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Mighty Beanz 6 Pack & Flip Track

Use your flip track and your beanz to play tons of cool games and perform a bunch of awesome tricks. Each Flip Track comes with an exclusive bean, an obstacle and trick booklet.

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£10.98 Available in all leading Toy Stores and also online

Mighty Beanz 6 Pack & Flip Track Reviews

Product Tested by: Lynne Clare – Jake & Ryan 8 & 5 Years

Product Tested By Lynne Clare – Jake & Ryan 8 & 5 Years

Lynne Awarded the Mighty beans 6pack + mighty beans flip track 4/5

The product looks brightly coloured and fun.  It’s a fun and funky website with a good range of toys but I found the information regarding the mighty beanz was limited with a few seconds of commercial ads to click into only. Best to view on YouTube for more detailed information. Colourful and bright the track was not overly packaged which is a bonus in this day and age. Very good, the flip track included instructions and also a bean and when closed doubles as storage which is useful and they can carry them around in it. The set of beanz that came are very colourful with great graphics! I think average to good entertainment value, the thing that concerns me about this produce is that the child has to be advanced enough to have patience and persistence as it takes time and patience to master keeping the beanz on the track and to learn tricks i gave it to my then 5 year old and 7 year old and I think that 5 is a little young to get the hang of tricks although happy to collect. I do feel that the flip track product is for older children than 5 with better coordinating and a little more patience but the beanz could be collected from age 5! If a child continued to play with this especially the beanz on the flip track it would benefit coordination of hand and eye. It is quite a simple toy but I’m afraid that it didn’t hold their interest for too long. Good quality and the beanz really do jump around especially well on a larger adult hand! I think that the beanz are very well made and colourful if they were cheaper they would be more collectable and as the child became older more likely to find other ways of playing with them and mastering tricks.  I think that the product looks very good and the ad for it makes it look exciting but in reality most children will probably  have more fun collecting the colourful and well designed beanz and apparently there are 100+ different designs so if friends had them as well would be good for swaps! Lynne Clare – Jake & Ryan 8 & 5 Years

Product Tested By Christine Thomas – Luke 7 Years

Christine Awarded the Mighty beans 6pack + mighty beans flip track 4/5

The product looked great I thought my son would love it and he did! The packaging looked exciting, when my son seen it he could wait to open and see what beans he had, also the little booklet that came with it was good as you could cross off the beans you had. At first my son played with it for a few hours but not a lot of different things to do really. It did help his counting and sharing as he played a bit with his sister with them. I do think it a little bit over priced for what it is, if my son was to want to collect them then I would consider it value for money. I have given it a 4 as overall I think its a great toy, my son played with it when he had it and let his sister help him to play some of the games in the booklet but he soon got board and were put with the crazy bones he just had to have last year, so I think maybe it would be one of the craze toys everyone wants and then ends up in a cupboard or toy box. Christine Thomas – Luke 7 Years

Product Tested By Vic Pires – Tommy 5 Years

Vic Awarded the Mighty beans 6pack + mighty beans flip track 3.8/5

When Tommy first saw the Mighty Beanz and Flip Track he thought it was good.  It seemed to me to be a well made toy but I wondered if it was one of these toys that would soon slip out of the latest craze. The spin master website is well put together, clear and helpful. The Mighty Beanz website is better for kids though but less of a resource for parents. Overall, there are some great products on the spin master website, but they do seem very craze oriented rather than enduring toys. The packaging is bright and attractive but not that easy to get in to. It’s a nice set and possibly something I would consider buying as a present for another child. When Tommy first used the Mighty Beanz they kept him really quiet.  He took them everywhere with him. However, after a few days they were put on a shelf and forgotten about. Whilst the toy is suitable for a five year old, I think the skill and patience required is better suited to a slightly older child. However, there is no safety-related reason why a five year old shouldn’t play with the toy. The instruction booklets which come with the Mighty Beanz show that there is plenty to do with them in terms of tricks and games. On the whole, Tommy felt these tricks and games were too difficult for him yet without them there was little the Mighty Beanz did except roll along the track. If Tommy had the patience to perfect some of the tricks the Mighty Beanz flip track would have been great for his hand-eye coordination.  However, at his age I felt there was no real developmental or educational benefit to the toy. Maybe in a year or two the toy would be better suited to Tommy. The toy is of a good quality and I wouldn’t expect it to break easily. I would be more likely to recommend it to a parent of an older child but wouldn’t do so to parents with children of Tommy’s age. Mighty Beanz are a good toy, if a little expensive, but whilst useable they’re perhaps not totally suitable for a five year old. Vic Pires – Tommy 5 Years

The set of beanz that came are very colourful with great graphics


Lynne Awarded the Mighty beans 6pack + mighty beans flip track 4/5

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