, I had trouble with the straps that
are under my arms, it didn’t feel right, my husband helped with the buckle at
the back bringing it lower and that did help. I used the seat alone a few times, having baby
on that alone whilst walking around the house doing bits here and there helped
and you don’t feel the weight, I even tried my 21 month on it and didn’t feel
the weight of him. Using baby as a side carry on the hip let me do more than a
front carry and it kept baby close to me where she wanted to be. As soon as I
put baby in she was all smiles, she could see me but she could also see all
around her, more so than the stretchy wrap I have and my RS. It is versatile and I like that about it, you’re
not restricted to the one carry, I used the seat alone, the front carry and the
side carry, not yet mastered the back carry but I will once she’s a little
older. Yes it really does protect baby from all weathers. with the material being as strong as it is,
it’s warm and then you have the hood for sleeping, I also like the fact it has
a breathable part that you can unzip off should it get too hot. You do get a
lot for your money and it’s a good structured buckle carrier with many features
but for me I wouldn’t have paid so much for a carrier, there are people who
would though. I will continue to use this and I can’t wait for the summer to
test it more, going for long walk where the pram can’t go, this sort of carrier
is perfect for that. I would recommend, despite me saying I wouldn’t pay so
much for it I really do believe it is a good solid carrier that is made to
last. Not quite a 5 but I think the price reflects in that for me. On
opening the box I was a bit scared of all the pieces as I had experience with
buckle carriers but not one like this! When I initially put the seat around me I automatically though it was very
bulky and I was unsure, until I zipped on the full carry part and popped baby
in, it was as easy as that and the thought of it being bulky immediately left
me. I felt it was really secure and I also felt that having the seat to get the
frog legged position was excellent. The seat takes most of the weight but the
belt is so secure and comfy you don’t feel like a weight is there as you get an
even distribution. I look forward to using this carrier more as my baby grows. StaceyEmma Dunger – Isabelle 4 Months

Excellent value for money. We are taking this on holiday with us so will continue to use. I would highly recommend. Excellent product with great support for my back and keeps baby happy in it all day. 


Charlene Awarded The Miamily ‘HIPSTER’ Baby carrier 5/5

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